Friday, June 3, 2011


Ohh, are we having fun here? We have no table to eat at. Our van seats are the living room furniture:) Beds are down and space on the floor staked out. I am finalizing everything today and just went and rented storage unit #2. That makes a garage and 2 large storage units for all our stuff. And a dumpster of junk going.

The garbage dude looked at our pile and declared it too large for him to take. So we ended up with a roll off container we filled and will be picked back up. So we aren't stuck with our junk.

Our suitcases are packed and everyone notified we are moving. Just 6 days till closing on both places. I will be so glad when it is all done and the workmen are working away at our new home.

The kids are in their final days of school, Donovan begged me to let him come home early, I take offense to that, since as a high schooler only the seniors were allowed to go home after finals not the whole school. Now it's all of them. Wanting to come home to say "What's for lunch." I'm not amused.

Miss Kat brought me a paper with field trip #7 plans, I wonder if they are doing anything IN school? I'd say I will be glad when they are done but then they will be bugging me to go swimming, eat, eat, swim, eat.

The girl got swimsuits and Kat was so tickled her 2T, yeah 2 TODDLER swimsuit is too small this year. So she moved up to a 4. Chloe, on the other hand, needed a 7/8 bottom and 10/12 top so I ended up buying 2 suits to get one for her. Luckily a friend can use the 10/12 bottoms so we only end up with the 7/8 top as an "extra". I had a hard time finding her a suit that wasn't a silly fairy or cartoon print because she needed such a small size.

Kat's was the opposite. Excuse me, but my 7 year old looking like a beach babe, I think NOT. I found modest tops that are cover their whole fronts, with decent bottoms. But really, some of the suits I saw in size 4 were wayyyy too skimpy.

I figured out Chloe packed all of Kat's summer clothes when I could not find anything for Kat to wear for the hot weather. It's in storage somewhere. I went and got her a few pairs of shorts and tops, I knew she didn't have many shorts anyway, but I have a feeling we aren't done having to get something that got packed and we NEED it. OIY.

I can't complain though, I tell you, the work ethics of these teens is amazing. Chase has worked so hard to help get moved. He asks as soon as he comes in the door, what can he do.

The teens are all leaving today for a weekend with the church group. Chase wanted to stay home to help but we insisted he go. I know he will enjoy the time off and he needs it. We will have plenty to do when he is back.

We are doing many of the "last time for this" here and feeling a little sad. Happy that we are getting more space, more room, a wonderful new beginning, but also sad to leave a home that has been a huge blessing to us for many years. The place we brought all our children home to. Home.

Now we will call a new place home. And as cheesy as it sounds, as long as we have each other all will be good. God has blessed us greatly. We are very thankful.

In answer to the Brandon/Chance looking alike? They do somewhat. I think when you get over the fact they are Chinese and just see them as "our kids" it's funny how you notice that Kat and Cam have the same shape of face, how all my kids have birthmarks, like me, the similarities of us. Even without the blood tie. It just is:)

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