Monday, February 14, 2011

My favorite Valentine

So sorry hubby, but it wasn't from you.

It was TO Hubby and I, from our son Chase. In one of his classes today the teacher was helping the boys learn about Valentine's Day, what it means, why we celebrate it.

They were allowed to pick out computer cards and print them and Chase picked this one--

What more can I say? Precious. Wonderful. Showing us that he is "getting it" he is WANTED. We are happy to have him in our lives.

US indeed.

Lots going on around here, some germ that decided we looked good to land on and the vomiting has spread. That's all I'm gonna share about that.


JShannon said...

Sounds like Chase is really starting to come around, he sounds more and more like a real sweetheart. Sorry that the bug decided to make a stop at your house :(

Chris said...

keep that bug at your end of the country!...get out the empty ice cream buckets!

Love Chase's sense of humor