Tuesday, February 8, 2011


You all know how important our children are to us. I think it shines through my blog and without a doubt over the trip to adopt Chloe and learning of the brothers. Going back for them.

We feel God led us to each and every one of ours, no matter how they came to us. I *could* say one is more special, but then I'd think of something of another one and another so really they are all special to us.

But once in a while they rip my very heart right out. One such incident happened recently. We were eating together. We do this every night. I love the time of sharing we have. The kids were on the subject of mother's age when they were born. (don't ask me WHY!) As they talked and worked on their math, I said "I was 27 when you were born" since I was sitting across from Chase.

And just for an instant- I saw in my new son's eyes, the PAIN of what he has endured. It was RAW. It took my breath away. And then it was gone. Replaced by a small smile and the most intense look of longing I have ever seen. Longing that I knew was the thought "I wish you had been my birth mother." I felt so connected to this son of mine, I literally could read his eyes. And I gave it right back to him. A small smile and the assurance if I could have, I would have been his birth mother. But that I accept him now, as is, and love him unconditionally.

I'm just so thankful to have him. He is the son I longed for, we knew we were getting Chance for such a long time, but Chase was the unknown. We had to chase for Chase. And though I did long for him God also gave me a sense of peace about him, that he WOULD be coming home as our son.

I share this because Chase was "months" away from being done, finished with his time at the orphanage. Then he would have been on the streets. Fending for himself. I don't know how he would have survived. I can't imagine how he would have felt after having to fend for his family on the streets as a young child, then be safe for 8 years, then sent back to the streets. Can you imagine how unworthy he would have felt? It hurts me to even think of it.

BUT------ this is happening. And often. There are MORE than just our kids. Many, many more. And I can't adopt them all. (Honest, I can't) So I promised myself some things when we had such an outpouring of help to get our sons home. One of them was to help others, any way I could, that are adopting older precious gems, before they age out.

This has led me to some really neat friendships. One such friendship is Melanie and her family. Melanie is an amazing Christian. Not only are they deep in the process of bringing home a girl, a friend of the 2 daughters they already adopted, who was left behind, the lone friend. Bringing her on home to become the sister again that these 3 girls had already become in their orphanage home. Respecting the bond.

BUT-- they also opened their minds and hearts to an older BOY. Felt led by God to one particular boy. It was a tight timeline, and they realized they were NOT close enough in their adoption of #1 to make it to adopt *this* older boy. So they graciously stepped aside for another family who also stepped up and wanted to adopt this boy to proceed. And he is getting his family within DAYS now.

Now.. don't think Melanie and family backed off and forgot. They cried. They wondered "WHY". But the amazing thing was-- they decided maybe God was showing them the door- would they open it and walk through or shut it forever?

Well----- they walked right on through. Saying, even if that boy wasn't our son, there are so many others, aging out soon, longing, longing so bad, to have a family and we are a family that is willing and eager to parent one of these very brave young men.

Acting totally on faith, they are committed to a boy, aging out in a few months. He WILL have a family. Another son, will be loved.

Here's the issue. MONEY. Yeah, that green devil we all can't stand keeping us Christians from adopting. And as we all know God knows no limitations not even with $$$$$. Look what HE accomplished for our sons through the giving of His people to our fund! And they are home. They are our sons, we couldn't love them more.

The travel fees, they will have income tax with previous adoption tax credit, the other adoption fees for their girl, got that, BUT the need is for the extra fee that is required for this boy. The immediate need right now is $4,100. We all know what that is for God. A joke. An ant hill. That HE already knows who He is going to ask "will you come to the door and walk through, or will you shut the door?"

This family is the same as we were, they can afford to raise these 2 newbies, just the fees to get the older boy are what they need help with. They are a typical family, mom is working extra shifts, the car just broke down and had to be repaired to the tune of $650. The devil is TRYING everything he can do to make them feel like this is impossible. He's doing his best. But he didn't count on US. Christians.

Call it paying it forward, obeying God, caring, longing to see another child come home, call it what you will. I want IN on it. I can't out give God. I can't. Look at all He has given us. It's not possible.

Let's knock this "mountain of green devil aka MONEY" down to NOTHING. Nada, Zilch. GONE. Come with me. Let's do it. Let's laugh at the devil with the Lord as He watches our mouths hang open in awe for HIM as the hill is scaled.

I'm sooo game. Are you?? Any amount, come on~~ it all adds up, let's do it!

Chip in is here http://www.journeytojordynandjailynn.blogspot.com/

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Alyssa said...

Thank you for sharing Melanie's story. My favorite blogs - including yours - are those about families who have adopted teenagers. I contributed to her adoption fund.