Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday BOY!

It's a special day in our part of the world today. Chase is 16 years old today. Today brings us so much joy, to see him happy, healthy, going to bed at night with a full belly.

But this day also brings a touch of sadness. You see, 16 years ago today, a woman gave birth to this son. Her firstborn. She had to have been so proud and happy, no matter the circumstances, for she had a SON! A beautiful, healthy son.

Unknown to her, just a mere 7 years later this son would be keeping her alive, caring for her physical needs, he would keep her and his siblings alive, living in the streets. He was so young, but so strong and responsible.

Fast forward to today and here he is. Her son is my son. He calls me "mother" and I am blessed to share his life. Him being my son is a miracle in itself. God's miracle that allowed us to make him our son as well as Chance. I'm so thankful for his birth mother, that she gave him life. I told him that today too:)

In honor of our son and his big 16th birthday, we are going to ask for a very special gift. We are trying to help Chase's buddy, one of his orphanage "brothers."

You see, this guy has been waiting and waiting on a family. He is one of the teens' best friends. And they so dearly love their friends left behind. So imagine their joy when they learned one of their closest friend's was getting a family.

Adam, as he will be called, is coming home with Titus. That's right, they will be brothers. And we are just thrilled for their family, that God called them to this second son and they are willingly accepting the joy of both these boys.

Adam's life in Ch*na, had he not been chosen, would be unspeakable. As a child with a severe vision issue, he has not been schooled and would have most likely ended up in a profession I can't mention. It makes me want to vomit.

Instead, this precious boy will come home to a family, will be loved, guided, fed, cared about, and given an education.

I know if Chase were given a choice, knowing what a loving and giving soul he is, that he would willingly ask for his birthday gift to be, HELP ADAM come home. These boys are his "little brothers." He wants them to have a family come for them, just as we did for him.

And so, I ask, God's warriors, will you? Will you help us get that orphanage fee that is required, let's get it off the list for this wonderful family who is answering God's call and has their LOA (Letter of Acceptance) for both of their new sons. They will travel soon. Let's blow this fee AWAY.

It's not easy to come up with the funds for 2, it's quite a bit more at travel time, so the focus is on that big fee, that orphanage donation.

Now, I've noticed, you 'all have been awfully QUIET here on my blog lately, not sure if you are bored, waiting for this big news today, just don't have much to say.

BUTTTTTT------ I want to see you in action. I've seen it before and it's time again. Please chip in $1, $5, $10, whatever you can. And if you feel you can't possibly donate then remember Prayer is FREE:) The power of prayer is just as important here.

God knows who He wants to ask if they will help. And if He asks you, for Adam's sake, for Chase's birthday- for you to touch another orphan's life, then I beg you to listen and respond.

We can't out give God. Can't. Not possible.

Go on, let's do this. Go here or the Chip In for Adam is also at the top left hand of my blog as well.

And for Chase, Happy Sweet 16 Birthday my precious and wonderful son. I am so happy to be your momma:) I hope I can tell you Adam's orphanage fee is COVERED, to make your birthday even sweeter!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Brick Wall

Child #3 to hit the brick wall. Chance. Didn't surprise me it took this long. He is the easy going, smile and laugh an issue away. Chase, being more serious, hit his brick wall much earlier and has since decided it's cool to climb the wall.Climbed over and took off, no stopping him now.

But now it's Chance's turn. It's the point of older child adoption that they ALL get to. A BIG red brick wall. Can't go around it, can't go under it. Gotta chose to climb over it. They run right smack into it. Looks so tall. Scary tall. And although we, their parents, stand right behind them to lend a hand, to hike them up, they aren't sure they WANT us to.

First they look around. Can they get around it? Maybe for a few days, even a month. But they eventually run straight back into that big wall. So they sit at the base of the wall. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they rant, they are angry, they say hurtful things. Because they HURT. Sometimes they try to pretend it's not even there, won't TRY to find a way over it.

But they kept running into it and eventually see they HAVE to deal with the wall.

We are behind Chance, lovingly, patiently, waiting for him to climb the wall.
What is the wall? The wall is the realization, this is it. I got a family, but some days he isn't too sure that was so great after all. We aren't all fun. We care if he does school work or not. We make him do homework before playing. We make him apologize when he hurts someone, we make him act decent. We EXPECT things of him. We don't lavish him in material possessions.

We even have the nerve to say "money isn't everything." We treat him as a son, within our family, loved and special, but not favored over another child.

The wall is his decision to accept this and know that it is his life now, and it's got some great things to it, some not so great but it's LIFE. His life. Our life together.

That sadly we can't even move all of us to Ch*na and give him better there than what we give him here. But that also means he loses things he loves about Ch*na.

Misses from his life there. Misses a lot.

He's not sure he wants all this, to accept it. It's a tough thing to do. It's like being a traitor to him, to his homeland. But deep down he also knows this was meant to be. He struggles. I ache to watch this inner struggle that I totally understand but can not fix for him.

All I can do is stand behind him, waiting, for him to say "Okay, help me up." And offer my hands for him to stand in, knowing I will hold him as he lifts up to climb over, I will not let him fall. I am here for him. Mimicking what my Heavenly Father does for me each time I run face first into MY brick wall of life. Gently lift me up, shake me off, and help me over. All done with the purest love from the heart.
Just as we will do when Chance decides he is ready.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deep do do

Okay, I did it. And I'm in deep do~do. Yesterday was not only Son #3's birthday but MOTHER'S as well. My mother. Yikes.

Now, just so you know, I did call/text BOTH and wish them a "Happy Birthday" even with my crappy day going on. BUT I did NOT make mention of these 2 big celebratory events on this BLOG. (mother-- it's called a BLOG, not a BOG)

I know Son #3 aka Brandon, will be just fine not getting honorable mention on my blog, but someone ELSE is not happy at all. I may just be paying for this for the rest of my life even with making the phone calls, which to me meant I wasn't a total slacker.

OIY. Family. Gotta love 'em. I mean, what else ya gonna do with them?

2 YEARS ago I met Chloe and learned of her brothers on this day Feb 23, 2009- WOW.

In Honor of Chloe today, I'll open up for questions:) Leave 'em as comments or even e-mail me privately, I don't mind. All I can say is we are so thankful to have Chloe as our daughter and so thankful that we were able to fulfill the promise I made to her on this day---- "we WILL come back for your brothers."

I think now how horrible if I could not have done it, and we couldn't have without God, trust me when I say that because we were only vessels He asked to trust in Him and we did. But God knew, He knew, I could tell her that because He had it taken care of. We can't take God out of our adoptions, these "family days" would not even happen for us if not for Him.

So if He is calling you--- Please, PLEASE, go for it. It's not without troubles, but is anything worth something EASY? And our children, all of them, are invaluable. Precious. Priceless. Gems, especially the older ones, I can't even tell you how many ways they are changing me for the better:)

I love being their momma. I love being Chloe's "MOTHER". I love all 11 of my children more than I can ever express. Spunky teens and all:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just plain tired

I don't know what's up with that Donovan, if he were female I'd be questioning a twice a week vomiting spell, but thank God that is not something I have to worry about with him. Now to just get him to "spill his guts" QUIETLY and not keep the whole house up with his uh, hum--- NOISE when ill. EISHHHH.

Today was a rough day. The kids had a 2 hr delay which started my day off grand. Just grand, I'll tell ya. Fighting over shoveling, snow tramped in, kids trying to leave an hour too early, then me wondering why I stopped them? What's an hour out in the cold standing at a bus stop? (Okay MOM, I didn't let them go)

I was able to get out in the snow and get to the store, nothing like leaving things to last minute, tomorrow is Chloe's adoption anniversary-- whooo hooo! Had to get a gift to honor the big DAY!) 2 years and that girl is sooooo much like me it's scary sometimes. She's a wonderful, albeit spunky daughter, a joy, a pain, a teen, an amazing person. I am proud to call her my daughter.

I am overjoyed to see the healing and learning she has accomplished in 2 years. She easily calls me "mother" now. She hugs me and even kisses me occasionally, on her own. She understands I can get mad at her and I still love her. She can get mad at me and I know she still loves me. She is happy, healthy and a blessing in our lives.

