Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The boys (Chance and Camden) were playing together in their room last night. As boys (and girls) are apt to do they started throwing insults at each other. And they ended up coming downstairs and trying to insult Donovan. But they ended up laughing like a bunch of nuts.

WHY??? Well, Camden called Chance a "goober" and Chance called Camden a "RED-head." Gasp! So insulting:) So then Camden called him a "black head" and they burst out laughing.
Then they came down and called Donovan a "brown head" and more laughing ensued. It really wasn't even THAT funny but just to have the 2 of them teaming up and joking around was cool.

They are doing this more and more. Being brothers. Not fighting for position, worrying about entitlement, just having fun with one another.

Poor Donovan was clueless. He said "why did they just come down and call me brown head and run off laughing?"

Chloe shared with me this week that a child known to us has been bullying her. And I say bullying because if they school caught her at what she has been doing it would be considered bullying. Without a doubt.
Petty, silly stuff all done in jealousy of her friendship with her BFF. As Chloe is not someone to tattle, or be easily offended, I was surprised, but glad, she came to me for help.
You see, she had been assigned to a big project with Chance and this other girl.

And she went to the teacher, but she also came to me:) Her momma. To get that changed because she couldn't handle being teamed up with this mean girl. And I took care of it, you bet I did.
I won't sit back and let anyone hurt my children. Especially when they were treated so poorly in their schools in Ch*na. I am glad she understands she doesn't have to tolerate that here.
Chase started track this week. OIY. He limped to the van yesterday then kept telling me "3 days no go, trouble." This means he can only miss 3 practices or he is out.
I told him to go, trying to make him understand he will be sore, but if he is injured he will not be able to go. But the track coach will determine if he is injured verses just sore.
He thought I didn't understand him. I did. I figured he didn't understand me, and Chloe was laughing as we both were saying to her "can you help him/her understand ME?" Him in Chinese, me in English.
Chase decided to skip Wed evening service at church since he was sore.
He was on his new net book which he has all set up in Chinese and even can listen to his beloved music. We could not figure out how to download it to the I-pod.
I heard something and couldn't figure out what it was. Then I realized it was him, singing softly along with the music. He's really enjoying his gift, along with just seeming to be so content lately, it's a joy to see that.
I didn't start work yet, waiting on my CPR card. Got some cute uniforms. Seems weird to be buying those again but at least working with children I get to wear fun ones.
Tomorrow night we meet with the contractor for the new house project to see how far the money will go. OIY. Say your prayers for us, we so badly want to have a nice home for our children, and this remodel is a big, scary, unknown for us.
Speaking of unknowns, guess who no longer has the "unknown ifs" about a family coming for him??? You got it-- ADAM!!

him finding out, he IS coming home with Titus, his brother. Makes me want to cry. We still need to get going on those funds to get that mountain knocked down. Let's get 'er done. Comm'on:)


Cayle said...

I have been a silent reader since Miss Chloe =]. I was wondering if you could give me some tips about getting into a hospital to work with children. I am a CNA (certified nursing assistant)and I am going for my RN this august.

I work in a nursing home and sadly it just isn't my calling ]=. I love working and taking care of people but I love kids and children. Haha I know it is weird I am asking you this but being 19 I know I don't have a whole lot of experience so nursing home is sadly all I can get in.

Need experience to work need work to experience haha.

Oh yeah thank you.
Sorry if this sounds weird.

ronvic7 said...

I don't mind answering this at all since nursing the little ones are near and dear to my heart as well.

My best advice to you is at 19 years old and heading off to school for nursing is this-

When you graduate from nursing school don't be afraid to go to a larger hospital to work.

Working in a hospital is invaluable. You learn so much.

Then if you prefer a slower, one on one pace, look at Home Nursing for pediatric patients where you go to their home and care for them for a shift.

While you are waiting to get into school, get your clearances, police and child abuse. Then volunteer at a child care center, be a big sister (Big Brother/Big Sister program, help with Vacation Bible School, anything that has to do with kids. Camps over the summer. Volunteer to read to kids at the library, or in a hospital:)

All of these things will help an employer to see where your strength and interest lies as they will be on your resume.

Believe me, you want to be where you LOVE to be in nursing because it is a job that can be physically and emotionally draining. And employers also want to hire people where they will be happy and give their best:)

Also I can't stress this enough to young people-- everyone seems to have FB these days. If you DO have this-- make sure whatever you have on your wall is not something that a potential employer could look at and feel you would not be a good person to work with kids.

People think employers don't look- THEY DO.

Hope this helps and congrats- nursing is a wonderful career.

Adrian Roberta said...


Love being able to see this beautiful on going growth of relationship between your children! You are such a great mom!

mom2three said...

I have heard it said that people who are content sing. Sounds like Chase is finding contentment.