Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life lessons

Back in April this pretty robin did her best for 2 weeks to make a nest above our front door. Now to us, this was stupid of her and we tried our best to discourage her. We pulled down her nest materials over and over, shooed her away.

But then I was sick one day and by the end of the day she had her nest. She won. Since we figured she laid eggs in the nest and didn't want to be cruel, we left her there. We watched each day as her and daddy robin took turns sitting on those eggs.

Then one day when dad (our dad) went outside one of the babies dropped out when momma bird took off out of the nest. So he ever so gently picked him up and put him back. And we watched as momma came and went.

I would go out with the kids to catch the bus and sit at the step, momma would sit on a patch of grass nearby and yell at me. I tried to tell her it was my house first, but she didn't listen too well. She eventually decided I wasn't there to harm her or her babies and would come and go with me sitting there. Luckily she never pooped on me.

About 2 weeks ago, we started to see little beaks. 2 of them. When momma bird came, peeking up waiting for their food. And we could hear some squeaks. Then the kids decided they could not disturb momma and babies so they started coming in the back door. Now, understand, I tried for 10 years to get the kids to use the back door, mother bird manages to make it happen in a week. With her cute little babies. Go figure.

So this weekend, as we are using the back door as much as possible to not disturb this little family ( really hard when you are moving too) we happened to notice the babies were huge, as in, getting colors, flapping wings, BIG.

Chase watched mother bird come to the ledge and flap her wings, showing the babies how to do it, he asked "why you not teach me to drive, like mother bird teach baby to fly?" Uh, yeah, that's a whole other blog post dude.

And we watched as one baby took off. FLYING. Right into a car:( He was hurt. So we went after him and put him back on the ledge. His sibling watched him for a while and then she too, took off. With better luck than big boy. She wobbled but she managed to fly. Mother bird was extremely agitated by this time, she was not happy her babies were taking off on her, nor was she happy we put big boy back, she was trying to swoop down on us when we were trying to help him.

So we left them alone. Hoping he would be okay. Next morning we found him down on the front step. Alone. As it was really hot out there, we took him out back to a shady spot. The kids fussed over him. Cam, who is a HUGE animal lover, got him to sit in his hand. He could flap his wings but his poor little leg just dangled.

The kids wanted to know if my nursing skills could fix him:) I tried, but it looked like the whole leg was damaged, not just broken. So I told them they could feed him since he couldn't get food. They made him bread soaked in water to eat and Camden fed that bird 32 bites throughout the day yesterday. (yes, MOM he washed his hands after touching the bird every single time)

Sadly, this morning found our baby bird gone. Dead. Cam cried. I felt so bad for him but I did explain that God loves babies, even baby birds are so precious to him and when the baby got hurt, God did not want him to suffer and instead took him to Heaven where he would be whole and not hurt anymore. So I am off to bury a bird and do a birdie funeral:(

And I told Chance that no, we are NOT having bird for supper. Final answer.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


What a week. I'll have to share how crazy I am. On Thursday I went to work. Not funny enough? Well---- I wasn't supposed to be at work. Yeah, I was a day early. But as I had made appointments for Friday and have a very flexible job (thank God for that) I was able to go ahead and work Thursday and be off for Friday.

But I did have to call in and tell them what I did. I sure felt dumb, but it was the result of too many things on my plate. (which I think even my plate is packed now)

Yesterday we packed up furniture, some of the kids beds, dressers, the table, end tables, and more. I arranged this week for a bulk pick up of trash so we are accumulating a nice pile for them to take. One good thing about moving is parring down of the "stuff." Things not needed, not packing, not worth keeping are going, going, gone.

The teens declared we have "too much stuff" and kept saying we are "rich." As they lack a sense of money, value, I was quick to tell them "junk does not equal worth:)" and my usual reply that we are "rich in children" that they roll their eyes at me when I say so lovingly to them.

The other not-so-great happenings this week. My net book crashed but was fixable, to the tune of $80. OUCH. The desk top was fried when lightening took out a transformer near our home and the surge protector didn't protect. Dead. RIP, kicked the bucket. Donovan, our junior firefighting dude, heard the boom of the transformer and called emergency services?? He assured us it was "the right thing to do."

