Sunday, February 20, 2011


I don't get it. I raised children in a clean home. Not obsessively clean. But clean. Dishes done, laundry clean, sweeper run, things in their place.

So when I HEARD that a certain son has an apartment of filth I arrived there unannounced. Now, you must wonder why I have to do such things with CHILDREN of my adult children's ages. I wonder too, so we can go there together.

I knew it was garbage night, so out went the garbage first. The kids were a great help, they all pitched in, even though they had some really puzzled looks on the teens faces. I KNOW what they are thinking. "You have your own place, and you let it get like THIS??"
I told them I would get really mad at them if they ever let their houses look like that, because I didn't raise anyone to live like that. I can't imagine they will as they cherish everything they do have and take care of their things.

I told the PIG, oops~~ I mean SON, to do the dishes and I didn't touch the bathroom. I told him to get bleach wipes and tackle that bathroom. OIY. Why would anyone WANT to live like that?

Okay, so now I'm done ranting about that--

Chance was the culprit if you couldn't guess from my last post. And he has been behaving much better. He really needs guidelines and put in his place. So he gets that.

Chase went to another party, the Party Animal is very, very, happy. He is really enjoying fitting in with these kids and having fun with them.

Chance told me today, we need "tea candy." I couldn't figure it out for a minute then I realized he meant SUGAR:) Both the boys are speaking a ton more to us, trying to tell us things even if they aren't sure of what they want to say in English.

Chase was trying to tell me he had a bruise on his hip from falling when skating, he couldn't think of what it meant to say it "hurt" but Chance piped in and helped him out with the word he was looking for:)
This coming week should be a fun one, we have lots of "special days" happening:) Stayed tune to find out what they are..............

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