We went to the school last night and watched her be given her award for Student of the Month. I was so impressed that she didn't speak but 5 words of English when I met her 2 years ago, and here she is, Student of the Month. She's not afraid of school work, now if we can just get her to think that about HOUSE work??

My day today was trying, filled with a pounding headache for the better part of the day and I am drained. I'm off now to drop into my bed, thank God for my day (I always do this, good or bad day as He was with me and for that I am thankful).

Too tired to even post a pic. Sorry. (mom) I'd say "my bad" but I can't stand that phrase. Oh well.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I don't get it. I raised children in a clean home. Not obsessively clean. But clean. Dishes done, laundry clean, sweeper run, things in their place.

So when I HEARD that a certain son has an apartment of filth I arrived there unannounced. Now, you must wonder why I have to do such things with CHILDREN of my adult children's ages. I wonder too, so we can go there together.

I knew it was garbage night, so out went the garbage first. The kids were a great help, they all pitched in, even though they had some really puzzled looks on the teens faces. I KNOW what they are thinking. "You have your own place, and you let it get like THIS??"
I told them I would get really mad at them if they ever let their houses look like that, because I didn't raise anyone to live like that. I can't imagine they will as they cherish everything they do have and take care of their things.

I told the PIG, oops~~ I mean SON, to do the dishes and I didn't touch the bathroom. I told him to get bleach wipes and tackle that bathroom. OIY. Why would anyone WANT to live like that?

Okay, so now I'm done ranting about that--

Chance was the culprit if you couldn't guess from my last post. And he has been behaving much better. He really needs guidelines and put in his place. So he gets that.

Chase went to another party, the Party Animal is very, very, happy. He is really enjoying fitting in with these kids and having fun with them.

Chance told me today, we need "tea candy." I couldn't figure it out for a minute then I realized he meant SUGAR:) Both the boys are speaking a ton more to us, trying to tell us things even if they aren't sure of what they want to say in English.

Chase was trying to tell me he had a bruise on his hip from falling when skating, he couldn't think of what it meant to say it "hurt" but Chance piped in and helped him out with the word he was looking for:)
This coming week should be a fun one, we have lots of "special days" happening:) Stayed tune to find out what they are..............

Friday, February 18, 2011

A story by Kat

Miss Kitty loves to draw. Loves it. Is always drawing something. The more she is learning to read and write we now get stories as well as pictures.

This was her latest "story."

My Mom and Dad

I have a mom and a dad - my mom is marr'd (married) with my dad and they become a parent.

When you are a parent you have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 kids, thats petty (pretty) big. Thats how meony (many) kids,and tenagers (teenagers) and adates (adult) kids too and petty (pretty) soon we are going to move to a defent(different)hose (house.)

Then she drew smiley faces and named each one, but she always seems to miss someone. I guess that's 'cause we have so many of those kids, teenager and adult children:)

She had Kat, Camden, Jay, Mal, Chase, Chloe, Chance, Donovan, Tristan and Brandon. She missed Derrik this time:) Me and dad were on the sides of the row of smiley faced children and she had drawn a big heart.

She also wrote "I love my Famley (family).

Kat is a lover, not a fighter, that's for sure:) She is forever coming up to me or dad and kissing us, on the arm, on the cheek, and telling us she loves us and/or that she is glad we are her mommy/daddy.

I guess when you spend a day with a certain turd boy sitting at the dining room table looking at you like he wished he had NEVER gotten you for his mother, a child like Kat is a breath of fresh a

I'll let you all guess who was sitting, I'm sure it's not hard to figure out. He DID learn something because he apologized on his own. I have to figure out how to burst "Joe Cool's" big HUGE head that is going to blow soon if he gets any fuller of himself.

He thinks he is better than everyone else, deserves more, shouldn't have to do chores, doesn't have to listen to mother unless he wants to. I KNOW he didn't enjoy sitting on the chair, no TV, no getting up, a step up on punishment because when sent to his room he plays with toys, sleeps, it doesn't seem to bother him much to be sent there.

But the sitting really bothered him. All over me saying we were going to do some chores today, it was so nice out, we went out and raked the yard, swept the walkways, Chloe even painted some trim, she was very excited to be given that job. And she did a good job. It only took us about 1 hour of working together to get everything done, so I don't think I was planning to work Joe Cool to death.

