Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ohhh 4% toward bringing another boy home before he ages out. Only 96% to go. Come on---- it CAN happen. God is calling.

I know, I know, times are tough. We are waiting on income tax return, the van needs tires. BUT---- we can't out give God. We can't.

Please, please, any amount, it will add up and get this family there. To their son. Before he can never be adopted. NEVER. Lost, his hope, does he even DARE to dream??
Let's see this money mountain wiped away............
and their son home and as happy as this son of ours.
Isn't he CUTE??


Sherri said...

Oh my gosh - does he look like Chase? That could be his twin!

JShannon said...

Thats Chase isnt it? Did you find another sib???
What family are you refering too? Are you adopting again?

JShannon said...

Now wait, I just went and looked again. Does Chase have a twin?

Kristy said...

I thought these were your boys in the picture with Chris: