Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A year already?

I can hardly believe it's been a year. Since we were in the hotel lobby in ZhengZhou Ch*na and there came our sons. Grinning from ear to ear, backpacks slung over their shoulders, they were the picture of happiness.

Joy. Unlimited JOY. It radiated from them. It was the beginning of a hard journey for them, although right then, they didn't realize that.

They look so different now. Each has grown, in height and weight but also in their hearts. You can see they have healed from many hurts, although they have some they will probably carry forever.

But God bringing us back for them clearly restored their faith in mankind. And gave us a door to explain God to them.

I asked Chase the other day if he was happy to have come here, and he said "a little." A very honest answer. I was happy he told me the truth, not just "I don't know"- which is his standard answer when he doesn't want to answer me.

I then asked him if he was happy we went back for him and he said very quickly "yes." So knowing my son like I do, that translates to -yes, he is glad to be here. It is hard and was tougher than he expected, but he is finding things to like, finding his way. Might be slower than he thought but it is happening. And he will continue to progress because he does want to be here.

We've weathered quite a bit this last year, some I didn't expect, some I did. Some terrible and heart wrenching, some minor and irritating.

But most of all we have become their family. We are their parents, they are our sons. I believe in some ways, adoption is very much like pregnancy, you fall in love with the idea, you have time to adjust to it, you prepare, some times hit snags, but you get through it all. Then you have this child, or 2, that you expected but didn't expect.

It's a huge adjustment. And sometimes they have colic or teen attitudes that you aren't sure if what you are doing is right, you might have to mix things up a little to get them to work out, but all in all, one day you realize it just doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, because you would do anything for this child, including die for them and that is what it means to be their parent.

You may not be right, but you will plug away at the issue and never give up because you are their mom/ dad. And their looks, their blood, their route to you is a part of them, but it doesn't define THEM. They are YOUR children.

Gifts from God, as He intended children to be, precious, cherished, loved, and so very wanted. Our sons, Chance and Chase. Proud to call you buggers that- SON.

Also proud to hear you call me "mom"- or in Chase and Chloe's case "mother." They were told "mother" is the deepest form of respect to call me, and although I have explained to them "mother" here is very formal and kinda harsh sounding, they wish to show me that respect so I'm not going to argue on that:)

And, yeah, they call dad "Father" as well. All but Chance, he calls us "mom and dad." His choice as well. Although they do call me dad's "girlfriend" and him my "boyfriend." Even after being told it's "husband and wife" they think they are just too funny saying boyfriend and girlfriend. Especially if we dress up they tell dad "your girlfriend, she look nice, you go kiss her." Aren't they too funny??

Speaking of dad, see where he is today? Yep, that would be a hospital bed, where he is getting fluids and antibiotics to kick the dehydration and pneumonia he has! He wasn't feeling well over the weekend and he looked terrible yesterday, so I hauled him off to the doctor and he fussed about being admitted because he has never been in the hospital before in his LIFE!

Doc said he is young and strong so with the antibiotics he should kick this quick. I left him sleeping last evening with that furry thing next to him---a stuffed animal from the kids, a GROUND HOG no less:)

If that doesn't get him better, maybe the pictures Kat drew him or the picture of all of us I put on his bedside table, or the cards? Yeah, he's loved so he's gotta get well. Prayers for his healing are appreciated:)

So our celebration of the day we met the boys will be postponed till we can share it with dad. Even with dad sick we know God has blessed this family richly. We are so thankful.

It's been an incredible year! How 'bout it??


Kim said...

Where has the time gone? I've been following you since Kat's adoption and that just seems like yesterday! Prayers that hubby is back to his old self very quickly. Oh, how the men love to say that they aren't THAT sick. Been married to my DH for 30 years and he has never been in the hospital either.

mom2three said...

Isn't amazing how much quicker the year after they get home goes than that year of paperwork proceeding their coming home! I didn't comment on the last two posts, but want to take a moment now to say that I am also very glad that you share your life with us, inspiring us, making us laugh and cry. Thank you. God bless.

Sue said...

Happy Gotcha Day Chance, Chase and the rest of you. Your life has been enriched so much.....

Heather said...

Hope "Father" feels better quickly! AND Happy Family Day to the boys!!!!

Corlia said...

Happy Gotcha day boys!! One year ago I was still waiting for my referral and read this blog every day. Now I'm settled with my little one and I still read every update :) May the Lord Bless these children and the whole family!

Laurie said...

Beautiful post. From your "wal-mart friend"

Holly said...

Wow, a YEAR?! Happy Forever Family Day!!!!!!! We are rejoicing with you all that you are family--with all the struggles and joys a real family faces. God is good through it all, and we have been blessed to be able to read your blog and journey with you. Thank you so much for sharing! We will continue to pray that God will keep doing His thing, and that this year will be even better than the first. God bless you, Vickie!! : )

Lola Granola said...

A year! Can I just say--and I know you have been through this before--that a year meant so much more to us than I thought? I thought, oh, just another pointless marker--but no. A year meant most big things were repeating. A second fourth of July--upon, yeah, fireworks. Another trip to the same beach! Aniother Halloween! Another Christmas! I am sure you remember--it really ends up meaning something. Big congratulations!