He sat ALL DAY. I told him he will not be lazy and refuse to listen to me. Not unless he likes that chair.
The rest of the kids were all very helpful and I think a certain boy learned a lesson today.

Let's hope so anyway.
Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE~LOVE~LOVE our teens? As if I wasn't one myself and didn't pull all kinds of crap as well as raising a bunch of them already? It always amazes me that the kids can't seem to realize that.
Oh well, I'll keep on top of things, of course I will, even living with Joe Cool:)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A lot going on 'round here

Chase's SS card FINALLY came. 9 months. I feel like I labored through a birth to get that simple card. Phewww. It came at noon, I called our accountant and was in doing our taxes within HOURS. Not foolin' around! We have a house to get moved into to:)

I got a JOB!!! WHOO HOO! I was worried about taking a full time post, with it being mainly night shift. So when they offered the job I asked about an "as needed" schedule. Well.... they want me bad enough to MAKE a post that is "as needed." YEAH!!

I feel so much better knowing if we need me to be off for something, if I want time off for moving, it will be possible to do it with no issue of losing my job. I work as little or as much as I want. I'll be doing home care of pediatric patients. (I love kids if you haven't guessed)

Chase and Chance got I-Pods provided by the school. I "thought" the school was getting them some type of translators. Uh, no. They really are I-pods with translation stuff downloaded to them. Chance didn't want to take his, he was concerned about breaking it, having to pay for it. I told him not to be worried, but not to TRY to break it either. He can be rough on things.

Chase was zooming right along on his, it allows him to write Chinese, translate what he writes to English and even speak the words if needed. And does the reverse of English to Chinese for him.

These were part of the "solution" of the boys not getting enough help at school. The boys first question? "Can we put music on them?" OIY. Yes, they can-- but no music at school. Translation only. They are pretty cool. Even to their techno nerd mother.

Chase was invited to his first ever party. WHOO HOO. Last Friday night a bunch of high school kids invited him and he "danced, with a girl, but no kiss." I am so glad he went and had a great time. His only complaint? He was "too tired", he came home at 10:30 pm. Mr. Beautiful needs his beauty rest and is usually in bed by 8:30!

Chase seems so much happier with just a few weeks under his belt in high school with the kids being older and he is finding things in common with them. Such a blessing.

Chance has been the pickle lately, he told Chloe last week "I hate you" and got in trouble big time. I was shocked he would say that to her, but it goes to show he is jealous of anyone in the whole family, not just Camden and Kat. Chloe was telling me he fools around on the bus when he was trying to tell me someone hit him to get PITY from me. I suspected he was NOT Mr. Innocent.

But he was really mad at her for calling him out. He is quite the attention HOG, he will sit on a chair and make noises like he is snoring while we are watching TV just to get someone to say "stop it." So I refuse to acknowledge his childish behavior.

He also made me soooo mad when we went to celebrate Chinese New Year at their favorite buffet place and he REFUSED to allow Camden to sit next to him. For no reason other than to be a snot.

Chloe has a cold, she asked me what was wrong with her nose, it was dripping like a water faucet:) She's such a goof. She thought it would be a good idea, since her nose hurt from blowing it, to use MY MAN- oops I mean Ben Gay on her nose.

That'll teach her not to self medicate- ouch! She came down holding her face and I asked her what was wrong. She told me and we laughed, even she laughed. We explained some other choices for a sore nose would be best.

I quit counting at number 5 sicko, so it seems like the germs should have gotten enough of us by now.

I tripped over my net book cord and broke it. AHHH. I ended up stuck with the desk top computer till I got a new cord. Bummer. But glad I only cut my ankle as the net book fell and didn't break me or the net book, just the cord. Could've been much worse, so I am thankful it wasn't.

All the boys are sporting new 'do's, the shaggy look is gone. Chance wanted to grow his hair out to some weird pointy style, that boy has some serious issues with thinking he is "Joe Cool". I put that to rest with a nice short boy cut. He looks much better, although he said he would rather I buzzed it all off. Be careful what you ASK for Mr. Chance:)

Camden wants to quit flute already, who called that one? Sure glad we RENTED that thing, instead of buying.

