Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That cute red head

And I don't mean me:) Camden, our cutie. I know, I hardly EVER post about him. (MOM) Poor child. Hey, after all he isn't adopted:)

He is doing pretty well with all these Ch*nese sibs, and no, it doesn't bother him to be smack dab in the middle of all them. Not a bit. He's the king of dodge ball these days and loves Hardy Boy books.

Growing up so fast. He seems 10 going on 18. He wanted some Hol*ster shirts like Chase got, and since I am a huge fan of clearance sales, I caught a sale on the website and ordered him and Chance a few shirts for the summer.

They were trading out colors and designs after Camden laid them all out to admire them:) He was so funny I had to take a picture of him.

Chase had an away track meet tonight. He still isn't home yet. I did manage to get together all he needed, he gave me 5 minutes before he left for his first track meet to gather all he needed up including a packed meal. Grrrr. But I stopped after work last night and got him a sub, drink and trail mix to have him covered for today.

Chloe is in a quandary. She has to job shadow some one and she isn't sure who to pick. She needs to come to a decision soon. She doesn't do well under pressure. She is moody and angry. But she'll have to do it. It should be interesting to see who she ends up with- I'll let you all know.

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