Monday, June 20, 2011


You know, I have to tell you. I love you gals and guys. You leave me comments that put me in tears. You show us the support and love of the orphans that God calls us to. It's really something. When I get that look, you know (or I hope you don't) that means "What?? adopting again? You're doing a major home remodel, living in a 2 bedroom trailer with 6 kids? You have how many kids now? Are you nuts?"

When all I want to hear is "Ohh, how special a blessing you are being given!" I mean, we are so blessed and provided for, in ALL ways. Even with the hardship of remodeling, it's not that bad. It will be done long before she comes. And it's only once, then it's DONE.

And to hear the call from God again and not back down because-- how COULD we? After all He has shown us in love for us and our children? We KNOW Phoebe Hope is meant to be. And she waits. As an orphaned child while we have room and time and love and more to give her? Nope, not gonna turn that down. I'm gonna thank God for her and work like the dickens to get her home. And when I feel sad if it takes too long I read your comments filled with love for our Phoebe and I am boosted up with the love:)

In other news, Father's day was lovely for our wonderful Baba. He is such a good daddy, I am so thankful to have him to parent our children. It's tough when you have no one to buy a card for, to call, but I thanked my Heavenly Father for being there for me, and giving me the amazingly patience man who parents our children so well.

I didn't feel so well on Daddy's day, I missed him cooking on his new grill- his big gift. I slept through because we tackled the yard last week and although I know I am highly allergic to poison I didn't see any. So I helped. WELL. I ended up covered in it and unable to fight it, so on steroids I went. And they weren't strong enough to cut it, I am now on a HIGHER dose to get it gone.

Chloe and Chance also broke out and I (how could I?) forgot what "pickers" they are, at every little thing on their skin, and they have it spread all over them. Chloe heard me say I had to get prednisone for my allergy to poison and asked if she could have "pregnant too?" OIY. Then she was telling everyone I was pregnant. That girl!

I also learned Chase will repeat everything I say, I told the kids not to trash up the trailer as we are blessed to have been allowed to stay there and we need to take care of it while we are in it. It's not fancy, but it's still home. I said (yes, I did it) we don't trash the trailer, live like trailer trash." Well......... Chase got the biggest kick out of that and called us trailer trash all day. Another OIY.

Now, mind you, I LIKE trailers. Compact. Everything you need, I know everything the kids are doing. I've lived in them many times, so I have nothing against trailer living. A home is a home. So for him to run around saying "trailer trash" and laughing like a nut, is not good. Shame on me.

Gotta share what Kitty said to dad when he got terribly sun burnt mowing. She took one look at his lovely pink color all over and said "ohh Daddy, you are pink-a- licious." Oh righty then. I never thought of THAT to use when describing daddy but there you have it.

Camden, Chance and Chloe went to career camp all week last week, a way to keep them busy for another week:) They made tools boxes, came home with painted nails, made plant hooks, went to the creamery, they enjoyed it and it gave the construction dudes only 3 kiddos to deal with all day:)

Donovan has had a blast helping do the electric. He is in Vo Tech for electrical, so this is his cup of tea. He also helped run the cable, and has informed me of everything that was wired incorrectly even when I just wanted it fixed right, I don't really need to know HOW to do it myself. (Not my cup of tea) He's also very good at kicking down walls, Miss Kitty tried and didn't even make a DENT in the wall. But she tried.

Miss Kitty was with me all week at the house and helped in any way she could, the workers all love her. She will go and stand and watch what they are doing, she stays out of the way and just watches, doesn't pester people. They have given her all the change they find in the house, she's up to about $1.00 now:) One of the guys brought their dog too, Kat just loves Jessie and plays throwing ball with her.

Also last week the teens participated in a senior project for their friend, a 30 hr famine, they raised over $1,000 total and saved over 3o0 children from dying of starvation. They slept at the church in the parking lot and I am sure it brought up some memories for our kids, sometimes it hurts me to think they are the only ones in our youth that really understand what it is to go hungry, to sleep in the streets. But it is what it is. A part of them and their history. They took the 30 hrs with grit and they amaze me with their strength.

All of our children are such treasures, they bring so much more to US than we give them. Gifts, from God. They really are.


The Sardos Family said...

Hi Vicki,

I am yet another long time lurker to your blog. Congratulations on your new daughter! Your family is a true inspiration! I know exactly how you feel about all the negative things people say about adopting again.


Sue said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I was so surprise when you said you were going to adopt again and I think it is awesome that you have another daugther...

Marie94 said...

So So So So Happy for you!!!!!!
Love to follow your blog! I'm a mom to 7 - 5 from China and 3 have albinism. You are a blessed mother - the Lord must be shining on you. If only people knew we need the orphan more than the orphan needs us. Enjoy your perfect dozen. We will be going to get our little girl with albinism this fall - she is in Wuhan. (We also reused our dossier - it has not been too easy - just a heads up - very slow.)

mom2three said...

Vicki, don't know if you've seen this poem, but my brother, who has adopted 8 children from foster care sent it to me. It says it well.


Some would gather money
along the path of life.
Some would gather roses and
rest from worldly strife.

But I would gather children
from among the thorns of sin.
I would seek a little child with
a big and toothless grin.

For money cannot enter in
that land of endless day.
And roses that are gathered
soon wilt along the way.

But oh, the laughing children
as I cross the sunset sea,
And the gates swing wide to Heaven,
I can take them in with me!

~Author Unknown

Some aren't little children any more, but they still need to be brought in with us.

Laurie said...

Yes, you are crazy. You are nuts. According to the world we live in, you are insane. But you are a blessing because you don't live according to that world, but another world - the Kingdom of God. Phoebe Hope will be a blessing to you, your family, and to your community. I'm so proud of your commitment to orphans!

Carmen Canavati-Fitzpatrick said...

Vicki: I have always told you that I am in AWE of you and your beautiful family! Congratulations once again for Ms. Phoebe, who is precious! Yes, you are crazy nuts - in such a GREAT way!! May God bless you always! All the best! Carmen F in Houston