I asked to get a picture of him and Kat together and what is that look? Lord help me? He's such a..... well.. big brother!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My favorite Valentine

So sorry hubby, but it wasn't from you.

It was TO Hubby and I, from our son Chase. In one of his classes today the teacher was helping the boys learn about Valentine's Day, what it means, why we celebrate it.

They were allowed to pick out computer cards and print them and Chase picked this one--

What more can I say? Precious. Wonderful. Showing us that he is "getting it" he is WANTED. We are happy to have him in our lives.

US indeed.

Lots going on around here, some germ that decided we looked good to land on and the vomiting has spread. That's all I'm gonna share about that.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Okay all of you speculators. Obviously I got your brains working over time in an uproar, but it's quite simple. Picture with last post is of CHASE. Our son.
The family we are hoping to help bring home their son can not post a pic of him yet, so I added our gem's picture so you all could relate their son coming home to our son coming home? Remember how wonderful it felt to see Chase come home?

Let's do it again! For their family, not ours. No, as far as I know we are not adopting again. YET. Might happen, I wouldn't rule it out, if God calls us to we will. But there are NO more bio siblings of our children. None. Just the 3 we have reunited forever.

Our boys are in this picture--

Shhh don't tell Chase I posted this, he dislikes this picture terribly. And yes, the boy in the middle is getting adopted- not by us.
He is coming home with a wonderful family that is adopting both this boy and the children's other friend as well! Adopting them together, and making them brothers. A wonderful family that is so blessed to add these 2 sons into their fold. Answering God's call:)

Okay, so there's the explanation, now we gotta focus on getting Jaxon Xiao (the OTHER family's son that we can't post a picture of yet) home!! Before he ages out. He needs a family, just like our sons did, just like these boys are getting, a family filled with love.
And he will THRIVE once he gets that:) Don't you want to be a part of something so wonderful??

Go chip in- don't be shy--- go here

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ohhh 4% toward bringing another boy home before he ages out. Only 96% to go. Come on---- it CAN happen. God is calling.

I know, I know, times are tough. We are waiting on income tax return, the van needs tires. BUT---- we can't out give God. We can't.

Please, please, any amount, it will add up and get this family there. To their son. Before he can never be adopted. NEVER. Lost, his hope, does he even DARE to dream??
Let's see this money mountain wiped away............
and their son home and as happy as this son of ours.
Isn't he CUTE??

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


You all know how important our children are to us. I think it shines through my blog and without a doubt over the trip to adopt Chloe and learning of the brothers. Going back for them.

We feel God led us to each and every one of ours, no matter how they came to us. I *could* say one is more special, but then I'd think of something of another one and another so really they are all special to us.

But once in a while they rip my very heart right out. One such incident happened recently. We were eating together. We do this every night. I love the time of sharing we have. The kids were on the subject of mother's age when they were born. (don't ask me WHY!) As they talked and worked on their math, I said "I was 27 when you were born" since I was sitting across from Chase.

And just for an instant- I saw in my new son's eyes, the PAIN of what he has endured. It was RAW. It took my breath away. And then it was gone. Replaced by a small smile and the most intense look of longing I have ever seen. Longing that I knew was the thought "I wish you had been my birth mother." I felt so connected to this son of mine, I literally could read his eyes. And I gave it right back to him. A small smile and the assurance if I could have, I would have been his birth mother. But that I accept him now, as is, and love him unconditionally.

I'm just so thankful to have him. He is the son I longed for, we knew we were getting Chance for such a long time, but Chase was the unknown. We had to chase for Chase. And though I did long for him God also gave me a sense of peace about him, that he WOULD be coming home as our son.

I share this because Chase was "months" away from being done, finished with his time at the orphanage. Then he would have been on the streets. Fending for himself. I don't know how he would have survived. I can't imagine how he would have felt after having to fend for his family on the streets as a young child, then be safe for 8 years, then sent back to the streets. Can you imagine how unworthy he would have felt? It hurts me to even think of it.

