Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Job Shadowing

Chloe got to job shadow a teacher today in the elementary school. All of her "interest" tests show she would have a strong suit to head into teaching, but alas, the girl says "Nope, don't wanna teach."

Today didn't change her mind either. I personally think her skills as a bargainer peg her as a superb attorney at law, but she shot me down on that one. A mother can only hope. It's not like her mouth isn't always open and something coming out of it.

Can't you just see the brains ticking away in there??

It seems weird to be wondering what the teens will become. I mean, it's like we just got them home and I don't want to worry about how they will support themselves just yet. I'm not ready. Even if they are.

Chance gets his turn at career shadowing next, he's going to follow the school police officer since he wants to be a cop really bad. He did have to be told he could not call the school officer "dude" since he couldn't remember Mr. B's name.

I took another swing at the illness ride again yesterday. And it wasn't pretty. Something I ate, I think, 'cause I sure ain't pregnant (thank you God for that one). MOM- no calls, I am SURE. I was home alone so my moaning went unnoticed except for the dog who didn't seem to care much.

Kat had a visitor the past few days, Flat Stanley came calling all the way from Florida. Kat's buddy Kaidi sent him from her class and he got to see a sunny day today. Mostly just rain:(

Kat was a bit puzzled as to how he got to be so flat. I think she was worried it could happen to her. But I assured her there is too much love in her to ever be able to flatten her down:)

Chase has been doing well in track, although he brought me home a note yesterday. It said the trainer sees some early signs of shin splints. So he is to ice his shins and he is restricted to 20 minutes a day of running for now. I did ask him to use ziplock bags of ice, NOT the bags of frozen broccoli- please!

Now we're off to Wed night children's church....


Sherrielyn said...

HHHHHMMMMMMMMM.....and that's all I'm sayin bout that.

Vicki said...

Lovely family.

Shirlee McCoy said...

My son is going to shadow a mortician. I kid you not.

Hope you're feeling better!

Joan said...

You might have Chase ice massage his shins with an ice cup instead of using bags of ice. Freeze water in a paper cup, then tear off part of the paper till the ice is exposed. Rub the ice directly on his shins for 10 to 15 minutes...just advice from a former high school and youth track coach and master's runner.