Saturday, May 7, 2011


Father is home. And very thankful to be. 5 days of hospital time is no picnic. But sprung him I did, my man:) He is resting and watching TV.

The kids are happy he is home. Kat even took him for his walk:)

I think that it would be safe to say that I am officially sick of single parenting. I did it many, many years ago, and I applaud all you that do it. It's HARD.

I got a gorgeous Mother's day gift early from a friend. A huge hanging flower basket. And my friend was even funny giving it to me, she said there is a bloom for EACH child I have:) Ha ha! I don't think she can count, or else she knows I have many more children I love even from afar that are in my heart. Either way it's a lovely gift from a lovely friend.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, not due to the massive gifts I receive with so many children calling me "mom" but that I usually get to see all of them. Even the elusive older ones. They are a busy crew, but they all try to see me for Momma's day:)

Funny of the day? I took Chase along to help carry dad's things coming home and we walked the hall of the hospital before the doctor released him. Chase asked if the "beeps" all along the hallway was "someone DIE?" Uhh, no, just someone wanting the nurse:) And I said to him, do you think a dead person would be pushing a button for the nurse? Both him and dad said "Maybe they pushed it and then died?" At the same time.

Glad to get dad home and not have to worry about him pushing button then dying. Phewww. And he actually admitted he wasn't so upset about being there, he realized he was sick enough to need to be there. And he thanked me for taking care of him- he's so sweet- I think he was taking about the student nurse who gave the standard answer "a few" when she came in to do his IV and I asked if she had done it before.

I knew with him being dehydrated and having looked at his veins, that he had one "good shot" and I wasn't going to let her stick him over and over. So I asked for someone else. And his IV lasted the whole time:) Through some really powerful and vein ruining meds. It really does help to know what your rights are when you are in a place like that, and trust me, I have nothing against students learning, I was one at one time. But hubby's comfort was more important than her learning.

I'm trying to catch up on laundry, packing, kids homework, etc.........

Happy early Momma's Day to all my momma friends, you are all WONDERFUL- all my best to you:)

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