Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life lessons

Back in April this pretty robin did her best for 2 weeks to make a nest above our front door. Now to us, this was stupid of her and we tried our best to discourage her. We pulled down her nest materials over and over, shooed her away.

But then I was sick one day and by the end of the day she had her nest. She won. Since we figured she laid eggs in the nest and didn't want to be cruel, we left her there. We watched each day as her and daddy robin took turns sitting on those eggs.

Then one day when dad (our dad) went outside one of the babies dropped out when momma bird took off out of the nest. So he ever so gently picked him up and put him back. And we watched as momma came and went.

I would go out with the kids to catch the bus and sit at the step, momma would sit on a patch of grass nearby and yell at me. I tried to tell her it was my house first, but she didn't listen too well. She eventually decided I wasn't there to harm her or her babies and would come and go with me sitting there. Luckily she never pooped on me.

About 2 weeks ago, we started to see little beaks. 2 of them. When momma bird came, peeking up waiting for their food. And we could hear some squeaks. Then the kids decided they could not disturb momma and babies so they started coming in the back door. Now, understand, I tried for 10 years to get the kids to use the back door, mother bird manages to make it happen in a week. With her cute little babies. Go figure.

So this weekend, as we are using the back door as much as possible to not disturb this little family ( really hard when you are moving too) we happened to notice the babies were huge, as in, getting colors, flapping wings, BIG.

Chase watched mother bird come to the ledge and flap her wings, showing the babies how to do it, he asked "why you not teach me to drive, like mother bird teach baby to fly?" Uh, yeah, that's a whole other blog post dude.

And we watched as one baby took off. FLYING. Right into a car:( He was hurt. So we went after him and put him back on the ledge. His sibling watched him for a while and then she too, took off. With better luck than big boy. She wobbled but she managed to fly. Mother bird was extremely agitated by this time, she was not happy her babies were taking off on her, nor was she happy we put big boy back, she was trying to swoop down on us when we were trying to help him.

So we left them alone. Hoping he would be okay. Next morning we found him down on the front step. Alone. As it was really hot out there, we took him out back to a shady spot. The kids fussed over him. Cam, who is a HUGE animal lover, got him to sit in his hand. He could flap his wings but his poor little leg just dangled.

The kids wanted to know if my nursing skills could fix him:) I tried, but it looked like the whole leg was damaged, not just broken. So I told them they could feed him since he couldn't get food. They made him bread soaked in water to eat and Camden fed that bird 32 bites throughout the day yesterday. (yes, MOM he washed his hands after touching the bird every single time)

Sadly, this morning found our baby bird gone. Dead. Cam cried. I felt so bad for him but I did explain that God loves babies, even baby birds are so precious to him and when the baby got hurt, God did not want him to suffer and instead took him to Heaven where he would be whole and not hurt anymore. So I am off to bury a bird and do a birdie funeral:(

And I told Chance that no, we are NOT having bird for supper. Final answer.


mom2three said...

Your last paragraph had me in tears, and your last sentence made me laugh out loud. One man's sadness is another man's dinner?!?

Is it just me or does the picture of Chance in Sunday's post look a lot like Brandon's picture right beside it in your picture column. Do they really look alike, or is it just the angles?

Tammy said...

We have rubber black snakes nailed around the top of our porch. Guests can't see them, but the birdies can. :-)

Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

awww.. sounds almost like our experience with one of our dogs bringing us a baby bunny, still alive with eyes closed. My oldest fed that bunny and doted on him every day... then he died. we had a funeral and she decided to never name a wild animal again.