We were thinking if we didn't see flames to wait and the power company would fix it eventually, hoping that it would be some time before night because as usual when we need something, like say-- candles? Well, the candles are all packed and gone. Of course they are. Those efficient teens again:)

For some reason our cordless phones are not holding the charges, not sure if the lightening had anything to do with that or not, but enough stuff has kicked the bucket that we are hoping that's it.

As we were beat last night we get the coolest and worst parent award. WHY? Well, after working all day clearing out the house, having pizza for a late lunch, I decided I was not cooking supper and we were all going out for ICE CREAM for supper. WHOOO HOOO those kids of ours were thrilled. We were all so hot and tired it was just the thing we needed. (No calls mom, I don't care how horrible you think I am)

Chloe was sitting on my chair arm eating her ice cream with me when she said "Why you have such long eyelashes? It's not fair." I told her I was born with them but they also come with a "be fluffy gene" so she wouldn't want to have them:) She told me her eyelashes were short like a "chicken's butt."

I had to take her word for it because I have to admit, I've just not ever checked out a chicken butt. Have any of you? Oiy, some of conversations I get into with my girl!

What else did we do this week? Packed. The kids went to a ballgame with school, they aren't really big on baseball and it was very hot, so they weren't too thrilled.

Camden still has a cough but it otherwise getting over his cold. And he is able to pack again.

I took the dog and the cat together for shots in between packing- I said about 20 minutes before going I had to take them to the vet. The cat must have understood me because she took off and went under Chloe's bed, somewhere she never is. I had a terrible time getting her out and in the kennel, the dog just stood there waiting for me to put him in:)

I put them in the kennel together, they don't care, but the cat was terribly offended that she had to go in the kennel at all and was mad at me the rest of the day, while I packed more stuff. I *might* be done packing some day then it will be time to unpack- but then that's life:)

That's the week in review, we move next weekend to the vacation home below our new house till the new house is ready. We close on both houses June 9th so prayers for everything to go smoothly would be appreciated. Just 11 days to go!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funny and not funny

Funny- finding someone in our small area who is Christian, adopting from China and having lunch and a grand time with her. Nice to meet you Michelle. Welcome, to the crazy world of adoption, I hope you become as addicted as I:)

I'll take this kind of addiction any day!

Not funny- children who want to "heat up the taco shell" and use a plastic plate in a microwave that they only seem to know how to set said microwave on 3-4 minutes. Can I just say- burnt plastic is a horrible odor?

Funny- Chance making me and dad tea and telling dad he has to add his own "candy" (he means SUGAR) to it. Dad can't take the 3 teaspoons of "candy" they dump in mine.

Not funny- Finding out the kids have "helped" and packed away things we need and it's went to storage- OIY.

Funny- cleaning out cupboards which in this lovely older house are ABOVE the closets in bedrooms and Chance literally climbing in the cupboard to get everything out. He could hardly keep from laughing to clear it out.

Good thing he did this BEFORE supper, as he ate 7, yep, SEVEN sloppy joe sandwiches! Can I just say "ever growing grocery bill?"

Not funny- Packing everything we own in a storage unit and garage. OIY. It's tight, very tight. Still not sure we are going to make it without another storage unit, and not wanting to PAY for another one:(

Funny- Miss Kitty making me a card on Saturday. It said "have a terrific Sunday" and how she wanted me to learn about Jesus's son so I could teach her class when Toad (Todd) is working (her regular teacher) and I have a Bible but it has too big of words for her to read.

Then she had tons of hearts on the back and every one's names in them. She is wayyyyyy too sweet.

Not funny- Chase got his first detention and served it. He misbehaved in school and I told them to treat him like any other child would be treated. Kid gloves need to come off. He knows how to behave, the behavior was unacceptable.

Funny- Chase THANKING the assistant principal as he handed him the paper saying he had detention. He said he has NEVER been thanked before for giving out detention:) I *could* say that it was us teaching him to be unfailingly polite, but I doubt anyone would believe me (MOM, I try, I tell you, I TRY)

Not funny-Our long time neighbor's son- in- law dying in a car wreak and leaving behind a wife and 2 young girls:( No seat belt on, thrown from the car, trying to get to work. Life is sooo precious, too short, and so precarious.

