Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funny and not funny

Funny- finding someone in our small area who is Christian, adopting from China and having lunch and a grand time with her. Nice to meet you Michelle. Welcome, to the crazy world of adoption, I hope you become as addicted as I:)

I'll take this kind of addiction any day!

Not funny- children who want to "heat up the taco shell" and use a plastic plate in a microwave that they only seem to know how to set said microwave on 3-4 minutes. Can I just say- burnt plastic is a horrible odor?

Funny- Chance making me and dad tea and telling dad he has to add his own "candy" (he means SUGAR) to it. Dad can't take the 3 teaspoons of "candy" they dump in mine.

Not funny- Finding out the kids have "helped" and packed away things we need and it's went to storage- OIY.

Funny- cleaning out cupboards which in this lovely older house are ABOVE the closets in bedrooms and Chance literally climbing in the cupboard to get everything out. He could hardly keep from laughing to clear it out.

Good thing he did this BEFORE supper, as he ate 7, yep, SEVEN sloppy joe sandwiches! Can I just say "ever growing grocery bill?"

Not funny- Packing everything we own in a storage unit and garage. OIY. It's tight, very tight. Still not sure we are going to make it without another storage unit, and not wanting to PAY for another one:(

Funny- Miss Kitty making me a card on Saturday. It said "have a terrific Sunday" and how she wanted me to learn about Jesus's son so I could teach her class when Toad (Todd) is working (her regular teacher) and I have a Bible but it has too big of words for her to read.

Then she had tons of hearts on the back and every one's names in them. She is wayyyyyy too sweet.

Not funny- Chase got his first detention and served it. He misbehaved in school and I told them to treat him like any other child would be treated. Kid gloves need to come off. He knows how to behave, the behavior was unacceptable.

Funny- Chase THANKING the assistant principal as he handed him the paper saying he had detention. He said he has NEVER been thanked before for giving out detention:) I *could* say that it was us teaching him to be unfailingly polite, but I doubt anyone would believe me (MOM, I try, I tell you, I TRY)

Not funny-Our long time neighbor's son- in- law dying in a car wreak and leaving behind a wife and 2 young girls:( No seat belt on, thrown from the car, trying to get to work. Life is sooo precious, too short, and so precarious.

We all have to be ready, we need to know our Savior because these things can and do happen.

Funny- Camden thinking because he has a little cough, he was staying home from school. Now, mind you, these kids have RADAR, I tell you, when I have anything cool (for me) planned on any certain day. My lunch date? He WAS NOT ruining it. I packed him off to school with pop tart in hand. (yeah mom, I fed him THAT- nothing warm, no fuzzy feeling warm oatmeal, no belly filling pancakes, a POP TART, COLD- just how HE likes them)

Not funny- poor Camden's raw and red nose:(

I could have posted a picture of him with his red and raw nose, the one he declared P*ff's with lotion were the magic cure for- but he said "no thanks" with an amazing amount of sarcasm- (mom, I did not, did not, did not, teach him that)

FUN and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-- Just 1 day till the teens friends, "brothers" as they call them, their family leaves to bring these 2 guys home. Titus and Adam getting a family.

The teens said I was to tell the boys new family "Thank you for caring to go for them and give them family."

Not funny- It means SO MUCH- these older ones, they see so much, they suffer watching the littles go, seeing the cuties get loved on, and having no one really care if they are hungry, scared, tired, lonely, or unloved.

They really do understand what it means for a family to come for them. To want THEM.

And even when they are driving me nuts smelling up the whole house with burnt plastic smell, we still treasure what blessings they are to us. Every last one of them.

FUNNY-At least they didn't burn the house down-or dare I even write that??