Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brothers, ya gotta love 'em

My brother comes from Japan, has me running all over creation with him then says this morning " I see you haven't updated your blog this week." Really. Like I have time??

Yesterday's adventure was a train ride from nearby town to another nearby town, just for the kids to enjoy a real train ride. It was SUPPOSED to be a 40 minute ride with us "girls" picking them up then we get to go shopping. Well... of course, the train was late, the train took an hour instead of 40 minutes and till we ate we were about wore out. Not much shopping got done, but the kids had fun, so that's all that really matters, right?

This past weekend we had a family gathering of our dad's side of the family. It was nice, although I forgot my camera. (I know, you all thought it was glued to me but alas, it is not) This weekend is mother's side of the family, I think after all this I'll be familied out. I mean, it's not as if we get to PICK these people. ( It's true MOM)

Tomorrow is a big day and no, it's not the dry wall dude. He has not shown up yet, he is to be here Friday and if he doesn't show I'm ready to use the "F" word on him. ( Not that one MOM- I mean FIRE him) Quite frankly if he did not come so highly recommended I think he would have gotten the "F" word sooner. But we wait for the "best." (And he better be it)

So tomorrow's plan is Hershey park. Yeah, we are braving the heat and going with our friends, my bro, and our crew, a group you might as well call us. We leave out early and go for a day of fun. The kids are super excited. I'm super glad all the kids will have someone close to their age/size to go on rides with. It works out well.

Hopefully by Friday I can post a picture of the hard working dry wall dude, and if not we'll be looking for a few good folks to hunt him down and ---------you fill in the blanks there:)))

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Joy said...

Taylor has dental surgery tomorrow or we would have loved to meet up with you for a short time at Hersheypark (we have season passes). I am bummed. I would have loved meeting the rest of your family and I am sure that Taylor would love seeing you again.