Thursday, July 21, 2011

And another Min

This time for Kat, a Min sister. Rissa and Kat remember being crib mates and although they do not live close together, these 2 girls are sisters in their hearts. It's such a blessing to see them together, this is their second time visiting since they both have been home.

Each time, no matter how long apart, these 2 immediately cling to one another and time apart melts away. It's so sweet. We were so thankful for Ruthie and Craig who took time out to visit with us and travel so far to do so:)

We are trying to keep busy as the dry wall dude did NOT arrive yet this week:(

It's very hard to know everything is held up by one thing, but it is what it is.

Hopefully with Uncle Roy (my bro) and family coming in from Japan tonight, we will be BUSY and not notice the lack of activity on our home? Yeah, right.

The kids are busy this week with Vacation Bible School, a "panda" theme, which they LOVE, of course. They tied dyed shirts last night, obviously the VBS people are brave to do that with over 100 kids!

I opted out this year and declined helping, just too much on my plate to add that in, so off I went on Monday night, alone for the first time since school left out. I was pretty much slap happy and talking to myself while I purchased groceries with no one pestering me to buy stuff, claim they HAD TO HAVE whatever. Phewwww, was it NICE.

Now don't get the impression I don't dearly love my children, but they cost me a ton extra in things they "have to have" as well as drive me nuts in the stores. The teens have not had the chance to "ask mother" for things and they act like 5 year olds in the store. So I end up with 5 children grabbing things and saying "can I have,I need, I want, etc." Which is why we usually do turns when taking them to the store, but with summer that option is out.

I *think* I got through to them when we left a store after they all were really bad about this and I asked them " if you were MOM, and you had 5 children who just grabbed things and begged to have them over and over like you all just did in that store would YOU like it?" And I pointed out how I had to just give up on what I needed to buy and leave the store because of them.

I still find it odd at times to look at my teens and know they are teens, but see them act like a toddler and realize this action is due to their lack of having things or learning things back when they were toddlers/young and I pull from a deep well of understanding God has given me in reserve just for these times.

One time was when Chase was in a store and asked for a huge teddy bear with a heart that said " I love you." I really thought he was joking when he asked for it. But he was not. So I asked what he wanted it for, I've learned to do this because they will hear someone say they want something and will want to buy it for them, they really do have hearts of gold.

But when he said he wanted it for his bed, I knew this was one of those times, he was acting much younger but he needed to be allowed to have this big ol' bear for his bed. And so he has it:)

Lest anyone think the teens are too childish- Well, Chloe has now changed her shirt 3 times since she got up, a mere hour ago. So I don't have to look too far for teen drama:)

Adventures they are, always keeping me hoppin'. As summer flies by!

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mom2three said...

A possible solution to the "I wants" at the grocery store. When I have to take my 3, I let them each pick out one item, $2.00 or less, that I would not normally buy. (I shop at the cheapo store.) That way the choice as to how bad they want it or not is on them, because they can only have one item. You can set your own limits as to items and $$ amount. The only draw back is that as we go through and they see this "have to have it", then see that "have to have it", the first "have to have it" has to be put back. They've gotten better over time about thinking through what they want rather than just impulse grabbing everything they see.

Hang in there, the summer is going by so quickly, and soon they'll be back in school. ; )