We all have to be ready, we need to know our Savior because these things can and do happen.

Funny- Camden thinking because he has a little cough, he was staying home from school. Now, mind you, these kids have RADAR, I tell you, when I have anything cool (for me) planned on any certain day. My lunch date? He WAS NOT ruining it. I packed him off to school with pop tart in hand. (yeah mom, I fed him THAT- nothing warm, no fuzzy feeling warm oatmeal, no belly filling pancakes, a POP TART, COLD- just how HE likes them)

Not funny- poor Camden's raw and red nose:(

I could have posted a picture of him with his red and raw nose, the one he declared P*ff's with lotion were the magic cure for- but he said "no thanks" with an amazing amount of sarcasm- (mom, I did not, did not, did not, teach him that)

FUN and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-- Just 1 day till the teens friends, "brothers" as they call them, their family leaves to bring these 2 guys home. Titus and Adam getting a family.

The teens said I was to tell the boys new family "Thank you for caring to go for them and give them family."

Not funny- It means SO MUCH- these older ones, they see so much, they suffer watching the littles go, seeing the cuties get loved on, and having no one really care if they are hungry, scared, tired, lonely, or unloved.

They really do understand what it means for a family to come for them. To want THEM.

And even when they are driving me nuts smelling up the whole house with burnt plastic smell, we still treasure what blessings they are to us. Every last one of them.

FUNNY-At least they didn't burn the house down-or dare I even write that??

Friday, May 20, 2011


I haven't posted much about the girls lately so here's an update on them.

I posted before about Chloe and her ultimatum with God. It was really kinda cute. She desperately wanted to live closer to her BFF, to be able to ride bikes with her, go back and forth between our houses. So as she was wanting to believe in God but was struggling with the whole " if there's a God WHY didn't He send me parents sooner, why did I have to suffer living in the streets, why was my birth mom crippled, etc?"

Now luckily where she wanted to live just happened to be the place her parents wanted to move as well, good thing, huh:) This area is where I grew up, not far from our present home.

So Chloe prayed to God (with BFF and her mom's help and encouragement) to give us a house in a certain area. A very SMALL area. I'm SURE God chuckled at Miss Chloe when He answered her prayers. I'm sure He was thinking something along these lines--- "Oh little one, I will show you how much I love you, how I have always cared about you and been with you even when YOU did not know ME."

Confirming to this precious girl His love for her has literally transformed her. She is finding her peace. Peace at being hurt, orphaned, adopted and blended into our family. That this IS where she is meant to be and she belongs. Her wishes are important to GOD. The Big Man. The Heavenly Father. Can't get any bigger than Him. And He listened to HER, little ol' Chloe LuYun.

She has come such a long way, it's amazing to see. She is such a typical teen these days, has to be told to stop spending too much time in her room on the computer, doesn't want to do dishes- ever, rolls her eyes at her momma when I tell her she can't wear certain things to church, spending the night at BFF's. She doesn't badger me anymore. No 50 million questions, sitting practically on me, when she shows me affection, it is genuine. Not scattered and desperate feeling.

Like yesterday, I ordered her school pics, she gave me the flier last week. I told her I would look at it and see what we could afford. And she told me ONCE later that week that they had to be ordered by a certain day. Then yesterday when I told her that I ordered her pictures on line, that they would come to the school, but they were already paid for, she said "oh mother, thank you" and she gave me a hug. Sincere love, not awkward at all. A nice hug.

I've waited a long time to see it. I thought sometimes it would never happen. She was so broken, so hurt. Deep down where I wondered if she could ever heal.

Now I realize she had to have those wounds opened up to heal them from the deepest part of her soul. On the trip to adopt the brothers we stood at the shopping square in China and saw a child brushing her teeth in a small mirror with her mom sitting on the ground begging. I knew something was up because Chloe paused. Up until then she had gotten upset and yelled at the beggars we ran into, told them to "get lost."

So as I watched Chloe, she went to give her money, left over from something I let her buy. My money. She came back to me and I nodded "yes" to her, it was fine with me. And then she looked again and looked at me, and she reached in her pocket and took out HER money and went back over and slipped it in the cup. When she came back I put my arm around her. And that's when she looked at me and I saw that gaping wound. It was RAW, UGLY, DEEP. It took my breath away.

