Saturday, April 9, 2011

You know you are sick when.....

You wake up- you have no clue of the time. You *think* you took pain/fever reducer but you can't remember. You know it's worse to OD on that than to do without so you just give up and go back to bed/couch.

You wake up an hour later and do same thing over again:(

Your skin hurts. Not just legs, feet, hips, arms, head, face, but your very SKIN hurts and you wonder how that is. Your head pain increases as you try to figure this out. You give up and go back to sleep.

Your 4 teen children get up, get ready for school and leave. You hear NOTHING. You wake up 1/2 hr later and wonder where they all are. You know they were around because they left not only a (now cold) cup of tea, but the sweethearts also left every prescription med they could find, including one of the dog's next to the tea.

Now, either they REALLY want me to get better or they were making it easier for me to over dose. I'm gonna take the "really want me to get better" cause it's just nicer.

People call you and tell you things, you wake up later and wonder if they really called or did you dream that? Offers on the house, for real?

You wake up with 10 minutes till the littles go to school and are relieved to see that the one that does need help to get ready (Kat) is too sick to go to school.

You know it's Saturday- you kinda recall Friday, Thursday not so much and Wednesday is even more of a blur. Kinda scary, but you don't feel good enough to really care either.

Today I broke down and called the doctor. Got asthma meds since that's now an issue I'm battling. I refuse to take daily meds and my doc is fine with that as long as I am careful to call him as soon as I start to cough and wheeze. So 3 more meds later I am exhausted from coughing and poor Kat is coughing non stop. She's had fever, laid around all day:(

We spent the night coughing, even with vapor rub on our feet. Yeah, a follower taught me that trick and it does work but only for about 3-4 hrs.

I wandered out today to get groceries, Chloe was deeply concerned that they were all going to be "fat" because for the second night in a row they had chicken sandwiches via take-out dad. I wasn't well enough to eat or care what they were going to eat. That's what happens when mom is sick.

At least they aren't going to starve now- so I can rest in peace- at least as much peace as 6 kids can give ya:)


Sue said...

Get better soon....

Holly said...

:(...Feel better soon, poor momma!

Cayle said...

I am sorry to hear that ]= But I must say you explained it so well. I had something like this for over 2 months and I could not stop coughing. I wish I knew about the vapor rub but I will know for next time. Right now my mom is sick and she is miserable.

I am praying you get better!

Chris said...

Put the vapor rub on your chest, cover w/ a cloth a bit longer.

Julie said...

Awe, I hope you feel better soon! I'll be thinking about you.

mom2three said...

A for real offer on the house, or just a fever induced illusion?

I will be praying for you and yours. Sounds like you've been clobbered by a bad bug. We're fighting stomach issues at our house. Yuck.