Saturday, February 12, 2011


Okay all of you speculators. Obviously I got your brains working over time in an uproar, but it's quite simple. Picture with last post is of CHASE. Our son.
The family we are hoping to help bring home their son can not post a pic of him yet, so I added our gem's picture so you all could relate their son coming home to our son coming home? Remember how wonderful it felt to see Chase come home?

Let's do it again! For their family, not ours. No, as far as I know we are not adopting again. YET. Might happen, I wouldn't rule it out, if God calls us to we will. But there are NO more bio siblings of our children. None. Just the 3 we have reunited forever.

Our boys are in this picture--

Shhh don't tell Chase I posted this, he dislikes this picture terribly. And yes, the boy in the middle is getting adopted- not by us.
He is coming home with a wonderful family that is adopting both this boy and the children's other friend as well! Adopting them together, and making them brothers. A wonderful family that is so blessed to add these 2 sons into their fold. Answering God's call:)

Okay, so there's the explanation, now we gotta focus on getting Jaxon Xiao (the OTHER family's son that we can't post a picture of yet) home!! Before he ages out. He needs a family, just like our sons did, just like these boys are getting, a family filled with love.
And he will THRIVE once he gets that:) Don't you want to be a part of something so wonderful??

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Jennifer said...

Wha? Chase is adorable in that pic!

lalalorlor said...

The tallest boy in the second picture could be my son's brother - they have exactly the same coloring!! I am so glad another older boy with albinism is on his way home!!!