It was then that I could see my girl as that little girl on the street, not really knowing it wasn't normal to live in the middle of the shopping square, or why her belly had to go empty so often. And I could see the realization in my daughter's eyes, she was NOT the only one to live like this. I could have scooped up that girl, her mom, the crusty old man with one eye on the corner, and brought them all on home. If only my suitcases had been bigger:)

But since that day in the square, I've watched Chloe grow. And heal. Praise God, her wound is much, much smaller these days. She is now able to accept that things do happen, that God doesn't allow it, we all do. That WE can make a difference, and her passion was fired. She was insistent that she was old enough to go on a mission trip to Costa Rica, she wanted to go. All she talks about when she is "older" is going back to China to do missionary work. She sees that her past can become her future passion-- to help others because she KNOWS what it's like to be in their shoes, if they have shoes:(

I am the proud mother of this daughter. Not only is she healing and making such huge progress, she is also my HOPE. My hope that her brothers will follow suit and their rough edges will smooth out and they will find their way as well.

Now don't think that I have lost my marbles, although, I do think they are packed in a box somewhere-- I still realize Chloe IS a teen girl and none of us are perfect, by far. But for us, she has made the success of older child adoption. She was very obviously hand picked by God for our family and we are honored and blessed by her.

Now for the "other girl" the little Diva. Miss Kitty. She is doing wonderful as well. Today- a Friday, I got up and she was up, dressed, hair bow in, teeth brushed and playing her DSI. WOW. Usually by Friday I can expect a total grumpy butt DIVA to get out of bed, get ready and pretty much am guaranteed tears at some point of the morning routine. OIY. She was a nice surprise this morning for me:)

She has not lost any more teeth, but then, she is not wiggling the crap out of them either, since she lost that one. Even that one probably wouldn't have come out till she was 9 if she hadn't been working on it for months now:) But it seems losing just one was good enough and she is happy now.

She's thrilled she is now tipping the scale at 41-42 lbs these days. Yeah, at 7 1/2 years old, she's not a heavy weight by far. It's still a struggle to get weight on her, even though she does eat, but she remains very healthy and is 47 inches tall. Growing. I find the taller she gets the harder it is to get her clothes, since she is so slender. Most outfits are out, the pants end up huge till we get to the shirt size that fits her, especially long sleeves. Luckily she still loves wearing dresses and tights.

Both the girls are excited about the move, but that may be because they are getting separate rooms:) Kat is messy, Chloe is not, so it is not paradise in their shared room now. Kat wants a purple Hello K*tty room, Chloe wants pink, white and black. Right now one room is bright orange with no closet or carpet, the other has motorcycle border and brown walls. So lots of work there.

Matter of fact, the whole place is getting a redo. The upper floor has less work to be done, but there is still quite a bit to do-- flooring everywhere, trim, painting, ceilings painted, light fixtures to change and put in, a bar to build between the kitchen and dining room. The lower level is an almost complete rebuild. It will be 2 bedrooms, utility room, laundry room, bathroom and family room as well as the foyer to the upstairs.

We are also adding porches, a 2 car garage, re doing all the siding, etc. NOT a minor project at all. Matter of fact, since we close on both houses the same day, we will be renting a home nearby that is used as a vacation home so we will not be in the way of the contractor and workers. They assure me it won't take long and we went to the house last night to see what materials are needing ordered to have them there so they can get to work asap, like the same day we close:)

My kind of contractor, not fooling around:) And he knows I'll send the kids to drive the workers nuts if they take too long doing things- ha ha! Actually he does amazing work, and does it well. He uses good materials and he is very understanding of what we want but also keeping us in budget. (yeah, that nasty "B" word is becoming my life)

I haven't posted pics of the new house 'cause we don't own it yet. And, quite frankly, it's sad looking. It's empty and it shows. Unloved, no life in it. It will become our HOME- we will fill it with love, bring it to life, fix it up, make it our haven. Being granted a dream, a home in the country, a slice of heaven on earth, where we can spread out and all be able to pee when we need to. At least we hope.

