Friday, May 20, 2011


I haven't posted much about the girls lately so here's an update on them.

I posted before about Chloe and her ultimatum with God. It was really kinda cute. She desperately wanted to live closer to her BFF, to be able to ride bikes with her, go back and forth between our houses. So as she was wanting to believe in God but was struggling with the whole " if there's a God WHY didn't He send me parents sooner, why did I have to suffer living in the streets, why was my birth mom crippled, etc?"

Now luckily where she wanted to live just happened to be the place her parents wanted to move as well, good thing, huh:) This area is where I grew up, not far from our present home.

So Chloe prayed to God (with BFF and her mom's help and encouragement) to give us a house in a certain area. A very SMALL area. I'm SURE God chuckled at Miss Chloe when He answered her prayers. I'm sure He was thinking something along these lines--- "Oh little one, I will show you how much I love you, how I have always cared about you and been with you even when YOU did not know ME."

Confirming to this precious girl His love for her has literally transformed her. She is finding her peace. Peace at being hurt, orphaned, adopted and blended into our family. That this IS where she is meant to be and she belongs. Her wishes are important to GOD. The Big Man. The Heavenly Father. Can't get any bigger than Him. And He listened to HER, little ol' Chloe LuYun.

She has come such a long way, it's amazing to see. She is such a typical teen these days, has to be told to stop spending too much time in her room on the computer, doesn't want to do dishes- ever, rolls her eyes at her momma when I tell her she can't wear certain things to church, spending the night at BFF's. She doesn't badger me anymore. No 50 million questions, sitting practically on me, when she shows me affection, it is genuine. Not scattered and desperate feeling.

Like yesterday, I ordered her school pics, she gave me the flier last week. I told her I would look at it and see what we could afford. And she told me ONCE later that week that they had to be ordered by a certain day. Then yesterday when I told her that I ordered her pictures on line, that they would come to the school, but they were already paid for, she said "oh mother, thank you" and she gave me a hug. Sincere love, not awkward at all. A nice hug.

I've waited a long time to see it. I thought sometimes it would never happen. She was so broken, so hurt. Deep down where I wondered if she could ever heal.

Now I realize she had to have those wounds opened up to heal them from the deepest part of her soul. On the trip to adopt the brothers we stood at the shopping square in China and saw a child brushing her teeth in a small mirror with her mom sitting on the ground begging. I knew something was up because Chloe paused. Up until then she had gotten upset and yelled at the beggars we ran into, told them to "get lost."

So as I watched Chloe, she went to give her money, left over from something I let her buy. My money. She came back to me and I nodded "yes" to her, it was fine with me. And then she looked again and looked at me, and she reached in her pocket and took out HER money and went back over and slipped it in the cup. When she came back I put my arm around her. And that's when she looked at me and I saw that gaping wound. It was RAW, UGLY, DEEP. It took my breath away.

It was then that I could see my girl as that little girl on the street, not really knowing it wasn't normal to live in the middle of the shopping square, or why her belly had to go empty so often. And I could see the realization in my daughter's eyes, she was NOT the only one to live like this. I could have scooped up that girl, her mom, the crusty old man with one eye on the corner, and brought them all on home. If only my suitcases had been bigger:)

But since that day in the square, I've watched Chloe grow. And heal. Praise God, her wound is much, much smaller these days. She is now able to accept that things do happen, that God doesn't allow it, we all do. That WE can make a difference, and her passion was fired. She was insistent that she was old enough to go on a mission trip to Costa Rica, she wanted to go. All she talks about when she is "older" is going back to China to do missionary work. She sees that her past can become her future passion-- to help others because she KNOWS what it's like to be in their shoes, if they have shoes:(

I am the proud mother of this daughter. Not only is she healing and making such huge progress, she is also my HOPE. My hope that her brothers will follow suit and their rough edges will smooth out and they will find their way as well.

Now don't think that I have lost my marbles, although, I do think they are packed in a box somewhere-- I still realize Chloe IS a teen girl and none of us are perfect, by far. But for us, she has made the success of older child adoption. She was very obviously hand picked by God for our family and we are honored and blessed by her.

