Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twin Squirrels?

As the twin pickers could not keep themselves from messing with their poison, we ended up on a fast trip to the doctor yesterday morn. Chance's face was so swollen, his eye was nearly closed, his face was unrecognizable. Bad. Chloe wasn't far behind him either.

After hauling them off to the doctor, they are both now on Prednisone, or "pregnant" as Chloe called it till I told her "let's just say you are taking PILLS for the poison." Okay then.

Chase is driving me nuts. Bonkers. Crazy, looney tunes. He is B-O-R-E-D and wants things to do. I send him to the house- the kids now call the trailer the "T- home" as in temp home, they want to call the house HOME. So he goes up and does any work the worker dudes will let him.

The home project progress is strong. Porch is built. Garage is half done. We have water. 550 feet to get it. Concrete coming tomorrow for the garage and porch.

Chloe room is the only one I was allowed to paint and I am done with it. It looks super cool too, it is pink and white walls with chalkboard black, pink, hot pink and white circles all around the middle of the walls like a big wave of circles. Her floor is not in yet or I think she would be sleeping in the room anyway! She loves it. We will accessorize then with polka dot stuff. FUN:)

Kat and Phoebe's room has gotten a primer coat, but needs the closet dry wall so that will keep my painting bug at bay till that is done. I'm having trouble sleeping from the ideas and thoughts about what will go where, how it will all look, running through my head:) Good reasons to not be able to sleep.

So far the budget seems to be okay. Nothing too terrible has cropped up besides the "150 feet or so for water" ended up being 550 feet. But it is what it is.

My biggest joy is that our contractor is AMAZING- he is a wonderful Christian man from our church and he is very good at organizing, doing the work, nothing is getting scrimped on, we will have no worries if things are done right or will it look good.

We can't feel safer with his work, a real blessing to us when this is was such a huge project to undertake. It's going to be really something when it's done and no, the million dollar question of WHEN is not known as of yet. I can say they aren't wasting time, and we will be in as soon as humanly possible.

But for now we are off to the T- home for suppertime as our day winds down, another day of work complete:)

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Julie said...

Cant wait to see pics! Are you going to do before and after pics?