Sunday, March 20, 2011


Friday I started my new job. I am so happy to get back into nursing. It's one child, home care. One on one, my fave kind of nursing. A 4 hr evening shift.

I was nervous to go but it was all good. I have a ton in common with mom since we had our precious baby Tristan and had nightly nurses for him. So I totally understand how it's a help but also weird to have someone in your house.

Miss Kitty was deeply concerned. Not about me working, but about daddy feeding her supper:) She asked "who will make me supper?" When I explained I would see her after school, leave before supper, be home before bedtime. And I told her "Daddy." She MOANED and said "Oh no!"

All I can say is "Drama Queen" because hubby really is quite capable in the kitchen as well as most of the time when I worked 3-11 shift before I left something in a crock pot ready for them to eat.
Dad took Chase yesterday and went to the church. Work day. Cleaning, painting, etc. Chloe and Chance spent Friday night at their friends house together, then went to work fixing their fence without being told. When their friend's mom told them they didn't have to work, they said "that's okay, you will be helping us with our new house." Ohhhh. So that was the motive. GUILT. Aren't they smart?

Speaking of "new housing"-- my brother and his family have been relocated within Japan at this point. They will decide within 10 days to leave there or stay. It will be a hard decision. The enormity of what has happened there and continues is heartbreaking. One amazing thing my brother commented on- no looting, no fights. Only helping one another, camaraderie. He said it's amazing to see.

I managed to get some of that camaraderie this morning, okay-- so maybe I DID have to threaten not to let them get up till I got a picture of the 5 youngest together and all smiling. Haven't done that in a while and they all looked so nice.
You can't even tell they weren't thrilled, can ya?

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Heather said...

They r just adorable! I'm glad u like your nursing job! My fav nursing job was one on one home care and working in geriatrics. Kind of miss it.