Now for the "other girl" the little Diva. Miss Kitty. She is doing wonderful as well. Today- a Friday, I got up and she was up, dressed, hair bow in, teeth brushed and playing her DSI. WOW. Usually by Friday I can expect a total grumpy butt DIVA to get out of bed, get ready and pretty much am guaranteed tears at some point of the morning routine. OIY. She was a nice surprise this morning for me:)

She has not lost any more teeth, but then, she is not wiggling the crap out of them either, since she lost that one. Even that one probably wouldn't have come out till she was 9 if she hadn't been working on it for months now:) But it seems losing just one was good enough and she is happy now.

She's thrilled she is now tipping the scale at 41-42 lbs these days. Yeah, at 7 1/2 years old, she's not a heavy weight by far. It's still a struggle to get weight on her, even though she does eat, but she remains very healthy and is 47 inches tall. Growing. I find the taller she gets the harder it is to get her clothes, since she is so slender. Most outfits are out, the pants end up huge till we get to the shirt size that fits her, especially long sleeves. Luckily she still loves wearing dresses and tights.

Both the girls are excited about the move, but that may be because they are getting separate rooms:) Kat is messy, Chloe is not, so it is not paradise in their shared room now. Kat wants a purple Hello K*tty room, Chloe wants pink, white and black. Right now one room is bright orange with no closet or carpet, the other has motorcycle border and brown walls. So lots of work there.

Matter of fact, the whole place is getting a redo. The upper floor has less work to be done, but there is still quite a bit to do-- flooring everywhere, trim, painting, ceilings painted, light fixtures to change and put in, a bar to build between the kitchen and dining room. The lower level is an almost complete rebuild. It will be 2 bedrooms, utility room, laundry room, bathroom and family room as well as the foyer to the upstairs.

We are also adding porches, a 2 car garage, re doing all the siding, etc. NOT a minor project at all. Matter of fact, since we close on both houses the same day, we will be renting a home nearby that is used as a vacation home so we will not be in the way of the contractor and workers. They assure me it won't take long and we went to the house last night to see what materials are needing ordered to have them there so they can get to work asap, like the same day we close:)

My kind of contractor, not fooling around:) And he knows I'll send the kids to drive the workers nuts if they take too long doing things- ha ha! Actually he does amazing work, and does it well. He uses good materials and he is very understanding of what we want but also keeping us in budget. (yeah, that nasty "B" word is becoming my life)

I haven't posted pics of the new house 'cause we don't own it yet. And, quite frankly, it's sad looking. It's empty and it shows. Unloved, no life in it. It will become our HOME- we will fill it with love, bring it to life, fix it up, make it our haven. Being granted a dream, a home in the country, a slice of heaven on earth, where we can spread out and all be able to pee when we need to. At least we hope.

We do know Mr. Beautiful can't be in 2 bathrooms at the same time- ha ha!!


Cayle said...

Love the bathroom joke haha my brother is the same way. I am so happy that she is finding the lord in an amazing way!

Sherrie said...

Love the update!!! So happy that Chloe is finding her way, with peace, and God, and feeling loved, what a blessing! Can't wait for more updates on all the goings on with the new house, and all :-).

Julie said...

Vickie, I LOVE the way you write. We really have to organize a "get together" this summer. I would LOVE to meet you and your family.

mary said...

Your description of what happened in China with Chloe made me weep. So glad that she is coming to a place of peace and, by God's grace, unconditional love.

Hunan Mommy said...

Beautiful entry about Chloe. So exciting to think what God has in store for her.

MommaT said...

Beautiful young lady!
)PS we are traveling WEdD to get the boys...we will try to skype you

Kelly said...

Dear Chloe,
A few years ago my little girl got very sick and needed a really bad surgery. It would change her life because she wouldn't be able to use her arm, and her leg would limp, and I knew at some point people would be mean and make fun of her. I asked God a lot of times what was happening and why did she have to go through something bad. I soon understood that God wanted to use our daughter to show others that nothing is impossible and now Abby can do almost anything you could do, just a little different. I think God might have given you your first mother because he wanted you to learn to be kind to others, and to learn independence. I think he might have given you second parents so your story of adoption (along with your brothers) could also be shared and encourage others to adopt. I read your mom's blog every day to see what you are doing and to pray to God that one day I can do it too with a child or two. Your story makes me want to adopt an older child too. You are more than a story of adoption, but your story has inspired me.