Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eishhh germs

We are loaded with germs. Loaded I tell ya. I thought I had a stomach bug, as the school called me and thought I could crawl off the couch to go pick up my vomiting daughter (Chloe). Well... they were wrong. I had to call dad to go get her.

She came home and hit her bed. By evening she felt well enough to eat, I was still fighting nausea. Enter a new day, I start coughing, throat is sore as can be and I have strep.

Kat came home from school and immediately hit the couch, I mean, so fast she didn't even shed the coat, hair bows, nothing, and she was out cold. Next Chance curled up on the floor and was snoring away. So who knows, we all may be down.

It could get ugly. Nothing is good when mom is ill. I think I slept away an entire day. I did send dad out for my "cure all" wonton soup. It never fails to help nausea, so maybe my kids are right- I might just be Ch*nese on the inside?

So if I am, I'd like to send those germs I've got where they belong, far, far away. Let's hope by tomorrow when the penicillin should have started to kick in, I'll be feeling human again. Right now I have no clue where half the kids are, the ones not down and am hoping dad has a handle on that.

Cause the couch is callin' my name. At least it's not the WC:)


Family said...

I feel so bad for you all, but I had to laugh about the WC comment...that would be the pits. Praying for a quick recovery and the germs to move on somewhere else..

Shirlee McCoy said...

Yep. Same stupid bug we have here. Stomach, throat, headache, cough, stuffy nose. It is endless. And, of course, Mom must be the most sick. It's a natural law or something.

Praying for your family. Hope you feel better soon!

Julie said...

Oh man, I hope you feel better soon. Its not good when mom is down at the same time the kids are. Here's hoping everyone heals quickly!