Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm very sad today. I have been for days. I've been deciding what direction to even go with this.

You see, certain PEOPLE have put us on the defensive. Regarding this blog, as if it's a BAD, BAD thing. Now my goal with this blog, which, last time I checked was MINE and no one is FORCED to read it, was to -

1.Honor God and His hand in adoption

2. Help any family adopting older to educate and prepare for what the road may bring.

Support families being built. Help in any way we could. Our kids know I blog. They have no problem (outside Donovan never liking any picture of himself) with what I post or the pictures of themselves.

They have offered to help any child being adopted, we were recently contacted by a family close by that wanted to have the threesome help their new teen aged son from Ch*na with understanding how thing work in a family, with school, etc. They are excited and happy to do this.

So please forgive my absence while I decide what to do:(

And to the mean people who have targeted my blog this way- GET OFF MY BLOG.
Stop reading. RIGHT NOW. You are not wanted here. I think you have the wrong idea, wrong blog and are just wrong. So there.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

All dressed up

Happy Easter everyone, HE has RISEN.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg coloring

Yesterday we did one of the last things the boys have "never done" as far as holidays go. Colored eggs.

Now, the teens LOVE hard boiled eggs so I did have to convince them to color them before eating them, but they did not last long once colored.

Chance was really proud he figured out the shrink wrap ones, to dip them in hot water so the wrap shrunk. They were pretty impressed with my polka dotted pink egg too:)

Chloe was pouting because she wanted to know if I would let her cut her own hair- uh, big, fat "NO" on that. I pointed out to her she was only missing out and hurting herself and she snapped out of it.

PROGRESS:) She used to go to her room and just pout for DAYS when she wasn't happy with a "NO" answer. She actually came to me and apologized and hugged me too.

The kids were curious when 2 people (the buyer and an inspector) showed up yesterday morning to do the inspection for the sale of our home. It went well even with us all home.

I did have to chase Donovan out of bed for them to get in his room. The boy loves to sleep in. So we told him strangers were in the house and coming in his room and when he asked "male or female" we told him "you'll just be surprised, you might not want to be in your undies." Hee hee.

I noticed 2 plant sprouts in my kitchen window in a pot yesterday. I figured Chance brought them home from school since he has done that before. Then today they disappeared only to reappear in a big pot outside.

So I asked Chance if they were "his." And he told me they were "a gift from the ground." I think Chloe and I both realized what he meant at the same time- I found it amusing, she yelled at him.

Why? Well, the plant was one from out by the garage that I planted. Chloe told him "mother pay money to buy that and put that there!"

So he was apologizing like crazy. I told him it was fine, just not to dig up any more:) It was so cute though, how he thought it was a gift coming up from the ground and he was going to take that gift- of course he was!

Chance makes me laugh all the time. I sure am glad he is our son and we can enjoy him so much. Plus I can take my "gift from the ground" to the new house:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Job Shadowing

Chloe got to job shadow a teacher today in the elementary school. All of her "interest" tests show she would have a strong suit to head into teaching, but alas, the girl says "Nope, don't wanna teach."

Today didn't change her mind either. I personally think her skills as a bargainer peg her as a superb attorney at law, but she shot me down on that one. A mother can only hope. It's not like her mouth isn't always open and something coming out of it.

Can't you just see the brains ticking away in there??

It seems weird to be wondering what the teens will become. I mean, it's like we just got them home and I don't want to worry about how they will support themselves just yet. I'm not ready. Even if they are.

Chance gets his turn at career shadowing next, he's going to follow the school police officer since he wants to be a cop really bad. He did have to be told he could not call the school officer "dude" since he couldn't remember Mr. B's name.

I took another swing at the illness ride again yesterday. And it wasn't pretty. Something I ate, I think, 'cause I sure ain't pregnant (thank you God for that one). MOM- no calls, I am SURE. I was home alone so my moaning went unnoticed except for the dog who didn't seem to care much.

Kat had a visitor the past few days, Flat Stanley came calling all the way from Florida. Kat's buddy Kaidi sent him from her class and he got to see a sunny day today. Mostly just rain:(

Kat was a bit puzzled as to how he got to be so flat. I think she was worried it could happen to her. But I assured her there is too much love in her to ever be able to flatten her down:)

Chase has been doing well in track, although he brought me home a note yesterday. It said the trainer sees some early signs of shin splints. So he is to ice his shins and he is restricted to 20 minutes a day of running for now. I did ask him to use ziplock bags of ice, NOT the bags of frozen broccoli- please!

