Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Attitudes?

As we creep closer and closer to our new/remodel home project the subject of it comes up quite often here. The kids want to know what will their rooms look like, since most of them at this point don't even have WALLS!

But for some reason coming home from church yesterday, Chloe asked "when we move to the new house will we have new attitudes too?" Hummm. I was wondering what she could possibly mean but instead of the 50 questions to find out I cheated out and said "yep, I'm gonna be someone totally new." And her rotten brother Chase CHEERED. Oh, the stab to my heart. He hurt my feelings:(

If only he knew that his sister Chloe, just that morning, complaining about how long he takes in the bathroom was nice enough to say "you should have left him in orphanage, not bring him here." As I know Chloe is a grouch in the mornings, I just let that one slide on past. But he could have felt her stab him with meanness as well.

Sometimes it surprises me how readily these kids insult one another and ME. Only then I realize they ARE teenagers after all. The masters of insults. Not how I want my kids to be, and I remind them often as they fight on the way to church and home, not how God wants them to behave either. Less than perfect we are, I totally admit it. Not raising any angels here. But I sure love the little devils:)

Chase spent some time Sat. night on a video call with his orphanage buddies, some who are getting adopted soon. Answering questions to ease their fear of the unknown of here. It was hard though to hear them ask first off, "Can you go to store and buy whatever food you want, do parents have money to do that?" He told them "yes" but then told them all the food is "not good-ahh". Burst their bubble, I'm sure.

Chase took the computer around and showed them what our house looks like. Even the toilet! Kids:) They kept asking to see Camden, the red head, I guess to them he looks odd. I was shocked when their favorite auntie got on, took one look at Kat and exclaimed "GuangXi?" Uhh, yeah, hit the nail right on the head there, she's a GuangXi girl. We may not be able to tell them apart by the differences they have from province to province but they sure can!

The kids there told our guys they are "beautiful", here we call it healthy and happy. Kinda funny how they were checking them out, asking about their hair cuts, seeing how much they have grown, but happy that our boys are not FAT. I guess we pass muster as their parents. Good thing because even insulting me, we ain't sendin' them back.

Chloe refused to even go to the computer, she was mad at Chase. She has been watching a few Ch*nese movies and he told her if she watched too much her grades would suffer. I told him that was MY CALL- not his to make. He needed to stop trying to parent her. She was happy I stuck up for her, he was not happy I put him in his place.

I found out tonight why he cheered when I said I was going to be someone new. He decided that when I was trying to get through to Chance, a few days ago, about Chance saying something and trying to get Camden in trouble, that I was wrong. And so he was mad at me about that. I took something I did- pretended to karate chop Chase, who just so happened to haul off and punch my arm HARD- to ask him if HE should have been in trouble when I started that? He caught on quick and backed out of that FAST. He has such a deep level of protection/parenting for his sibs, he can't just shut it off. He must trust us to parent them. It will come.

We went to a dinner tonight, to share the teens story with a missionary group, to share the miracles God performed in getting our sons here. Sharing the joy of THEM. It was a small group, and since I'm not a public speaker, speaking scares me terribly, so I have to ask God to help me tell it to honor Him. And I think I did. Some ladies were in tears. Most were just thrilled to meet all our kids and be able to look through their life books.

Now I'm up at 1 am, can't sleep again. Just got an update from my brother in Japan, although they are still fine, there are deep concerns about the radiation and they are staying inside, may need to evacuate. Although it's not a laughing matter, he assured me they are not glowing in the dark yet. OIY.

Usually when I can't sleep I figure God is giving me time to pray in total silence, something I do not get often. So tonight I am off to pray for my brother, his family and all the other families affected in Japan, as well as 2 precious little girls who lie heavy on my heart tonight that I am praying for along with the people who love them.

Going to hand all this over to the Big Man, the One who can handle it all, and so very thankful to know Him and have Him to turn to.


Cayle said...

I see your brother has your sense of humor =P.

I wanted to tell you thank you so much for your advice and I will def. follow it. I am sorry I just had a chance to tell you now but work is kicking my tush.

has some great Chinese dramas. Along with many other languages.

Tonight I can not sleep either and the idea of praying in silence sounds great right now.

Carla said...

Gaungxi girl?! You have a Guangxi girl?! :) Sorry...that one comment totally took front stage for me. Our youngest daughter is from Guangxi, adopted from Nanning and was in foster care through Grace and Hope. :)

okay...back to re-read the post to actual absorb the rest of it. :)

Family said...

I will be praying for your brother and his family that if they need to be evacuated it will happen asap...looks like the US is already working on it.