Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The price we pay

Today was a rough day. First I went to the bank for the house project. OIY. I mean, why do we do this to ourselves? Oh, that's right, it's the dream of 2 bathrooms. No crying over needing to pee so bad it hurts (okay mom I'll stop and act my age, but it's gonna be tough)

So the remodel estimate knocked me flat on my hiney. Good thing it's well padded.

Then the bank didn't really like the amount for the house, since we have to put so much into it. Humm, really? Do you think maybe some of those fees THEY charge (sending someone out to see if the contractor is doing the work as scheduled twice) shouldn't be FREE since we are already paying them booo kooo bucks just to borrow the money from them for the contractor to do the work?
Uhh, no. They are not on MY wave length, that's for sure. Not one thing loan officer mentioned used the word "free".

The kids are so anxious about the house, every time I have any appointments or anything they ask "Are we still moving?" It's hard to explain timing of things to them, they don't get it. So far, no buyer for our house either. That's another question we can't answer for them.

In other news-- we have 2 injured kiddos. Chase is very sore from track pratice and carrying ice around in bags on a mightly basis.
Chloe's injury is a bit different. She scraped her foot when she dropped a steak knife at the supper table. Thank goodness it was just a scratch. The girl uses a knife like she is attempting to kill the meat before she eats it. Matter of fact, I was teasing her about that exact thing when she was laughing and wasn't paying attention and dropped the knife, thus cutting her foot! (Yeah-- all my fault)

She's scary with a knife, and we have tried to show her how to use it correctly. Along with telling them all to eat with their mouths closed, no spitting, and lots of other really fun (NOT)table manner lessons.

Also at suppertime, Chloe told Kat that she was "disgusting" which Kat took straight to heart. But Chloe meant that Kat's fruit was touching her meat on her supper plate. Ohh, how awful, I know. So when I told Chloe it wasn't KAT that was disgusting, and she wasn't being very nice, I got a snotty look. I know, you can't imagine that, from my daughter??

Chloe has been less than thrilled to "have a mother" these past few days. WHY?? Well, it boils down to this. I check the weather. If it's doesn't seem warm enough to me, I make them wear jackets. And I refuse to let anyone wear flip flops to school. I know I am terribly mean, since it IS spring already. (I've been told this often)
At least that's what Chloe thinks. And I tell her, this is what it means to have a momma, I care about what you wear, I will not allow you to wear stuff inappropriate for the weather.
Much to her dismay.

I don't let this bother me. WHY? Well.... it's part of having a teen daughter. And although it probably wouldn't cause her to get sick, it's a way to show her I do care about her even when she says "I wish you didn't care." Ahhh, my girl.... she sounds so, well, NORMAL. Just a teen girl. I love it, I love HER.

She was busy watching movies in her room and when she finally came down I said to her "who are you and why are you in my house?" She said "why do you say that?" I told her she was in her room so much watching her movie I missed her. So she hugged me from behind. And said "oh mother." See why I love her so much? She reminds me so much of myself as a teen, I can hardly believe we don't share blood.

Speaking of, that --Chance. He said he would not take a bite of food I had that he wanted to try because "we don't have same blood." I informed him that I would kiss him, eat after him, all because he is my son, blood doesn't matter. He said "that gross." Another teenager. Ahh. You just gotta know how they think. And not let much of what they say get to you.

Miss Kitty had "blood issues" today too. She brought home a paper about donating blood. I said " Donating blood, I don't think I want to do that." And she looked at me with big eyes and said "Does that mean I have to give them MY blood?" I assured her not. She was greatly relieved.

I guess like I am focused on blood since I feel like I gave up everything but BLOOD for our bank appointment for the house today. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day:) For now, I'm drained........................


Jen said...

Wow. One day my kids will turn into teenagers! I'm scared!

Sherri said...

I couldn't agree with Jen more...I almost have a tween!

Family said...

Awesome, I just love reading your blog and how you handle the teen age:) our first two teens went through awhile ago so I forgot all that happens...we all survive:) Praying all goes through for your house so you can have two bathrooms and a buyer for your current home!

Cinda said...

I love your blog, and I love your stories. These kids are blessed to have you, even if it will take them a few years to realize that.