Sunday, March 27, 2011

Expanding on RAD

I has a nice follow up post about RAD planned and even posted so if you read fast you saw it. But as I tried to edit the spacing it just got worse and worse till I give up. This blog is out to get me, I swear. The teens are starting counseling this week and we hope to see that help our situation. It should give them someone to talk out things with. We plan to have them do this individually as well as all three together. So for now you just get cute pictures and a request for prayer that things improve with the counseling. It's been a rough week with all 3 of them acting up and that's not fun. So that's all for now. Stinkin' blogger.


Dina Klink said...

I had my teen daughter with RAD in counseling but I always went with her. We have worked with a bonding and attachment specialist also who highly suggested that I sit in on every therapy session as RAD kids tend to triangulate one against the other (therapist against mom)and they can lie or "forget" the truth. Every child is different and there are different degrees of RAD. My daughter's was more towards the moderate to severe end. Hopefully your kiddos can find some good healing. Hang in there, you are an amazing mom and there is hope for your kids...they are great kids and can over come this.

Chris said...

I would guess your kids almost HAVE to have RAD...they had all the reasons...but so not fun. I think too from all my reading on this wonderful need to be in on the sessions so the therapist doesn't get totally "snowed" plus are they over 14?...not sure how the rules are in all states,but that give some added dimension in PA