Saturday, July 30, 2011


It's been a while since I posted some funnies from the kids. And what is life without funnies? Well, just plain boring. So we'll have none of that!

Kat was looking at Uncle Roy, sitting between his wife, Aunt Junko and sons, Dustin and Jerry and she said "Uncle Roy, you must be adopted?" We asked her why she thought that and she said "he doesn't look like his family!" So we explained he was "Japanese on the inside" like I am "Chinese" on the inside. We got a kick out of that though, since we usually get the "are they adopted" about all these Asian kids, not the red heads in the family:)

Chloe and her pronunciations that she insists she is saying it how we do- "fridge-radar? " Uh, that would be "refridgerator." " Peppy's" is not Pebbles. She is a hoot, that girl.

Chase has taken to calling me "tiger mother" when I get angry with him. So he is trying harder not to make me "tiger mother." It's funny but also progress. Deferring to me, as he should. Letting me parent him. I'll take him calling me "tiger mother" to get where we need to be. After all we do have the hair color in common- tigers and I, that is.

Camden went swimming with Uncle Roy and family and got the treatment we usually get- puzzled people wondering how that family got a pale red head then 2 Japanese looking boys. We are so used to it, it just doesn't phase us anymore, but he was not really used to a "mixed up" family so they noticed people looking.

Chloe wants to know why Uncle Roy (who Chance is calling Uncle BOY) doesn't have a girl (daughter) and when I told her they just had 2 boys, she said "well tell them to get a girl, just go get one." Clearly the birds and the bees will need to be in her future conversations with Mother.

I guess having come from a culture of girls being of lesser worth than boys, and Chloe seeing the result of that type of thinking, she figures it should be easy for anyone who wants a girl to get one. Even though she is aware of the time and somewhat of the paperwork requirements to adopt. I guess it's the innocence of her youth, Want a girl? Excess girls in her culture- 2+2 = 4 to her:) Didn't we wish it was that easy??

Hershey Park went well. We got there around 9:30 am. We had lunch in the parking lot, we had taken subs and drinks, stopped for breakfast on the way. The kids were SOOOOO good, they didn't ask to play any games for $$, we did not purchase one drink or food item in the park.

I know that sounds nuts, but they didn't even ASK. I think they saw the bottled water was $3 each and realized that was outrageous. I even heard them exclaiming over the cost of the foods there. I'm glad to see them making the connection of wasteful spending.

They rode rides, then did the water park till it started to rain and then we went back to Chocolate World and bought some of that heavenly brown stuff to bring home. I gave each of them $10 to spend since they had done so well within the park. Upon exiting there we were wiped out and it started to rain again, so we decided to head home. It rained and down poured most of the way home, not an easy trip. But God got us home safe and sound- getting in around 9 pm.

Friday we had DRYWALL delivered to the house- WHOOOO HOOOO!! The walls begin to go up Monday morning and we can hardly wait. Dad decided he would like more insulation between the walls so he is putting that up himself- uhhhh- itchy. I bought more shrubs, and am off to dig some holes to put them in.

Finally, for our wait for our home to be done--an end in sight:))

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