Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Min girl?

I'm not talking about Phoebe either.

But I won't make you guess or wait (mom) since we had the internet issue when we went to announce Phoebe's addition to our crew.

We aren't adopting two either---

It was a visit, with another Min girl:) Miss Minnow was like a little sis to Chloe, they were very close. Chloe helped her get dressed and washed up each day. Then news came, little Min was to be adopted. A full year before Chloe was chosen by God for our family, Chloe watched her "lil' sister" go with the Ayi's to meet her new family.

I'm sure Chloe thought that would never happen for her, or maybe she agree to be adopted once she saw Min go. We may never know. But I do know adoption, time, new families, nothing has changed the love these 2 girls have for one another.

Chloe girl is terribly nosey, her and Miss Minnow have sent things in the mail back and forth since Chloe came home. But I "cheaty her" when I didn't tell her they were coming through Pennsylvania on vacation and we arranged to meet them at the local Chinese restaurant my kids eat at to survive:)

So when we waited outside the kids had decided I was losing it, when Minnow and family arrived. Chloe was sooooo surprised but also so happy to see her little buddy.

It was so cute to see them shy with one another, but also bursting with happiness that they were in person, live, visiting one another after so many years. I doubt Chloe even realized she made such a lasting impression on Min but from all she has told me Minnow was very special to her.

I am sure caring for Minnow helped her understand what it would be like to have a little sister and I've seen great bonding with her and Kat that I am sure is due to this past relationship.

And Tim, Minnow's dad was KIND enough to show my kids a trick with straws that makes a loud popping noise and uses up tons of straws, they KNOW they will be the COOLEST kids in school this year, so thanks Tim, we couldn't have managed without you:)))

Don't the kids look thrilled to get their pictures taken? They did have a grand time at lunch, again, thank you to Minnow's family for putting up with us:)


Sherrie said...

Aw, that's so awesome that the girls were able to see each other again! Thank God for the internet to make those connections that might not have otherwise happened!

Ruthie said...

My Min girl is hoping that we will be able to get together on our vaca the week after next. for some reason, I don't think my emails are getting to you. Write me if you are free so we can set it up. Ruthie