We do know Mr. Beautiful can't be in 2 bathrooms at the same time- ha ha!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hair Drama

Another last in our house. I gave the boys haircuts for the last time:( Cam's was downright shaggy. As usual. Chance needed a trim, although he kept the front so he can make that "J*mmy Neutron" look, as I call-- it's a cute little horn looking thing he does in the front. It's his twist on a mohawk that "mother" won't let him have.

So Cam's looking less shaggy and Chance was happy and thanked me so who does that leave?

Yeah, the Drama King. Someone who didn't have a mirror in the orphanage and when he discovered them here fell in LOVE with- himself. He is the main reason we need a house with 2 bathrooms and I even tried to convince dad to let the contractor put in a sink and mirror in DK's bedroom, sparing all the rest of our bladders permanent damage. ( Dad shot me down on that one)

Now I am considering banning all mirrors in the new house. (Not really MOM-- don't call me) Oh, to just brush your teeth and go. Those were the days. Now we must check face, check hair, check face, wash face with massive amounts of water that is left puddled all over the sink. Check face again. And again. Then hair AGAIN. We get NO WHERE fast.

So when he decided he hated his haircut, as he always does, no matter WHO cuts it, and dad pointed out he ALWAYS does this over his HAIR- Chase got mad. Angry. Snotty. Yelled at me. Had to go to his room. Went to bed, at 6:30 pm. Then he yelled at Cam and Kitty for playing and making noise, uhh, so what. I told him he could not yell at them when he was choosing to go to bed at 6:30 pm which wasn't normal.

He yelled he "was normal" OIY. Gotta love 'em. 'Cause he escalated to "I'd rather be back in Ch*na." WELL........ I guess he thought that was something I never heard before? (Does he not know his sister Chloe very well??) Matter of fact, I recall her saying the EXACT same thing over something as lame as him saying it over his hair.

All part of the fairy tale life they had, or so they say, at the orphanage. Too bad he can't quite pull that off with having sibs who will tell the truth about their life there in a heartbeat. And a sister who went back and as tough as that was for her to travel for the boys and go back to painful memories that stirred up a lot for her, she doesn't want to "go back" anymore.

Only to visit, or do mission work. Not to pretend life was so great there. My, how she has grown. Hopefully he will be right behind her.

Chance was very quiet when all this was going on, and when I asked him "Was he like this in Ch*na?" And he quickly said "Yes, he get mad very easy, sorry mother." I said "Well, they didn't tell us anything about THAT." And he said " They not tell you bad things about children, then you no want them." OHHHH. His honesty gave me a chuckle.

I thought we were making good head way till the hair incident, we talked on Saturday, about things that he says that sound bossy, like "I can do this" instead of saying "Can I do this?" How he needs to adjust the words because mother and father respond much better when being asked and not "told". That we are here to teach him how to behave in this culture, to help him. Not pick on him.

That we want to parent him, we didn't bring him here to take care of himself. He has a hard time with that. The control, the trust.

I was a bit shocked when he snapped right out of the hair issue by the next day, in fact the next morning dad said he was up and had apologized to him. Hummm.... that is some major progress right there. Before he would brood, pout, not speak, not eat, etc for DAYS. He was D-I-F-F-I-C-U-L-T to live with like that.

He apologized to me and we talked. We talked about trusting us as his parents, to do the best we can, and that we needed to be able to trust him that he would not get mad and try to hurt us with not listening to us, being rude and disrespectful as well as showing the younger children these behaviors.

Oh, and I did share with him that sister had already tried hurting us with that "go back to Ch*na line" and we knew better, that she got a BIG reality shock when we went back to get him and she went along. That trip was a hard, slamming reality check for her. So that when he said it, it wasn't going to bother me.

'Cause they will miss things from there and that's okay, but things there also were not all peaches and cream and we knew bringing him here wouldn't be easy but it was also better than leaving him there alone. Because we WANTED him to be our son and have a better life than what he would have had there.

Ongoing work. And yes, he is worth it. So very worth it. Even if we could use a little less of the teenage drama:) Hair. REALLY???

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Is anyone else seeing my post of Thursday GONE or is it just me? It was there- then yesterday blogger was giving me fits saying it was "unavailable" and the post I wrote was gone. Zapped, MIA. Strange.

Maybe it will show up as soon as I post this, making me look nuts. As if it takes much?