BUT------ this is happening. And often. There are MORE than just our kids. Many, many more. And I can't adopt them all. (Honest, I can't) So I promised myself some things when we had such an outpouring of help to get our sons home. One of them was to help others, any way I could, that are adopting older precious gems, before they age out.

This has led me to some really neat friendships. One such friendship is Melanie and her family. Melanie is an amazing Christian. Not only are they deep in the process of bringing home a girl, a friend of the 2 daughters they already adopted, who was left behind, the lone friend. Bringing her on home to become the sister again that these 3 girls had already become in their orphanage home. Respecting the bond.

BUT-- they also opened their minds and hearts to an older BOY. Felt led by God to one particular boy. It was a tight timeline, and they realized they were NOT close enough in their adoption of #1 to make it to adopt *this* older boy. So they graciously stepped aside for another family who also stepped up and wanted to adopt this boy to proceed. And he is getting his family within DAYS now.

Now.. don't think Melanie and family backed off and forgot. They cried. They wondered "WHY". But the amazing thing was-- they decided maybe God was showing them the door- would they open it and walk through or shut it forever?

Well----- they walked right on through. Saying, even if that boy wasn't our son, there are so many others, aging out soon, longing, longing so bad, to have a family and we are a family that is willing and eager to parent one of these very brave young men.

Acting totally on faith, they are committed to a boy, aging out in a few months. He WILL have a family. Another son, will be loved.

Here's the issue. MONEY. Yeah, that green devil we all can't stand keeping us Christians from adopting. And as we all know God knows no limitations not even with $$$$$. Look what HE accomplished for our sons through the giving of His people to our fund! And they are home. They are our sons, we couldn't love them more.

The travel fees, they will have income tax with previous adoption tax credit, the other adoption fees for their girl, got that, BUT the need is for the extra fee that is required for this boy. The immediate need right now is $4,100. We all know what that is for God. A joke. An ant hill. That HE already knows who He is going to ask "will you come to the door and walk through, or will you shut the door?"

This family is the same as we were, they can afford to raise these 2 newbies, just the fees to get the older boy are what they need help with. They are a typical family, mom is working extra shifts, the car just broke down and had to be repaired to the tune of $650. The devil is TRYING everything he can do to make them feel like this is impossible. He's doing his best. But he didn't count on US. Christians.

Call it paying it forward, obeying God, caring, longing to see another child come home, call it what you will. I want IN on it. I can't out give God. I can't. Look at all He has given us. It's not possible.

Let's knock this "mountain of green devil aka MONEY" down to NOTHING. Nada, Zilch. GONE. Come with me. Let's do it. Let's laugh at the devil with the Lord as He watches our mouths hang open in awe for HIM as the hill is scaled.

I'm sooo game. Are you?? Any amount, come on~~ it all adds up, let's do it!

Chip in is here

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our creative children

I wondered if anyone would catch that "wine making" ability:) Yeah, the teens assure us they made WINE at the orphanage, when I saw them eyeing up the the small grapevine we had this past summer, they shared this news with us.

I quickly informed them that in this country that would be illegal, as in mother and father go to jail if they make wine. So they promised they wouldn't make it. PHEWW. We *think* they understood. We'll see, if they didn't, I am sure we will find out.

Along with their wine making and cave exploring, some one taught them to KNIT. Even the boys. I am soooo jealous. I am not able to knit.
But Chase can't stand to be "bored" and the weather is not allowing for us to even get out for walks. We had another lovely (NOT) ice storm yesterday that made it dangerous to leave the house. So we didn't. And Chase started working on a baby blue blanket for Jaxon. He didn't want to knit at first till we told him to make a blanket for the baby, then he was all into it.

I was surprised twice today by my daughter Chloe, first I got up and was in the hallway, she came out of her room and said, "what wrong, you sad?" While I was answering her "no, I just got up." She was enveloping me in a HUG!! She said "Here, this make you feel better." WOW.
The girl is home almost 2 years and she is starting to initiate hugs. YEAH!!! I'm so happy to see her do this. It's like watching her walk around with a gaping wound then seeing it start to heal. I noticed too, she is more affectionate with dad as well. She'll pick at him, then slap his arm playfully, something even a year ago she would never do.