Now we're off to Wed night children's church....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Sunday

It's spring. It's chilly. It's Sunday. We took an easy day today after a fun filled busy day yesterday of Chloe's BFF's birthday when the crazy kiddos took a hike in the pouring rain, then went to see the movie "Hop" and then back to Hannah's house for a party and me piercing Hannah's ears for her gift. Today I pulled all their ears to make them stand together and separate to get nice pictures of them. Haven't done that in a while and they are just so cute, I can't resist. I even got Donovan, but he wouldn't do the group shot. I did have to convince him that his "new" shirt that has dirty finger marks on the front, on purpose, he tells me, would not be making it in my picture. It's his new favorite shirt. Obviously no MOTHER designed that shirt:( I still do not have 1 thing ready for Easter, and yeah, I know it's only 7 days away. I guess I'll have to get it in gear!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It finally happened

Something that has been waited on. Sometimes not so patiently. Yearned for. Desired. Coveted. Oh, the longing........

What is IT???

Miss Kitty FINALLY lost her first tooth!

Age 7 1/2 years old, she was SURE it was never going to happen. EVERYONE in her class has been losing teeth since Kindergarten. So imagine the embarrassment of not having those lovely gaps of pink flesh proving she is "in". One of the gang. A gaping hole in their smiles, all missing a tooth.

I can't believe it took this long, she's been checking- aka- trying to wiggle any tooth possible for 6 months! She just couldn't take it any more. Being the last to lose a tooth was not where she wanted to be. But alas, that's what happened.

Her joy over the mere $1 that the tooth fairy left her, unmatched. She could hardly wait to go to school to show off the gap. Her cute little grin was HUGE.

And for us, we see our Miss Kitty getting older by the day. One day her first tooth, next she'll be wanting to drive. Sighhhh. I'm so not ready.

Enjoy her "new" smile:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Among the living again

Yep, we're gonna make it. I know, you all are thrilled to hear that. Kat went back to school today after being a crying mess this morning. She was "coughing" a tiny little cough compared to what she has been doing and she refused the cough medicine- but had to cry that she couldn't go to school. One word for her -DIVA.

Here's what it took for ME to get better- that is- not hacking up my lungs from asthmatic bronchitis-

I started out with -

pain reliever every 4 hours for aches, headaches from coughing

antibiotic 3 times a day

short term inhaler 4 times a day 2 puffs

steroids for inflammation 2 times a day

Then the doctor added-

changed antibiotic to stronger type- take once a day

another inhaler for long term coverage- 2 times a day

cough syrup with codeine every 4 hrs, 2 teaspoons as needed

vapor rub, propped pillows, water bottles, etc.

Now you see why I refuse to take any of this on a daily basis? I am sure my liver is having a fit trying to process all those medicines.

But thank God for healing medicines because I am better. I slept almost a whole night without coughing and feel human today for the first time in a week.

Now what have these kids been up to? Not that I know. Ha ha. Actually Chance has been quite helpful, anything I asked of him he was willing to help out. Make me tea, sure. He's always got a smile for me too, I think he is such a sweetie.

Chloe got her computer returned and I didn't see much of her while I was down. Although I do recall one night when I was up coughing in the middle of the night, she came over to my room as I sat at the computer and she got right in my face and said "I'm not tired" and was smiling. She cracks me up. I told her "it's 2 am, go back to bed." And she went. I'm not sure she was totally awake anyway.

I *could* and probably *should* have had a one sided conversation with Chase when I coughed all over and he was asleep but my coughing bothered him enough that he was talking in his sleep constantly. At one point he even got up went downstairs and started to take out the garbage?? Dad (yea, he's been chased out of the bedroom by my coughing as well) was downstairs and asked him what he was doing. He realized Chase was sleep walking and guided him back to bed.

Camden thought he would be cute and say he didn't feel good and let out a pretty real sounding cough on Sunday- ohh bigggg mistake on his part. When he stayed home with Kat and I from church then thought he could go outside and play, he got a rude shock. Just like taking off school- you don't go- no outside play.

So when a friend called and wanted him to go out and play and he heard he couldn't we had more than once of him stomping up the steps claiming it was "UNFAIR". He even slammed his bedroom door. Enough times that dad said "I'm gonna take that door off!"

But I said "Don't please, we are selling the house, I think they will want the doors on." Yep, we accepted an offer, we just have inspections to do. We will move after school lets out in June. Hopefully our new house will be done if not we may be doing a type of camping out within the house. Either way we will work it out. It's still the thought of those 2 bathrooms keeping my faith strong:)

I usually sit up when not well and play text twist, a fairly mind less game when played on no set time. Since I cough when laying down and TV is incredibly boring. I try not to post or write e-mails under the influence of sickness. Ya just never know.

But what word did I solve last night while waiting for the cough syrup to kick in?? None other than-- WHEEZING. Sooo not funny.

