Thursday, April 14, 2011

It finally happened

Something that has been waited on. Sometimes not so patiently. Yearned for. Desired. Coveted. Oh, the longing........

What is IT???

Miss Kitty FINALLY lost her first tooth!

Age 7 1/2 years old, she was SURE it was never going to happen. EVERYONE in her class has been losing teeth since Kindergarten. So imagine the embarrassment of not having those lovely gaps of pink flesh proving she is "in". One of the gang. A gaping hole in their smiles, all missing a tooth.

I can't believe it took this long, she's been checking- aka- trying to wiggle any tooth possible for 6 months! She just couldn't take it any more. Being the last to lose a tooth was not where she wanted to be. But alas, that's what happened.

Her joy over the mere $1 that the tooth fairy left her, unmatched. She could hardly wait to go to school to show off the gap. Her cute little grin was HUGE.

And for us, we see our Miss Kitty getting older by the day. One day her first tooth, next she'll be wanting to drive. Sighhhh. I'm so not ready.

Enjoy her "new" smile:)


Shirlee McCoy said...

I love gap-toothed grins! Congratulations on a job well done, Ms. Kitty!

Lori Lynn said...

Yay Kitty! Congratulations on your first tooth loss! My Chloe from Qinzhou also didn't lose her first tooth until after turning 7. She has lost two teeth (naturally) now and she is 7.25 years old. The dentist had to remove her front teeth last year due to abcesses, but there is no sign of permanent teeth coming in.

mom2three said...

The tooth fairy better get ready. If Kat is like my Hunan sweetie, her teeth will start coming out like crazy. My daughter didn't loose teeth until she was also 7 1/2, then she lost at least one a week for several weeks before her 8th birthday.

Cayle said...

Aw she looks so cute with her new gap!

I know she has been waiting for awhile congrats KITTY! [=

Anna said...

I lost my teeth late. All of them. The orthodontist finally pulled my last two molars in eighth grade so they could finish my braces...So I definitely remember the feeling and how awesome it finally was to lose one!

Holly said...

Aw...Congratulations, Kitty Kat!

Jennifer said...

What a cutie!

Julie said...

I'm glad it finally happened for her. I have the opposite problem. Malani just lost her 5th tooth and she is 5, however both her Dr and Dentist think she is at the very least a year older.
As soon as your life settles down a bit let me know and we'll plan something for the FCC.

Donna said...

Must be a Qinzhou thing as Maddy still has all her baby teeth too. Meanwhile, Gwen will probably loose her SIXTH tooth today. Maddy is so disappointed to not be part of the cool toothless crowd but we all know it'll happen eventually.

Congrats Kat!

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