Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday musings

As I wade these waters with my kids I thought of something. Many a times I had asked God to work on my temper, my impatience as a mother. I wished I wasn't so LOUD.

And here I am. Finally getting the lesson I asked for. I have been given kids that require me to take a step back and reassess my parenting style. To be still and think before I react. To lower my expectations and not be so critical. It's freed me up to love and not take things personally.

It's God, stretching and growing me. I'm so thankful for this lesson. Especially if it gives me the ability to parent my children better. There's always room to grow. And if nothing else- I asked for this!

We have two more showings of the house today and tomorrow and one is a return visit:) It sounds quite likely we will have an offer, maybe 2 soon.

I have to go to school for Kat today, she has a Writer's Celebration, she wrote a story for us to hear. So we go and she reads it to us. The house showing is while I will be at school, which works out well.

The kids were in good spirits this morning. Chase said "Good morning" to me. WHOA. I was surprised, some one's starting to come around:) He's been very quiet, although compliant.

Chloe and Chance, the original jokers, were thrilled to know it was April's Fools Day. Chance said "It day you tell someone pants open?" Uhh, that's "your zipper's down." But, yeah, close enough. I shared some of the things MY rotten brothers did when I was a kid, salt in the sugar bowl ruining my Cheerios, rubber band on the sink sprayer. They were bad, bad boys.

The ultimate gross trick of all times from my childhood? We made brownies. We took one and rolled it up into 2 turd shapes and laid them on the rug. We had a little dog that was only allowed in the house when it was sick. Mom came home and my brother said "Ohh no, Tippy must have gotten in and POOPED on the rug." Before mom could say anything, he picked up the brownie "turd" and ate it. We laughed so hard. (Yeah, we were REALLY bad kids- but hey, that 2 tone brownie was too real looking to resist)

I wanted to update since the Chip In for Adam is over. Although it LOOKS like only $750 was raised toward his orphanage fee, this is not true. An anonymous donor has blessed this family with the rest of the fee needed- in true God fashion-- 100% fully covered. Did you really have any doubt HE would take care of this?

I always feel such a rush when I hear that God's people, the ones He chooses to invite, answer His call. I know what blessings He wants to pour down on them if they only respond when He calls. It's amazing grace. Truly.

Now to get those boys home! Can't wait to see them with their new family. I think I am as excited as their own family:) But I can't help it. These 2 boys were children of my heart, prayed for, cared about, loved from afar. And God answered my prayers for them. They are coming home to a family- together.

What an awesome God we have:)

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Family said...

We love you and haven't even met:) You told me to watch God work and He did:) He is using you in more ways than you can imagine. My prayer for you and your family is that God blesses you exactly as your heart desires! We WILL get together once these precious boys are home and settled