Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our Kat with no Hat

Funny title huh? Yeah, Dr. Seuss week at school. She missed crazy hat day, wore striped Hello Kitty socks for Tuesday, Wednesday she packed so she wouldn't have to eat Green Eggs and Ham, Thursday she wore green, her "Daddy's Lucky Girl" green shirt.
Dad was teasing Chloe by telling me Chloe wanted a shirt that said that. Chloe didn't get it at first and said "nuu,uhhh." Then she got it and so did dad, she slapped him. (playfully)

But Friday was by far, the most fun. Dressed in black with hair up in buns to look like ears, and eyeliner gave her a button nose and whiskers. Dress, like a cat they said, so our Kat was a cat.

Camden tried to tell her she was K-A-T so she didn't NEED to look like a cat, since she is one. So she wasn't thrilled to wear the make up.

But she looked A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. No doubt.

We got to go to the new house today with the contractor to work on what we want done to get the estimate of costs of our big remodel. It's gotta be big since my list of things we want done is 4 PAGES long. OIY. The good thing is we will begin the work soon, YEAH. We're all looking forward to that.

Tonight we all headed to bowling, our church family rented the whole alley for us to have supper there and bowl away. We always have a blast on church bowling night. It was funny 'cause Donovan put "mother and father" in for our names. When it got to our turns it had shortened us to "Mo and Fat!" Kat said "Dad, you're the "F" word!" (FAT) We all got a good chuckle out of that. Fat, I mean Father won both games.

It's been 10 months since we got our sons. We are at a point of comfort with them now that I hardly notice that "anniversary" date. Mainly because it seems so odd to think we have only parented them for 10 months but they are such a part of us now. At first it was like -- we made it- Month 1. Still surviving- Month 2. Feeling frustrated-Month 3. It was basic survival and blending in. Now it's "really only 10 months?" Seems longer, like they were always here. It's GOOD. Not without issues but we've seen them grow and they are blooming.

Chance continues to be somewhat quiet. Grieving for the changes he must accept. We had to take his I-pod as he was hiding in it. Not wanting to talk with anyone, just playing games on it. Not good for him. He is not sullen, but he's not his ever smiling self. Still hard for us to not be able to "fix" it for him, but we are still here, behind him. Supporting and loving him as he finds his way over his "brick wall."

Humm....I wonder what color brick it is. If it would go well with tan and brown??

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Sherrie said...

HAHAHA, tan and brown.....hhmmmm, are those your favorite colors?? hehehe