Thursday, March 3, 2011

Miss me?

Anyone miss me? Took a little break, been busy. I know, I know, you can't imagine. I'm "only" trying to sell a house, buy a house, arrange for the major remodel of the new house, start a new job, and right now, trying to type with a cat pushing my hands off the keyboard:)

And it's past midnight. Can't sleep. It's kinda a good "can't sleep" because it's the excitement of the house. I know it's early but honestly this is March and things are moving along. So I can't help but be "decorating in my head" my new place:)

What have the kids been up to lately? Well, let's see. Monday, Kat and Camden stayed home with sore throats. I think they pulled a fast one on me, 'cause not long after that bus went without them they seemed too perky and lively to be very "sick." Hummmm. TURDS.

Chase got a net book for his birthday. Kind of. He opened it and the "ice" color which to me meant WHITE was a pink plaid. OIY. Back it went. Ordered a blue one. It came. Color was fine, hinge was broken. So he awaits the arrival of #3, of which we hope is "the charm." I'm sick of messing with it. He is anxious to have his gift. But of all the kids, he is the most patient, so there is that.

Chloe has been showing us HUGE signs of security. Of being very happy. She told us about a dream she had that we took her back to the orphanage and left her. She was laughing when she told us. Why is this such a big deal? Well...... even 6 months ago, I am betting she still thought, just maybe, if she did something bad enough we might actually do that and I doubt if she had the dream then she wouldn't have even told us. It takes a LONG time for some older kiddos to get it, that we are forever. Her telling us and laughing as she told it, shows us that she KNOWS we are never going to do that.

She has been writing a paper about a "wall" and the people she put on the wall is who she respects. And she put ME:) first, for coming and adopting her. She put dad on it too, just further down and added that we went back for her brothers.

I see her finally getting the whole family thing. She told me something about "you should do this" about something for Kat, and I said "why?" and she said "because that's what mothers do for their children, she's your child." Ohh, okay. I get it. Good thing I have Chloe to keep me in line, huh? She's such a spit fire, which is funny.
Chance has settled down for the time being but is quieter than usual. I am hoping this is a sign that he too, is getting calmer, understanding everything isn't about playing. It took Chloe about a year to calm down, and he seems to be much more like her in his time frame of adjustment. Before that their doctor actually wanted to treat them for ADHD but I refused, knowing much of their behavior was total overload from being in orphanage care to here. It's a lot to take in. I didn't feel it was fair to them to medicate before we knew them well, and once we did we saw that it really wasn't ADHD anyway.

I noticed when Chance got his last hair cut his hair is blacker. It used to be a brown shade, I guess from not too good of nutrition, and his hair grows really, really slow. Unlike Chase and Chloe's, their is black as midnight as well as grows so fast it's hard to keep up with Chase's to keep it trimmed like he prefers. But Chance's hair is now much darker. Kinda odd to see, since I got used to that" lighter hair at a glance was him."

Camden is just itching for warmer weather. He wants to be out playing. He is an outdoor lover so the cold is a big bummer to him. He got good grades on his report card but a first ever "check mark" for none other than "talking in class"--- whaaaattt? Surely, not my kid. Oh, yeah, he is. (Stop saying "no wonder" MOM) He claims it's "Amanda's fault because he just looks at the time and she asks him what he is doing and when he answers then HE gets in trouble." Uh, huh.

I went to Kat's conference and her teacher immediately wanted to know-- Is it true you are moving and WHEN?" I told her she would have Kat for the rest of this year no matter what- and she was visibly relieved! She said Kat is advanced in Reading, she is almost at a 3rd grade level in 1st grade:) Her math skills are advanced as well. She is most likely headed for the enrichment program as she is clearly quite bright. Kat is fretting that at 7 and almost a half, she has not lost ONE tooth yet. Not one. Everyone else, she informs me, has lost many, many teeth.

So to be that OLD and not even have a loose one? Oh, the shame. I personally am fine with it, hey, less chance of breaking any of those permanent teeth like I chipped my front one as soon as it came in:(

Donovan is doing a ton better since I enlisted the help of the support teacher for Chase to help be a "go -between" for him and a teacher he was clashing with. I never allow Asperger's to be used as an excuse, but I also expect my child to not be told to "shut up" and laughed at when he is being totally serious. And yeah, he gets on tangents about stuff none of us care a whit about, but that isn't reason to laugh at him. To him, it's very important. Some teachers could maybe use Chloe's assignment on RESPECT assigned to THEM.

Dad and I are working on house colors. He likes a nice brown/ tan combo. I am bound and determined to have my front door RED. He doesn't want "too" much color. I thought brick would look great on the whole front of the garage, he says "it's too much brick." I'm learning things like there are tons of colors of brick, did you know that?? I had no idea. I'm hoping we can come to a happy medium on what colors/ materials, but we have time to duke it out if we can't. (Mom, really, just joking) Honest.
Mountains are crumbling as we watch the funds come in for Adam..... whooo hooo. So wonderful to see that. He's getting such an awesome family it's a honor to help them bring these special friends home.


mom2three said...

Vicki, glad your back. Yes, we missed you.
Tell Kat that our daughter didn't start loosing teeth until she was almost 8, and then they fell out a couple a week for what seemed like forever. Her brother threatened to paint her face orange and call her a jack-o-lantern this last Halloween, because of the gaps in her teeth.
I am so glad Chloe is becoming secure in her family. Our son, adopted at 8, hurt his knee at basketball last week. As he sat in the kitchen with it propped up and iced, he commented twice on how great it was to have a family to take care of him when he was hurt. Made me sad for all the times he's been hurt and been all by himself, and thankful that is his past not his future.
Keep us posted on housing developments, like who wins the color discussion.

Lori Lynn said...

It always sounds like you have your hands full.

I was beginning to wonder about that tooth thing also. Last night my daughter Chloe (7 from Qinzhou, like Kat)just lost her first tooth. She has been trying to get it out for several weeks. She asks for corn on the cob for dinner every night. Good thing that tooth finally came out because there was a replacement 1/3rd in already.

I am sure Kat's baby teeth will start coming out soon. Perhaps our Qinzhou girls need a bit more time.

Congrats on Kat's good reading and math skills. Chloe is hanging in at just slightly above grade level, but she did make "Student of the Month" for "caring".

I love to read about your whole family, especially Kat.

Nancy said...

I really did miss you, Vickie. Been checking every day. Glad you are back.

Kelly said...

Dear Kat,
My daughter was exactly 7 and a half when she lost her first tooth, and do you know what happened next? She lost about 4 in two weeks. Now her bottom teeth are coming in, but her top teeth look like a big hole and more are loose. I don't know how she is going to bite her food without them. Don't worry it will happen. Kelly and Mackenzie (7.5) in SC.

Cayle said...

How long will the fund be needed for.
I do not get paid til the 23 and I really want to help. ]=

I am glad everyone is doing good for awhile I wondered where you went. haha. I am really glad Chloe is more secure with the meaning of family and respect.

In my thoughts and prayers. <3