Thursday, June 9, 2011

No internet access stinks. It should be back up tomorrow, we hope. For now I leave you with the news, we got our house. Ours sold, new one bought. Ours. (And the bank's)

All is well. Last day of school was today and we P-A-R-T-A-Y
tonight. If you hear a yell, just ignore it. It's us wild and crazy folks enjoying what God has blessed us with.

Sorry to do this, but big news coming--- just gonna leave ya hanging though- even YOU---Mom:)


Chad and Kristy said...

Now that is just wrong Vickie...after all we've been through... wrong girl!!

Congrats on the house!
Pray for me!! We may have a dear older couple renting ours for 2 years and then buying... maybe, maybe if they don't change their mind. Pray they choose my house!! PRAY!!


Jerry and Christy said...

Congratulations on getting the house. Glad it's finally official.
Looking forward to hearing your news. Just don't leave us hanging too long!


MommaT said...

Praise the Lord!!! Wish we were there with you to party!!!! Two more days here and we will be home having our own party(a sleeping party:)