Friday, July 8, 2011

Lots going on

The house is taking shape FAST. Good thing too. We are rapidly getting sick of so much "togetherness." Although it has given us some great insight on how our children talk to one another and quite frankly, it's not nice.

We pointed out that we expected the olders to teach the littles, not act like the littles since we have ones who still think they reside in an orphanage where the faster, meaner, you are, the further ahead you get:((

That whole empathy thing, it takes a LONGGGG time to teach and get through to children who didn't get it as a youngster. Makes me sad to know they lived in "survival" mode, but their behavior can be modified. Just takes time and a lot of reminders.

I explained to Chance today that it says in the Bible to "turn the other cheek" and he argued with me that it was "Wrong, you hit back!" So I had to go on to explain that it was NOT wrong, God is NEVER wrong and that if he did not understand that he should not be thinking of getting baptized this weekend. Yep, you read me right.

Camden and Chance have asked to be baptized. I have talked with both about what this means. I'm a little surprised Chloe doesn't want to, but I think she needs to see it happen for her to not be scared. Chase has no interest, he is still claiming not to know what to believe in.

Which is really okay to us. We take them to church, we let them know how we feel through how we live. We do not back down when we say they made it here because of God and usually Chase tries to argue "nuuuhhh uhh, you do papers and fly to get us." Yeah, and it was just that simple?? NOT.

Chased after Chase, to get this son home. God's miracle that we hope he will realize someday but for now he is respectful in church and that's all we ask of him.

I told him I had a dream about him one night. He said (before I could say more) " That you no want me?" And I totally shocked him when I said "Nope, I dreamed YOU didn't want ME and I was crying but saying if I had to find you another mother for you to be happy I would." He didn't say anything but I could tell he really took that to heart.

He told me later I was loud and annoying and I laughed and said "Of course I am, I'm a redhead!" I asked him if they didn't warn him ahead of time how I was and shame on them:)) He is such a normal 16 year old, it is actually quite funny. I could see any of my many kids at 16 saying that same exact thing!!

Ohh, the love. I feel it. Whooo hoo.

Miss Kitty keeps asking if every surprise I tell them about (since the Minnow surprise) can be Phoebe is coming home. OIY. No. So she asked if we could have no more surprises till it is time for Phoebe. She can't WAIT for her lil' sister to come.

The house is being sided, it's looking like a house again:) Although I had/have no idea who the man I am sharing this house with is. MY hubby is an easy going guy who would never worry about measuring porch posts to see if they are exactly so many inches apart, as well as fretting if the garage doors are "too much tan."

We changed the colors when we couldn't get the color of shutters we wanted, so these are the new colors, on the door- pretty huh? Tan and sage, the shutters will be sage. Hubby's choice.....

But as far as hubby goes--I gotta tell ya, I don't know who this guy is-- and I want my real man back, pronto. As I am the one HERE all day and workers are gone every day by the time this man gets home, I get stuck asking ALL the questions he has in regards to the castle. And some of them I am just plain embarrassed to ask. But then I get a text "What was the answer, what are they doing today?"

I do have to give him SOME leeway with never being here when the worker dudes are here, that has to be hard to wonder what is going on, but I am thinking I could trade him a day and let him see the goofy looks and laughter I get with my daily "list of questions." I even told them it was HIS questions, I just don't think they believe me.

Although there is NO complaints on the work, it's going fast and they are doing a great job. Now if the dry wall man could show up, I'd be downright giddy. Never thought I'd be saying that! But that's who we are waiting on now.

Our homework for the weekend is LOADS, I tell ya LOADS of fun. We get to put nice, itchy insulation in the ceiling of the lower level as well as rent a machine to get vinyl square tiles up off of cement. I tried it out, it's loud, and barely made a dent in the 300 ft of tile we have to get up:((

Dad, or that man I don't know anymore, took 4 of the kids and went to a ballgame, leaving me and Chase here to play with the tile machine. Oh joy. Matter of fact, I shouldn't be wasting daylight time writing, but then I weighed- homework- blog-homework- blog.

Blog won:)


Julie said...

Happy to hear its all starting to come together, Cant wait to see pictures when its done. Chase seems like a character :) I cant wait to meet your family. We really have to get together sometime this summer.

Traci said...

Loved your blog and your story, but the best was that your sons, after only one year at "home" chose to be baptized and give their hearts to the Lord! May it be so with all of our children!
Traci you answered my RQ post today