Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Among the living again

Yep, we're gonna make it. I know, you all are thrilled to hear that. Kat went back to school today after being a crying mess this morning. She was "coughing" a tiny little cough compared to what she has been doing and she refused the cough medicine- but had to cry that she couldn't go to school. One word for her -DIVA.

Here's what it took for ME to get better- that is- not hacking up my lungs from asthmatic bronchitis-

I started out with -

pain reliever every 4 hours for aches, headaches from coughing

antibiotic 3 times a day

short term inhaler 4 times a day 2 puffs

steroids for inflammation 2 times a day

Then the doctor added-

changed antibiotic to stronger type- take once a day

another inhaler for long term coverage- 2 times a day

cough syrup with codeine every 4 hrs, 2 teaspoons as needed

vapor rub, propped pillows, water bottles, etc.

Now you see why I refuse to take any of this on a daily basis? I am sure my liver is having a fit trying to process all those medicines.

But thank God for healing medicines because I am better. I slept almost a whole night without coughing and feel human today for the first time in a week.

Now what have these kids been up to? Not that I know. Ha ha. Actually Chance has been quite helpful, anything I asked of him he was willing to help out. Make me tea, sure. He's always got a smile for me too, I think he is such a sweetie.

Chloe got her computer returned and I didn't see much of her while I was down. Although I do recall one night when I was up coughing in the middle of the night, she came over to my room as I sat at the computer and she got right in my face and said "I'm not tired" and was smiling. She cracks me up. I told her "it's 2 am, go back to bed." And she went. I'm not sure she was totally awake anyway.

I *could* and probably *should* have had a one sided conversation with Chase when I coughed all over and he was asleep but my coughing bothered him enough that he was talking in his sleep constantly. At one point he even got up went downstairs and started to take out the garbage?? Dad (yea, he's been chased out of the bedroom by my coughing as well) was downstairs and asked him what he was doing. He realized Chase was sleep walking and guided him back to bed.

Camden thought he would be cute and say he didn't feel good and let out a pretty real sounding cough on Sunday- ohh bigggg mistake on his part. When he stayed home with Kat and I from church then thought he could go outside and play, he got a rude shock. Just like taking off school- you don't go- no outside play.

So when a friend called and wanted him to go out and play and he heard he couldn't we had more than once of him stomping up the steps claiming it was "UNFAIR". He even slammed his bedroom door. Enough times that dad said "I'm gonna take that door off!"

But I said "Don't please, we are selling the house, I think they will want the doors on." Yep, we accepted an offer, we just have inspections to do. We will move after school lets out in June. Hopefully our new house will be done if not we may be doing a type of camping out within the house. Either way we will work it out. It's still the thought of those 2 bathrooms keeping my faith strong:)

I usually sit up when not well and play text twist, a fairly mind less game when played on no set time. Since I cough when laying down and TV is incredibly boring. I try not to post or write e-mails under the influence of sickness. Ya just never know.

But what word did I solve last night while waiting for the cough syrup to kick in?? None other than-- WHEEZING. Sooo not funny.

Glad to be back... amongst the living:)

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mom2three said...

Yay, we're glad you're back! How did Ron's sore throat turn out? Strep, too? Did any of the big kids get it?
And congratulations on the house! God is faithful even during "slow housing markets." We'll be anxious to hear about the move as it progresses. Moving gives God the opportunity to do such character building. ; )