Sunday, May 29, 2011


What a week. I'll have to share how crazy I am. On Thursday I went to work. Not funny enough? Well---- I wasn't supposed to be at work. Yeah, I was a day early. But as I had made appointments for Friday and have a very flexible job (thank God for that) I was able to go ahead and work Thursday and be off for Friday.

But I did have to call in and tell them what I did. I sure felt dumb, but it was the result of too many things on my plate. (which I think even my plate is packed now)

Yesterday we packed up furniture, some of the kids beds, dressers, the table, end tables, and more. I arranged this week for a bulk pick up of trash so we are accumulating a nice pile for them to take. One good thing about moving is parring down of the "stuff." Things not needed, not packing, not worth keeping are going, going, gone.

The teens declared we have "too much stuff" and kept saying we are "rich." As they lack a sense of money, value, I was quick to tell them "junk does not equal worth:)" and my usual reply that we are "rich in children" that they roll their eyes at me when I say so lovingly to them.

The other not-so-great happenings this week. My net book crashed but was fixable, to the tune of $80. OUCH. The desk top was fried when lightening took out a transformer near our home and the surge protector didn't protect. Dead. RIP, kicked the bucket. Donovan, our junior firefighting dude, heard the boom of the transformer and called emergency services?? He assured us it was "the right thing to do."

We were thinking if we didn't see flames to wait and the power company would fix it eventually, hoping that it would be some time before night because as usual when we need something, like say-- candles? Well, the candles are all packed and gone. Of course they are. Those efficient teens again:)

For some reason our cordless phones are not holding the charges, not sure if the lightening had anything to do with that or not, but enough stuff has kicked the bucket that we are hoping that's it.

As we were beat last night we get the coolest and worst parent award. WHY? Well, after working all day clearing out the house, having pizza for a late lunch, I decided I was not cooking supper and we were all going out for ICE CREAM for supper. WHOOO HOOO those kids of ours were thrilled. We were all so hot and tired it was just the thing we needed. (No calls mom, I don't care how horrible you think I am)

Chloe was sitting on my chair arm eating her ice cream with me when she said "Why you have such long eyelashes? It's not fair." I told her I was born with them but they also come with a "be fluffy gene" so she wouldn't want to have them:) She told me her eyelashes were short like a "chicken's butt."

I had to take her word for it because I have to admit, I've just not ever checked out a chicken butt. Have any of you? Oiy, some of conversations I get into with my girl!

What else did we do this week? Packed. The kids went to a ballgame with school, they aren't really big on baseball and it was very hot, so they weren't too thrilled.

Camden still has a cough but it otherwise getting over his cold. And he is able to pack again.

I took the dog and the cat together for shots in between packing- I said about 20 minutes before going I had to take them to the vet. The cat must have understood me because she took off and went under Chloe's bed, somewhere she never is. I had a terrible time getting her out and in the kennel, the dog just stood there waiting for me to put him in:)

I put them in the kennel together, they don't care, but the cat was terribly offended that she had to go in the kennel at all and was mad at me the rest of the day, while I packed more stuff. I *might* be done packing some day then it will be time to unpack- but then that's life:)

That's the week in review, we move next weekend to the vacation home below our new house till the new house is ready. We close on both houses June 9th so prayers for everything to go smoothly would be appreciated. Just 11 days to go!

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Janelle said...

If the power surge fried your laptop, etc, you can file a claim with the power co. and get reimbursed. My dh works for the power co. Many people are unaware that you can do this. There is the usual red tape involved, but I know our power co. is really pretty good about it. They will pro rate items, due to age, etc, but I have found them to be pretty generous. Check it out, in your spare time, lol!