And yes, I'm posting this at 3 am. No laughing, my face hurts. Literally. I've got a sinus infection and yes (mom) I know it's from the stress.

What stress? First missing blogger posts, 'cause I KNOW how important those are:) Then the 500 million or so boxes of everything we own being packed and stacked in the house. MOVING. For 8 people and 2 pets is NO fun. And yeah, I said 2 pets. That's a whole other issue.

We had 3 pets. That cute black and white kitty Camden adored? Let's just say "no longer with us?" He was hit and left:( Gone to kitty heaven and I have to tell you I'm a chicken, I dodged Cam's questions every day like a pro football player dodges tackles. Couldn't imagine breaking that news to him, breaking his poor little heart like that. He loves that cat so much.

But he figured it out when a" friend" of his told him his aunt saw a black and white cat dead on the road ( can I just say MOVING far away from this "friend") and he decided it must have been Oreo and he has accepted that he is gone. Not coming back.

Dad went to the doctor and will go back to work Monday if he feels up to it. He is NOT a model patient and I love him. Still. Even when he has been off work for 2 weeks and spent the last week home with me each day exclaiming every day how he doesn't understand how weak he still it, why he is still coughing, and how much weight he has EFFORTLESSLY lost. 30 some pounds. Yeah, just what his fluffy wife wants to hear. Did I mention how much I love him?

What are teens up to? We went as a family last night and walked for cancer. No fundraising involved, our church decided to enter last minute and took a straight donation per family and signed people up to walk for the 24 hrs. Chloe wanted to walk the whole 24 hrs, so she got out of school early to be there at the start. She only lasted about 2 hrs and she was done. Figured out her feet hurt and who wants that? Also learned eating and walking don't really go together well either.

We were all there for the lighting of luminaries, in honor of those with cancer or who have lost their battle to cancer. And something happened. Of course it did.

Don't worry. We knew not to give the teens candles, they are totally fascinated by fire and not too safe around it yet. And no, (MOM) nothing got set on fire. But I looked over in the dark and saw one child in the sand throwing HUGE handfuls of sand like a giant wave as far as possible. No one else was in the sand pit. Everyone was SUPPOSED to be quietly standing and in honor as they read the names.

Since I KNEW it had to be "one of ours" I headed over. Yup, Mr. Chance. Having a good 'ol time throwing that sand as high and as far as he could. And I paused. Because I wondered, did he ever get to do that before? I knew I needed to tell him to stop, and I did, but not before I wished I could just let him go, let him freely throw that sand.

I stifled his fun and I was sad. Sometimes I wish we didn't have to teach them the "rules" and could just let him go. Have fun. Don't worry about the sand he is sure to leave in the van, being rude to the ceremony, just let him be FREE.

But then I realized even better than that, he is FREE, free to be a child and know we've got his back. Free in the knowledge he doesn't go hungry anymore. Free to be whatever he wants to be in this world, free to love and worship God, FREE. One of the best things he has gotten, becoming Chinese/American. And I am so thankful for the 4 Min sibs that we get to call "our kids."

Blessings, all of our kids. No matter how we got 'em:)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Me and the Yahoos

I told the kids they were real "yahoo's" and they started singing ( prompted by Chloe) "Yaaaaa Hoooooooo" like the commercial:)

I got tons of gifts, tons of love, and I feel the love. God is so good, all I ever wanted to be was a mom- and I am sooooo incredibly blessed.

Happy Mother's Day to all- I hope all the moms out there had as good a day as I.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Father is home. And very thankful to be. 5 days of hospital time is no picnic. But sprung him I did, my man:) He is resting and watching TV.

The kids are happy he is home. Kat even took him for his walk:)

I think that it would be safe to say that I am officially sick of single parenting. I did it many, many years ago, and I applaud all you that do it. It's HARD.

I got a gorgeous Mother's day gift early from a friend. A huge hanging flower basket. And my friend was even funny giving it to me, she said there is a bloom for EACH child I have:) Ha ha! I don't think she can count, or else she knows I have many more children I love even from afar that are in my heart. Either way it's a lovely gift from a lovely friend.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, not due to the massive gifts I receive with so many children calling me "mom" but that I usually get to see all of them. Even the elusive older ones. They are a busy crew, but they all try to see me for Momma's day:)

Funny of the day? I took Chase along to help carry dad's things coming home and we walked the hall of the hospital before the doctor released him. Chase asked if the "beeps" all along the hallway was "someone DIE?" Uhh, no, just someone wanting the nurse:) And I said to him, do you think a dead person would be pushing a button for the nurse? Both him and dad said "Maybe they pushed it and then died?" At the same time.

