Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A lot going on 'round here

Chase's SS card FINALLY came. 9 months. I feel like I labored through a birth to get that simple card. Phewww. It came at noon, I called our accountant and was in doing our taxes within HOURS. Not foolin' around! We have a house to get moved into to:)

I got a JOB!!! WHOO HOO! I was worried about taking a full time post, with it being mainly night shift. So when they offered the job I asked about an "as needed" schedule. Well.... they want me bad enough to MAKE a post that is "as needed." YEAH!!

I feel so much better knowing if we need me to be off for something, if I want time off for moving, it will be possible to do it with no issue of losing my job. I work as little or as much as I want. I'll be doing home care of pediatric patients. (I love kids if you haven't guessed)

Chase and Chance got I-Pods provided by the school. I "thought" the school was getting them some type of translators. Uh, no. They really are I-pods with translation stuff downloaded to them. Chance didn't want to take his, he was concerned about breaking it, having to pay for it. I told him not to be worried, but not to TRY to break it either. He can be rough on things.

Chase was zooming right along on his, it allows him to write Chinese, translate what he writes to English and even speak the words if needed. And does the reverse of English to Chinese for him.

These were part of the "solution" of the boys not getting enough help at school. The boys first question? "Can we put music on them?" OIY. Yes, they can-- but no music at school. Translation only. They are pretty cool. Even to their techno nerd mother.

Chase was invited to his first ever party. WHOO HOO. Last Friday night a bunch of high school kids invited him and he "danced, with a girl, but no kiss." I am so glad he went and had a great time. His only complaint? He was "too tired", he came home at 10:30 pm. Mr. Beautiful needs his beauty rest and is usually in bed by 8:30!

Chase seems so much happier with just a few weeks under his belt in high school with the kids being older and he is finding things in common with them. Such a blessing.

Chance has been the pickle lately, he told Chloe last week "I hate you" and got in trouble big time. I was shocked he would say that to her, but it goes to show he is jealous of anyone in the whole family, not just Camden and Kat. Chloe was telling me he fools around on the bus when he was trying to tell me someone hit him to get PITY from me. I suspected he was NOT Mr. Innocent.

But he was really mad at her for calling him out. He is quite the attention HOG, he will sit on a chair and make noises like he is snoring while we are watching TV just to get someone to say "stop it." So I refuse to acknowledge his childish behavior.

He also made me soooo mad when we went to celebrate Chinese New Year at their favorite buffet place and he REFUSED to allow Camden to sit next to him. For no reason other than to be a snot.

Chloe has a cold, she asked me what was wrong with her nose, it was dripping like a water faucet:) She's such a goof. She thought it would be a good idea, since her nose hurt from blowing it, to use MY MAN- oops I mean Ben Gay on her nose.

That'll teach her not to self medicate- ouch! She came down holding her face and I asked her what was wrong. She told me and we laughed, even she laughed. We explained some other choices for a sore nose would be best.

I quit counting at number 5 sicko, so it seems like the germs should have gotten enough of us by now.

I tripped over my net book cord and broke it. AHHH. I ended up stuck with the desk top computer till I got a new cord. Bummer. But glad I only cut my ankle as the net book fell and didn't break me or the net book, just the cord. Could've been much worse, so I am thankful it wasn't.

All the boys are sporting new 'do's, the shaggy look is gone. Chance wanted to grow his hair out to some weird pointy style, that boy has some serious issues with thinking he is "Joe Cool". I put that to rest with a nice short boy cut. He looks much better, although he said he would rather I buzzed it all off. Be careful what you ASK for Mr. Chance:)

Camden wants to quit flute already, who called that one? Sure glad we RENTED that thing, instead of buying.

I asked to get a picture of him and Kat together and what is that look? Lord help me? He's such a..... well.. big brother!

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Chris said...

Ah hair! Gave mine a haircut last night...he decided he wants to have a comb over...sort of like your son...I said OK, but you have to be able to take care of it...he sort of changed his was allowed to make it shorter.
Hey Idin't know you are in am I we are between Phila and Harrisburg...