Sunday, June 5, 2011

New digs

I know you are all dying to see what the new house looks like. And I can't show you till the ink is dry on the papers saying we bought it. So I thought I would give you a glimpse of what it SHOULD look like, less my inexperience at drawing house plans. (MOM- really, stop laughing already)

Hey, remember, I'm a nurse, not a contractor. It does have shutters, they are hard to see, and the thing in the front is a lower level that is parking now but we are filling with concrete for a basketball hoop area for the kids.

It's just the front view, with stone on the bottom, the garage added to the side, the porch redone, the door painted blue, yep, changed that because there is blue tones in the stone. The walkways we will do once the work is all done, but it gives you the basic idea of our dream. It is FAR from looking like this now:(

But we do not, in any way, forget the blessing God is giving us in providing the way for this dream to be our future. And for many reasons, this home is the one. It is where we are meant to be. Of that we have no doubt, no matter how it looks now. We are so thankful God has granted us these provisions for our family, a larger home, 2 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, and most importantly an acre of ground for the kids to safely play.

Speaking of playing kids, the teens are back from their weekend away. I was eating lunch out with Miss Kitty alone, just me and her, after church today. And there they came. Arrived early and my dear friend knew I was taking Kat out for lunch so she brought them to me.

She wasn't sure if I wanted them to EAT- poor things, she made them wait in her van while she came in to tell me she had them, and I told her "send them on in!" I kinda figured they would be missing their favorite foods, since they don't like hot dogs, spaghetti, things made for a group of kids normally to eat. Chance got a plate piled higher than I thought could fit on one plate and went back up! Luckily it was buffet, eat as much as you want, and they took that to heart.

They didn't enjoy themselves this weekend:( They were bickering, between shoveling food in and Chase went to move away from Chance, whom he was fighting with. I told him to sit down, no one cared he was fighting with Chance. He said "oh, you no care?" I said "nope, I just eat my food and ignore you." So he sat back down. I could see they were just tired and grouchy from their "bored" weekend. As Chase put it.

Kat and Camden must have thought we would miss the noise and chaos of the teens, they spent yesterday picking at one another. They are actually calmer and behaving better today with all of them here? Guess they weren't meant to be kids of a small family?

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MommaT said...

We will need your cooking/food advice for our boys. So far everything )other than the noodles in Zhengzhou)they have said are "no delicious" They hate most foods..ramen seems to work a little