Glad to get dad home and not have to worry about him pushing button then dying. Phewww. And he actually admitted he wasn't so upset about being there, he realized he was sick enough to need to be there. And he thanked me for taking care of him- he's so sweet- I think he was taking about the student nurse who gave the standard answer "a few" when she came in to do his IV and I asked if she had done it before.

I knew with him being dehydrated and having looked at his veins, that he had one "good shot" and I wasn't going to let her stick him over and over. So I asked for someone else. And his IV lasted the whole time:) Through some really powerful and vein ruining meds. It really does help to know what your rights are when you are in a place like that, and trust me, I have nothing against students learning, I was one at one time. But hubby's comfort was more important than her learning.

I'm trying to catch up on laundry, packing, kids homework, etc.........

Happy early Momma's Day to all my momma friends, you are all WONDERFUL- all my best to you:)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A year already?

I can hardly believe it's been a year. Since we were in the hotel lobby in ZhengZhou Ch*na and there came our sons. Grinning from ear to ear, backpacks slung over their shoulders, they were the picture of happiness.

Joy. Unlimited JOY. It radiated from them. It was the beginning of a hard journey for them, although right then, they didn't realize that.

They look so different now. Each has grown, in height and weight but also in their hearts. You can see they have healed from many hurts, although they have some they will probably carry forever.

But God bringing us back for them clearly restored their faith in mankind. And gave us a door to explain God to them.

I asked Chase the other day if he was happy to have come here, and he said "a little." A very honest answer. I was happy he told me the truth, not just "I don't know"- which is his standard answer when he doesn't want to answer me.

I then asked him if he was happy we went back for him and he said very quickly "yes." So knowing my son like I do, that translates to -yes, he is glad to be here. It is hard and was tougher than he expected, but he is finding things to like, finding his way. Might be slower than he thought but it is happening. And he will continue to progress because he does want to be here.

We've weathered quite a bit this last year, some I didn't expect, some I did. Some terrible and heart wrenching, some minor and irritating.

But most of all we have become their family. We are their parents, they are our sons. I believe in some ways, adoption is very much like pregnancy, you fall in love with the idea, you have time to adjust to it, you prepare, some times hit snags, but you get through it all. Then you have this child, or 2, that you expected but didn't expect.

It's a huge adjustment. And sometimes they have colic or teen attitudes that you aren't sure if what you are doing is right, you might have to mix things up a little to get them to work out, but all in all, one day you realize it just doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, because you would do anything for this child, including die for them and that is what it means to be their parent.

You may not be right, but you will plug away at the issue and never give up because you are their mom/ dad. And their looks, their blood, their route to you is a part of them, but it doesn't define THEM. They are YOUR children.

Gifts from God, as He intended children to be, precious, cherished, loved, and so very wanted. Our sons, Chance and Chase. Proud to call you buggers that- SON.

Also proud to hear you call me "mom"- or in Chase and Chloe's case "mother." They were told "mother" is the deepest form of respect to call me, and although I have explained to them "mother" here is very formal and kinda harsh sounding, they wish to show me that respect so I'm not going to argue on that:)

And, yeah, they call dad "Father" as well. All but Chance, he calls us "mom and dad." His choice as well. Although they do call me dad's "girlfriend" and him my "boyfriend." Even after being told it's "husband and wife" they think they are just too funny saying boyfriend and girlfriend. Especially if we dress up they tell dad "your girlfriend, she look nice, you go kiss her." Aren't they too funny??

Speaking of dad, see where he is today? Yep, that would be a hospital bed, where he is getting fluids and antibiotics to kick the dehydration and pneumonia he has! He wasn't feeling well over the weekend and he looked terrible yesterday, so I hauled him off to the doctor and he fussed about being admitted because he has never been in the hospital before in his LIFE!

