Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Sunday

It's spring. It's chilly. It's Sunday. We took an easy day today after a fun filled busy day yesterday of Chloe's BFF's birthday when the crazy kiddos took a hike in the pouring rain, then went to see the movie "Hop" and then back to Hannah's house for a party and me piercing Hannah's ears for her gift. Today I pulled all their ears to make them stand together and separate to get nice pictures of them. Haven't done that in a while and they are just so cute, I can't resist. I even got Donovan, but he wouldn't do the group shot. I did have to convince him that his "new" shirt that has dirty finger marks on the front, on purpose, he tells me, would not be making it in my picture. It's his new favorite shirt. Obviously no MOTHER designed that shirt:( I still do not have 1 thing ready for Easter, and yeah, I know it's only 7 days away. I guess I'll have to get it in gear!

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Sherrie said...

What cuties they are!!!!