Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Min theory

For all you newbies, I decided to go back and tell some of the story of our girls that is amazing. Not the story of the boys, I can't imagine there isn't a person out there that doesn't know that:)

More about the girls. About God's hand in our lives LONG before the boys. Yes, Kat is a GuangXi girl. QinZhou to be exact. And a MIN. Meaning her last name (which comes first in Chinese culture) was MIN. She comes from a very small orphanage where all the kids are named "Min."

She was fostered through Grace-Hope, a WONDERFUL organization making a HUGE difference. Need something to donate to?? See below the header, Grace Hope is there.

We actually honor Kat's foster family by sponsoring another child's foster care and have since Kat came home:) It's amazingly easy, tax refund time comes, check goes. Paid for the year. Never miss it but making a world of difference for a child in need.

So back to the girls. In 2008 I felt like God was whispering "I have another daughter for you." We had 4 kids at home, 2 teen foster kiddos and our precious foster baby Tristan with his severe birth defects and daily care issues. I couldn't imagine that we were being called to adopt again. But we were.

Then we saw Chloe on a website. We had been thinking a girl about 9 or 10. She was 13. (Although we found out later she was really 12) But we knew, just knew this was our daughter. I don't even know what drew us to her.

So when we asked for her file we were informed a family was already applying for her. This was on a Thursday; on Friday the agency asked us to consider 2 other girls of the same age range as we inquired if the family was really serious about the girl we thought of as "ours." We were told they were.

We prayed, oh, did we pray for answers as to what we were to do over the weekend. Come Monday morning, no answers had come. NONE. I felt so torn. I mean here we were with 2 other girls' files, not a thing wrong with them that we wouldn't be willing to adopt them but they just weren't our child:(

On Monday afternoon, I received an e-mail that we could get our home study updated for $800, just the amount of $$ that we had set aside for this. So we knew we were meant to go forward. But for which child? Within an hour another e-mail came. The family had backed out of going forward for Chloe. If we wanted, she was ours!

As if this wasn't enough of a sign I asked God, just as I had with Kat, to show me, without a doubt, this was our daughter. We did our paperwork for her and waited for Pre Approval (PA). We received a call stating they were "returning our call" but we hadn't called the agency about 12 days later.

After a bit of confusion as to "why the call" they informed me they had received our PA. We were thrilled. At that point I asked, "by the way, what is her Chinese last name?" (For privacy they had blacked out her last name in her file)

And I was stunned beyond belief when they said "MIN." I actually said "MIN, as in M-I-N???" I know they thought I was stupid. It was like God blinking a neon sign saying "She's the ONE."

Chloe and the boys are from Henan, a small orphanage as well, although larger than the one Kat came from. And as far as we know, the ONLY other orphanage that assigned the "MIN" name.

Matter of fact, they are trying to help the children who don't get adopted by assigning a common family names to abandoned children now. So the odds of us having 4 MIN children is very rare.

Now the Min as their last name in Ch*na was an insult. Because Min means "of the people." It is not a family name, so it points them out as an orphan. We considered dropping their MIN names because of that reason, but for us, it would mean taking a part of them away. Because to us they ARE "of their people," they are Chinese.

And can be proud of that. So for us, we chose to keep the name Min as a middle name and see it as an honor of their heritage. They no longer have to give that as their family name. They have our family name.

It's why I am "Just a MINute Mom". I wanted to write about this because last night we got to talking about names, and the boys confirmed what I had thought for some time, the "Lu" in Chloe, Chance and Chase's names were given to them by their bio parents.

I thought so since they were the only "Min Lu---" children from their orphanage as well as them being "Min Lu Fei, Min Lu Yun, and Min Lu Kai. Interesting, huh?

So there you have it. How God worked it out so that we were certain we were meant to be the family for this girl, not one doubt about that.

And for Chase and Chance, well, God knew that we would respond how we did and follow His plan, that we would praise His Hand in getting them home with their sis.

And give them a "common" with a new sister, Kat, also a MIN. As well as the same family name as the rest of us. Making all of them part of our family without a doubt. Our amazing blessings.

Please keep my bro and family in your prayers, they are being encouraged to evacuate, we aren't sure if they are moving to a different area within the country or coming here.

Either way is tough with 2 boys who don't really understand what is going on:( This is an old pic of him but you can see, we share the red hair:)

As much as we hope they come here and are okay, we think of the people who aren't able to leave and are there suffering. Our prayers and thoughts are with them tonight.

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