Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our creative children

I wondered if anyone would catch that "wine making" ability:) Yeah, the teens assure us they made WINE at the orphanage, when I saw them eyeing up the the small grapevine we had this past summer, they shared this news with us.

I quickly informed them that in this country that would be illegal, as in mother and father go to jail if they make wine. So they promised they wouldn't make it. PHEWW. We *think* they understood. We'll see, if they didn't, I am sure we will find out.

Along with their wine making and cave exploring, some one taught them to KNIT. Even the boys. I am soooo jealous. I am not able to knit.
But Chase can't stand to be "bored" and the weather is not allowing for us to even get out for walks. We had another lovely (NOT) ice storm yesterday that made it dangerous to leave the house. So we didn't. And Chase started working on a baby blue blanket for Jaxon. He didn't want to knit at first till we told him to make a blanket for the baby, then he was all into it.

I was surprised twice today by my daughter Chloe, first I got up and was in the hallway, she came out of her room and said, "what wrong, you sad?" While I was answering her "no, I just got up." She was enveloping me in a HUG!! She said "Here, this make you feel better." WOW.
The girl is home almost 2 years and she is starting to initiate hugs. YEAH!!! I'm so happy to see her do this. It's like watching her walk around with a gaping wound then seeing it start to heal. I noticed too, she is more affectionate with dad as well. She'll pick at him, then slap his arm playfully, something even a year ago she would never do.

The other surprise was her yelling for me "MOM." Not the formal "MOTHER," that she usually says:) Chance is the most comfortable with calling us "mom, ma, even mommy" (Chloe made fun of him for that one) and "Dad, daddy, baba." Chase on the other hand calls us "Mother and Father." To him this is not formal, this is the ultimate sign of respect that he can show us.

I had a discussion with other parents ones who adopted and ones adopting soon. We all came to the decision that the calling of "mom and dad" no matter the terms mom, momma, ma, baba, dad, should be started right off at adoption. Even if uncomfortable. Use a game and have child say "your turn mom, I need one card, dad." Every time. I did this with Chloe but didn't really push her as I could see she wasn't comfortable, but then I regretted it. Her not calling me ANYTHING for the 14 months till the boys came was FARRR more uncomfortable than if I had stuck with having her say "thanks MOM", and getting her used to calling me that from the start.

Luckily for us, we had the situation with the boys coming home and them immediately calling me "Mom" and her getting jealous that I answered them. That made her realize it would be smart to call me "Mother." So we got a second chance to correct that. Thank God too, because it makes a world of difference. It's her saying "I accept you as my MOTHER." I accept that you care for me, that you are here for me when I call you, that you love me."

The kids went off to a Super bowl party at church. They don't really like football, but they like church and the word PARTY:) I'm going to write this for the whole world to see-- I don't like football at all. I can't wait for it to be over. Yelling like insane people in the livingroom over men chasing each other with a little ball is not my idea of a "good time." I'm thinking about celebrating "the season is finally done."

We went and got goodies for tonight after church today, we couldn't get out yesterday to get groceries. So we took all the kiddos and hit the store. They were all pretty well behaved, I was nicely surprised. Kat got her valentines (Hello K*tty, of course) and Chloe practiced her spelling by checking off my list after I got each thing. She did really well too.

Nothing too exciting for this weekend, but some good family time and that's always cool with us:)

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