Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg coloring

Yesterday we did one of the last things the boys have "never done" as far as holidays go. Colored eggs.

Now, the teens LOVE hard boiled eggs so I did have to convince them to color them before eating them, but they did not last long once colored.

Chance was really proud he figured out the shrink wrap ones, to dip them in hot water so the wrap shrunk. They were pretty impressed with my polka dotted pink egg too:)

Chloe was pouting because she wanted to know if I would let her cut her own hair- uh, big, fat "NO" on that. I pointed out to her she was only missing out and hurting herself and she snapped out of it.

PROGRESS:) She used to go to her room and just pout for DAYS when she wasn't happy with a "NO" answer. She actually came to me and apologized and hugged me too.

The kids were curious when 2 people (the buyer and an inspector) showed up yesterday morning to do the inspection for the sale of our home. It went well even with us all home.

I did have to chase Donovan out of bed for them to get in his room. The boy loves to sleep in. So we told him strangers were in the house and coming in his room and when he asked "male or female" we told him "you'll just be surprised, you might not want to be in your undies." Hee hee.

I noticed 2 plant sprouts in my kitchen window in a pot yesterday. I figured Chance brought them home from school since he has done that before. Then today they disappeared only to reappear in a big pot outside.

So I asked Chance if they were "his." And he told me they were "a gift from the ground." I think Chloe and I both realized what he meant at the same time- I found it amusing, she yelled at him.

Why? Well, the plant was one from out by the garage that I planted. Chloe told him "mother pay money to buy that and put that there!"

So he was apologizing like crazy. I told him it was fine, just not to dig up any more:) It was so cute though, how he thought it was a gift coming up from the ground and he was going to take that gift- of course he was!

Chance makes me laugh all the time. I sure am glad he is our son and we can enjoy him so much. Plus I can take my "gift from the ground" to the new house:)

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