Glad to be back... amongst the living:)

Monday, April 11, 2011


Poor Kat. Today as we left the Quick Lab ( it really was quick too, maybe they didn't want our hacking selves in there long to spread our germs?) and she told me she is bored. Tired of sitting around and watching TV. I felt so bad for her but I thought she would be more sick of coughing her fool head off. I mean, I've never heard someone cough as much as she has. Except maybe me:( Her results? She has strep. Her skin is even peeling on her face and hands. Strep. Another day home as well. No school tomorrow. She will be contagious till then. I feel bad because she really should have gone to the doctor over the weekend but I was too sick to take her. And no one ELSE realized how sick she was, nahhh. Here's an odd thing. The doctor's office tells me- we can call in he medicine to a local pharmacy we don't normally use, and it will be FREE. Free? Yep, a list of common meds that they apparently provide for free and one is the med she needs. So I wasn't going to turn that down. I'm sick not stupid. My appointment was this afternoon. Couldn't take Kat or leave her with anyone who hasn't been round her already so daddy came home to be with her. Good thing because now his throat hurts- I kid you not! I'm sick of being sick, posting about being sick, being sick, sickness. So I'm not posting till I'm better. Sorry I can't give you all better news about us, that things are super duper but this is real life. Let's just hope we kick this before yet another one of us comes down with it. It's one of the few downfalls of being a large family- the passing on of illness over and over and over and over.........

Saturday, April 9, 2011

You know you are sick when.....

You wake up- you have no clue of the time. You *think* you took pain/fever reducer but you can't remember. You know it's worse to OD on that than to do without so you just give up and go back to bed/couch.

You wake up an hour later and do same thing over again:(

Your skin hurts. Not just legs, feet, hips, arms, head, face, but your very SKIN hurts and you wonder how that is. Your head pain increases as you try to figure this out. You give up and go back to sleep.

Your 4 teen children get up, get ready for school and leave. You hear NOTHING. You wake up 1/2 hr later and wonder where they all are. You know they were around because they left not only a (now cold) cup of tea, but the sweethearts also left every prescription med they could find, including one of the dog's next to the tea.

Now, either they REALLY want me to get better or they were making it easier for me to over dose. I'm gonna take the "really want me to get better" cause it's just nicer.

People call you and tell you things, you wake up later and wonder if they really called or did you dream that? Offers on the house, for real?

You wake up with 10 minutes till the littles go to school and are relieved to see that the one that does need help to get ready (Kat) is too sick to go to school.

You know it's Saturday- you kinda recall Friday, Thursday not so much and Wednesday is even more of a blur. Kinda scary, but you don't feel good enough to really care either.

Today I broke down and called the doctor. Got asthma meds since that's now an issue I'm battling. I refuse to take daily meds and my doc is fine with that as long as I am careful to call him as soon as I start to cough and wheeze. So 3 more meds later I am exhausted from coughing and poor Kat is coughing non stop. She's had fever, laid around all day:(

We spent the night coughing, even with vapor rub on our feet. Yeah, a follower taught me that trick and it does work but only for about 3-4 hrs.

I wandered out today to get groceries, Chloe was deeply concerned that they were all going to be "fat" because for the second night in a row they had chicken sandwiches via take-out dad. I wasn't well enough to eat or care what they were going to eat. That's what happens when mom is sick.

At least they aren't going to starve now- so I can rest in peace- at least as much peace as 6 kids can give ya:)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eishhh germs

We are loaded with germs. Loaded I tell ya. I thought I had a stomach bug, as the school called me and thought I could crawl off the couch to go pick up my vomiting daughter (Chloe). Well... they were wrong. I had to call dad to go get her.

She came home and hit her bed. By evening she felt well enough to eat, I was still fighting nausea. Enter a new day, I start coughing, throat is sore as can be and I have strep.

Kat came home from school and immediately hit the couch, I mean, so fast she didn't even shed the coat, hair bows, nothing, and she was out cold. Next Chance curled up on the floor and was snoring away. So who knows, we all may be down.

It could get ugly. Nothing is good when mom is ill. I think I slept away an entire day. I did send dad out for my "cure all" wonton soup. It never fails to help nausea, so maybe my kids are right- I might just be Ch*nese on the inside?

So if I am, I'd like to send those germs I've got where they belong, far, far away. Let's hope by tomorrow when the penicillin should have started to kick in, I'll be feeling human again. Right now I have no clue where half the kids are, the ones not down and am hoping dad has a handle on that.

Cause the couch is callin' my name. At least it's not the WC:)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That cute red head

And I don't mean me:) Camden, our cutie. I know, I hardly EVER post about him. (MOM) Poor child. Hey, after all he isn't adopted:)

He is doing pretty well with all these Ch*nese sibs, and no, it doesn't bother him to be smack dab in the middle of all them. Not a bit. He's the king of dodge ball these days and loves Hardy Boy books.

Growing up so fast. He seems 10 going on 18. He wanted some Hol*ster shirts like Chase got, and since I am a huge fan of clearance sales, I caught a sale on the website and ordered him and Chance a few shirts for the summer.

