Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday BOY!

It's a special day in our part of the world today. Chase is 16 years old today. Today brings us so much joy, to see him happy, healthy, going to bed at night with a full belly.

But this day also brings a touch of sadness. You see, 16 years ago today, a woman gave birth to this son. Her firstborn. She had to have been so proud and happy, no matter the circumstances, for she had a SON! A beautiful, healthy son.

Unknown to her, just a mere 7 years later this son would be keeping her alive, caring for her physical needs, he would keep her and his siblings alive, living in the streets. He was so young, but so strong and responsible.

Fast forward to today and here he is. Her son is my son. He calls me "mother" and I am blessed to share his life. Him being my son is a miracle in itself. God's miracle that allowed us to make him our son as well as Chance. I'm so thankful for his birth mother, that she gave him life. I told him that today too:)

In honor of our son and his big 16th birthday, we are going to ask for a very special gift. We are trying to help Chase's buddy, one of his orphanage "brothers."

You see, this guy has been waiting and waiting on a family. He is one of the teens' best friends. And they so dearly love their friends left behind. So imagine their joy when they learned one of their closest friend's was getting a family.

Adam, as he will be called, is coming home with Titus. That's right, they will be brothers. And we are just thrilled for their family, that God called them to this second son and they are willingly accepting the joy of both these boys.

Adam's life in Ch*na, had he not been chosen, would be unspeakable. As a child with a severe vision issue, he has not been schooled and would have most likely ended up in a profession I can't mention. It makes me want to vomit.

Instead, this precious boy will come home to a family, will be loved, guided, fed, cared about, and given an education.

I know if Chase were given a choice, knowing what a loving and giving soul he is, that he would willingly ask for his birthday gift to be, HELP ADAM come home. These boys are his "little brothers." He wants them to have a family come for them, just as we did for him.

And so, I ask, God's warriors, will you? Will you help us get that orphanage fee that is required, let's get it off the list for this wonderful family who is answering God's call and has their LOA (Letter of Acceptance) for both of their new sons. They will travel soon. Let's blow this fee AWAY.

It's not easy to come up with the funds for 2, it's quite a bit more at travel time, so the focus is on that big fee, that orphanage donation.

Now, I've noticed, you 'all have been awfully QUIET here on my blog lately, not sure if you are bored, waiting for this big news today, just don't have much to say.

BUTTTTTT------ I want to see you in action. I've seen it before and it's time again. Please chip in $1, $5, $10, whatever you can. And if you feel you can't possibly donate then remember Prayer is FREE:) The power of prayer is just as important here.

God knows who He wants to ask if they will help. And if He asks you, for Adam's sake, for Chase's birthday- for you to touch another orphan's life, then I beg you to listen and respond.

We can't out give God. Can't. Not possible.

Go on, let's do this. Go here or the Chip In for Adam is also at the top left hand of my blog as well.

And for Chase, Happy Sweet 16 Birthday my precious and wonderful son. I am so happy to be your momma:) I hope I can tell you Adam's orphanage fee is COVERED, to make your birthday even sweeter!!


Joy said...

Happy Birthday, Chase!! From your little buddy, Taylor. (and her family)

Family said...

Thank you for being not only a blessing to our family, but to more than you can count! I pray heaps of blessings on your family!

Trish said...

Happy Birthday Chase. Hope you get to see your friends again soon.