Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yep, the boys were dunked. Dedicated their lives to the Lord. Camden and Chance took the plunge and announced they were giving themselves to God. We are so proud of these boys, both of them.

It was a beautiful lakeside service, which was good because I needed a calm, moving ceremony to get me through the storm this week has since become.

House news, the contractor is almost done with what they can do. The siding is up- the garage doors are coming, the spouting it coming tomorrow, but so far, no dry-wall dude. All I hear is we are "next" --sniff sniff. Yes, I've been reduced to whining. Our appliance delivery has to be backed off:(

Good news is that the budget has not been blown, even getting in much deeper than we thought with replacing things. We are doing "okay." Not getting extravagant but also not having to leave things undone. A blessing.

This week's tough spot has been the kids, they are sick of the trailer. They are tired of waiting to get in the house. They are bickering and this is what I got to deal with this week so far and it's only Wednesday. (really??)

The bio kids have accused me of caring about the Chinese kids more than them. Then the Chinese kids accused me of caring more about the bios than them. Yeah, both sides. Normally they don't take "sides" it's NOT encouraged here. But I have now said FAIR is the "other F word" not ever to be said again in our home.

Then the smartie pants said "what about when the COUNTY FAIR comes along, can't we ask if we are going. Ha ha those children just make me laugh so much- NOT.

You see, I don't play the "fair" game. Because life is not fair-- or my children would never have lived in the streets. Or any of the other things we can point out as "unfair" would never happen.

And as much as I equally love my children, each one is different, special in their own way and I HAVE to treat them differently to acknowledge them as the special individuals they are.

Tonight we are celebrating Donovan's birthday, even though he turns 17 tomorrow. He has asked to go to a (I kid you not) greased pig contest for his birthday. The word "hicks" came to mind, but to each his own, right? Donovan is always good for a laugh, he's a special guy who isn't too old to still hug his momma. I just love him.

And as for the bio verses adopted- well, I told them all to "knock it off" that they know darn well we do not look at them and treat them different from how they joined our family. That straightened them up- for a few minutes at least:)

In other news, Chance has decided he doesn't like his middle name. Well, having already been through Chloe wanting to be renamed "Chicago" and us telling her that name was already taken-- I thought I was prepared. TILL he told me he wants to be called "Chance Pumpkin Pie Monkey." REALLY?? Sorry for all you who *think* I am such a great mom- I laughed. I couldn't help it.

All I could think of was, he doesn't even LIKE pumpkin pie???

Laughter, tears, trials=life. Living. Growing, learning and doing our best as parents and a family. Somedays it's a joy, some days are hard, but we keep on, plugging along:)


Adrian Roberta said...

Living through Renos are so stinkin hard to live through! You guys sound like you are doing great! In that...everyone's still alive and married....right? (-:

You're almost in the home stretch! So happy for you!

About to start our own huge renos *yikes*

MommaT said...

What an amazing decision for both your boys! We are praying our kids make the same decision!