Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Lessons 101~Painting

And I don't mean pretty pictures. WALLS. I've learned over time with these wonderful kiddos, that when they say they KNOW how to do something, that could mean they have SEEN someone else do it. Doesn't mean they have done it, really know how to do it. (I'm learning)

So when I said "I'm painting the hallway today." I had 3 eager teens wanting to help. So I asked if they ever did it before. Uhh, no. Made wine, explored caves, stayed up till 3 am, jumped over tables, yep all of those, but never painted??

So I started them out slow. Meaning they stood and watched me. Chase decided I didn't have enough light so he got a flashlight and proceeded to blind me with it. Chloe was watching carefully, asking if this is how I intended to do her new room. Uh, yeah. I only paint one way. MESSY:)

So after I thought Chase had the idea of what to do, I gave him the roller and told him to do the slope up the steps. It took him about 2 swipes to figure out paint was going to drop down in little spots onto HIM. EEEKKK. You would have thought I asked him to bathe in lava. He squealed like a girl, then went and got an APRON( yep, I really do own one and he knows where it is) and he wrapped it around his arm. I couldn't believe it.

So I fired him and got Chance to come help. Now I learned quite a bit about him. He CAN work when needed. And he can do a good job. Although the slapping of his "6 pack ab" and telling me he needed to work to get more muscle was not really necessary to the job.

Chloe helped as well, but I quickly learned she is like her momma. She would rather NOT work up high. She tried it once and down she came. She was very impressed with how it turned out, I even painted the floor.

Yesterday the kids had off school as well as today and I assigned them jobs as soon as they got up. Camden and Chance outside to clear snow. Kat in charge of entertaining the baby. Chase and Chloe with me. Down we went, to the dungeon, I mean basement. We loaded up 15 boxes of old toys to donate, dad and Chase took them later in the day. 3 huge garbage bags of junk, and about 10 empty bins. YEAH!! What a difference, the kids were really proud of how good it looked when done.

I personally am about sick of cleaning, clearing, painting, fixing, and writing about it.

So in other news, it's Chinese New Year!! YEAH! Year of the Rabbit.

The poor kids didn't even get any Chinese food, the celebrations planned did not occur due to the ice storm we got. Nasty and no fun. We will celebrate at a later date, maybe combine with Chloe's 2 year home anniversary:) It's coming UP!!

That stupid groundhog Phil, said we will get an early spring. Yeah, I'm so not holding my breath on that one. Who trusts a rodent anyway? Not me, the only good rodent to me is a DEAD rodent.

Speaking of dead, the kids were messing with my master list of things to do, you know that stuff I don't want to write about anymore and it went from "clean cat litter", to "get rid of cat" to "COOK cat!"

Funny kids, vary, vary funny.

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Jennifer said...

Whoa, making wine? I need to hear that story!