Doc said he is young and strong so with the antibiotics he should kick this quick. I left him sleeping last evening with that furry thing next to him---a stuffed animal from the kids, a GROUND HOG no less:)

If that doesn't get him better, maybe the pictures Kat drew him or the picture of all of us I put on his bedside table, or the cards? Yeah, he's loved so he's gotta get well. Prayers for his healing are appreciated:)

So our celebration of the day we met the boys will be postponed till we can share it with dad. Even with dad sick we know God has blessed this family richly. We are so thankful.

It's been an incredible year! How 'bout it??

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A New Month, A NEW mood

Can I just say- WOW? I'm so touched by all the comments, offers, etc. It made me wish I had shared sooner, 'cause it was really something to read all your thoughts and remarks.

I am just blown away at your support and want to thank you all for the "kick in the butt" I needed.

I want you to know--- you are SOOOOO right.

It made me realize that this blog is doing what I set out for it to do. Honor God, help older kids get adopted and educate parents.

And by modifying, worrying, stopping, I would be glorifying the evil. And I am soooo not into giving the devil and his minions ANY glory or glee. Nope. Not a second of that happening. Mean people understand- I am a redhead. And picture of me and dad ( the one my mother hates with my tongue hanging out) that's for YOU. So there.

So I'm BACK............. and that's all the space I'm gonna waste on that- EVER.

Now to catch you up on our week-

We went to grandma's, or in the boys' case "grandmother, grandmama, grandmommy", for an egg hunt on Easter Sunday. The boys tested out names on daddy's mom, hence the numerous references to her. They also tried to drive her nuts climbing her trees, disturbing bird's nests, claiming they saw "pink" eggs in the bird's nest, acting as though they couldn't get a drink of water without grandma's help. Buggers. It's clearly something new and neat to them to have a grandma:)

Dad entertained said children when they found a dead groundhog under grandmother's porch ( watch out for her, she SHOT it a WEEK before) and they were able to pull it out of there. I think he is now their "hero?" They did want to know if we would "cook it?" Eishhhh. Not this momma, no way, not cooking no groundhog. I'll risk NOT being their hero:)

Speaking of cooking, I made a turkey on Thursday. I wanted to make it on Monday but "someone" (Chase) sees fit to put any meat I put out on the counter BACK in the fridge for me, meaning it took me days to get it to thaw with his "help."

So on Thursday the kids came tromping on home at 9:30 am due to a power outage at school. And the first thing out of their mouths was "what's for lunch?" Insert huge GROAN from mother. Then Chance wanted to know what he could do to "help" so out came the turkey. And I told him he could stuff it. Well, you gotta understand how grossed out he was- stuffing bread in a "chicken butt?"

Who ever thought that up anyway? It is kinda gross when you think about it. There's also the issue of the neck and other "parts" that come in that lovely baggy thing that I am always grossed out by and the kids were appalled that I normally throw that away as fast as possible. No more of that. That neck is the prize the teens fight over who gets it. It gets boiled with the other "parts" in with noodles now, and we wouldn't dream of wasting it.

Although I will draw the line at the neck and "parts"- sadly for the children, we will not have chicken feet or the cooked head on our table any time soon. They can't understand that either, why does our chicken and turkey come without the head or feet? Nothing like that in Ch*na, they waste NOTHING.

In other "food news" I went to work on Thursday so I did ask the kids to save me a little of the turkey. They were shocked to learn that I go to work at 4:30pm- 8:30 pm and never eat, yeah, 4 whole hours:) As if I could starve to death. Ha ha.

So Chloe wanted to go to her BFF's Friday and I told her she could as long as she behaved this week. So when I got home Thursday evening she had food saved just for me and a piece of paper and pen waiting for me to write her note to go home on the bus with Hannah. I asked her "Are you trying to butter me up?" And she said " Oh mother, I would never put butter on you, I love you." Okay then. She clearly didn't get that saying?

Chase participated in a car wash fundraiser yesterday, he has never washed a car so that was a new thing for him. He said it was "very easy" and he had fun.

The weather has gotten nicer, the kids were thrilled to pull out some shorts to wear this week. And Chloe got her beloved flip flops out:)

Looking forward to May and the wonderful blessings we have and share within this family. And VERY HAPPY to be BACK!!!! Full speed AHEAD------------