Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Sunday

It was a quiet weekend here. Four of our six children were offered the fun of going to our friend's house and spending the night! That hardly ever (AKA NEVER) happens so we took them up on it.

It helped make the showing of the house easier as well. Less people to get out:)

What did we do with our time? Nothing too exciting, we went to L*we's and looked at flooring, lights, fridges, etc. Didn't buy a thing but did get some good ideas of what we want.

Before they all went Chloe had seen a recipe that she was so interested in making. She had not tried to make anything from a recipe yet. So she decided to make us all lunch. She chopped up onions, peppers and learned what saute means:) Then to cut down her prep time I offered her the chicken patties in the freezer instead of her trying to bread chicken parts:)

Donovan went with us when we went house stuff shopping-I learned a few things about him-- he loves to embarrass me when out in public. I thought with him being a teen, that was my job? I don't know why but he felt the need to tell me in the middle of the store that I have taught him 2 things. (Only 2??- I'm such a slacker!!) What are the 2 things?

1. Never get married because women are crazy.

2. Never give women your money, you'll never see it again.

Isn't he just the funniest? I know some woman that overheard him burst out laughing as I gave him dirty looks.

Miss Kitty enjoyed the time alone with us, she got a new dress for spring since she is shooting up again. It came with a doll dress to match, so Hello K*tty is now looking like Miss Kitty:) Too cute for words.

I'm excited for tomorrow to see if we have any offers on the house. As well as I go to work and most of all IT'S SPRING:)

The tulips are coming up, the lilies, the forsythia bushes are blooming. It will be the last time we see our flowers here bloom. Enjoying each day and seeing beauty.

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Julie said...

Too funny! I tell my boys all the time that they cant get married until they are 32! You sound like me.