They were trading out colors and designs after Camden laid them all out to admire them:) He was so funny I had to take a picture of him.

Chase had an away track meet tonight. He still isn't home yet. I did manage to get together all he needed, he gave me 5 minutes before he left for his first track meet to gather all he needed up including a packed meal. Grrrr. But I stopped after work last night and got him a sub, drink and trail mix to have him covered for today.

Chloe is in a quandary. She has to job shadow some one and she isn't sure who to pick. She needs to come to a decision soon. She doesn't do well under pressure. She is moody and angry. But she'll have to do it. It should be interesting to see who she ends up with- I'll let you all know.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Sunday

It was a quiet weekend here. Four of our six children were offered the fun of going to our friend's house and spending the night! That hardly ever (AKA NEVER) happens so we took them up on it.

It helped make the showing of the house easier as well. Less people to get out:)

What did we do with our time? Nothing too exciting, we went to L*we's and looked at flooring, lights, fridges, etc. Didn't buy a thing but did get some good ideas of what we want.

Before they all went Chloe had seen a recipe that she was so interested in making. She had not tried to make anything from a recipe yet. So she decided to make us all lunch. She chopped up onions, peppers and learned what saute means:) Then to cut down her prep time I offered her the chicken patties in the freezer instead of her trying to bread chicken parts:)

Donovan went with us when we went house stuff shopping-I learned a few things about him-- he loves to embarrass me when out in public. I thought with him being a teen, that was my job? I don't know why but he felt the need to tell me in the middle of the store that I have taught him 2 things. (Only 2??- I'm such a slacker!!) What are the 2 things?

1. Never get married because women are crazy.

2. Never give women your money, you'll never see it again.

Isn't he just the funniest? I know some woman that overheard him burst out laughing as I gave him dirty looks.

Miss Kitty enjoyed the time alone with us, she got a new dress for spring since she is shooting up again. It came with a doll dress to match, so Hello K*tty is now looking like Miss Kitty:) Too cute for words.

I'm excited for tomorrow to see if we have any offers on the house. As well as I go to work and most of all IT'S SPRING:)

The tulips are coming up, the lilies, the forsythia bushes are blooming. It will be the last time we see our flowers here bloom. Enjoying each day and seeing beauty.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday musings

As I wade these waters with my kids I thought of something. Many a times I had asked God to work on my temper, my impatience as a mother. I wished I wasn't so LOUD.

And here I am. Finally getting the lesson I asked for. I have been given kids that require me to take a step back and reassess my parenting style. To be still and think before I react. To lower my expectations and not be so critical. It's freed me up to love and not take things personally.

It's God, stretching and growing me. I'm so thankful for this lesson. Especially if it gives me the ability to parent my children better. There's always room to grow. And if nothing else- I asked for this!

We have two more showings of the house today and tomorrow and one is a return visit:) It sounds quite likely we will have an offer, maybe 2 soon.

I have to go to school for Kat today, she has a Writer's Celebration, she wrote a story for us to hear. So we go and she reads it to us. The house showing is while I will be at school, which works out well.

The kids were in good spirits this morning. Chase said "Good morning" to me. WHOA. I was surprised, some one's starting to come around:) He's been very quiet, although compliant.

Chloe and Chance, the original jokers, were thrilled to know it was April's Fools Day. Chance said "It day you tell someone pants open?" Uhh, that's "your zipper's down." But, yeah, close enough. I shared some of the things MY rotten brothers did when I was a kid, salt in the sugar bowl ruining my Cheerios, rubber band on the sink sprayer. They were bad, bad boys.

The ultimate gross trick of all times from my childhood? We made brownies. We took one and rolled it up into 2 turd shapes and laid them on the rug. We had a little dog that was only allowed in the house when it was sick. Mom came home and my brother said "Ohh no, Tippy must have gotten in and POOPED on the rug." Before mom could say anything, he picked up the brownie "turd" and ate it. We laughed so hard. (Yeah, we were REALLY bad kids- but hey, that 2 tone brownie was too real looking to resist)

I wanted to update since the Chip In for Adam is over. Although it LOOKS like only $750 was raised toward his orphanage fee, this is not true. An anonymous donor has blessed this family with the rest of the fee needed- in true God fashion-- 100% fully covered. Did you really have any doubt HE would take care of this?

I always feel such a rush when I hear that God's people, the ones He chooses to invite, answer His call. I know what blessings He wants to pour down on them if they only respond when He calls. It's amazing grace. Truly.

Now to get those boys home! Can't wait to see them with their new family. I think I am as excited as their own family:) But I can't help it. These 2 boys were children of my heart, prayed for, cared about, loved from afar. And God answered my prayers for them. They are coming home to a family- together.

What an awesome God we have:)