The other surprise was her yelling for me "MOM." Not the formal "MOTHER," that she usually says:) Chance is the most comfortable with calling us "mom, ma, even mommy" (Chloe made fun of him for that one) and "Dad, daddy, baba." Chase on the other hand calls us "Mother and Father." To him this is not formal, this is the ultimate sign of respect that he can show us.

I had a discussion with other parents ones who adopted and ones adopting soon. We all came to the decision that the calling of "mom and dad" no matter the terms mom, momma, ma, baba, dad, should be started right off at adoption. Even if uncomfortable. Use a game and have child say "your turn mom, I need one card, dad." Every time. I did this with Chloe but didn't really push her as I could see she wasn't comfortable, but then I regretted it. Her not calling me ANYTHING for the 14 months till the boys came was FARRR more uncomfortable than if I had stuck with having her say "thanks MOM", and getting her used to calling me that from the start.

Luckily for us, we had the situation with the boys coming home and them immediately calling me "Mom" and her getting jealous that I answered them. That made her realize it would be smart to call me "Mother." So we got a second chance to correct that. Thank God too, because it makes a world of difference. It's her saying "I accept you as my MOTHER." I accept that you care for me, that you are here for me when I call you, that you love me."

The kids went off to a Super bowl party at church. They don't really like football, but they like church and the word PARTY:) I'm going to write this for the whole world to see-- I don't like football at all. I can't wait for it to be over. Yelling like insane people in the livingroom over men chasing each other with a little ball is not my idea of a "good time." I'm thinking about celebrating "the season is finally done."

We went and got goodies for tonight after church today, we couldn't get out yesterday to get groceries. So we took all the kiddos and hit the store. They were all pretty well behaved, I was nicely surprised. Kat got her valentines (Hello K*tty, of course) and Chloe practiced her spelling by checking off my list after I got each thing. She did really well too.

Nothing too exciting for this weekend, but some good family time and that's always cool with us:)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Following by Tim


We knew our child before they knew us.
God knew me before I knew Him.

We loved our child before they knew us.
God loved me before I knew Him.

We prepared a place for our child before they knew us.
He prepared a place for me before I knew Him.

At some point we went and redeemed our child.
At some point He came and redeemed me.

We brought our child home to be in our family forever.
He will bring me one day to His home to be with Him forever.

Realizing this I know that God's heart is in adoption. As an adopted
child of the King, I can do no less than to model His behavior.

Tim, 25 Jan 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Lessons 101~Painting

And I don't mean pretty pictures. WALLS. I've learned over time with these wonderful kiddos, that when they say they KNOW how to do something, that could mean they have SEEN someone else do it. Doesn't mean they have done it, really know how to do it. (I'm learning)

So when I said "I'm painting the hallway today." I had 3 eager teens wanting to help. So I asked if they ever did it before. Uhh, no. Made wine, explored caves, stayed up till 3 am, jumped over tables, yep all of those, but never painted??

So I started them out slow. Meaning they stood and watched me. Chase decided I didn't have enough light so he got a flashlight and proceeded to blind me with it. Chloe was watching carefully, asking if this is how I intended to do her new room. Uh, yeah. I only paint one way. MESSY:)

So after I thought Chase had the idea of what to do, I gave him the roller and told him to do the slope up the steps. It took him about 2 swipes to figure out paint was going to drop down in little spots onto HIM. EEEKKK. You would have thought I asked him to bathe in lava. He squealed like a girl, then went and got an APRON( yep, I really do own one and he knows where it is) and he wrapped it around his arm. I couldn't believe it.

So I fired him and got Chance to come help. Now I learned quite a bit about him. He CAN work when needed. And he can do a good job. Although the slapping of his "6 pack ab" and telling me he needed to work to get more muscle was not really necessary to the job.

Chloe helped as well, but I quickly learned she is like her momma. She would rather NOT work up high. She tried it once and down she came. She was very impressed with how it turned out, I even painted the floor.

Yesterday the kids had off school as well as today and I assigned them jobs as soon as they got up. Camden and Chance outside to clear snow. Kat in charge of entertaining the baby. Chase and Chloe with me. Down we went, to the dungeon, I mean basement. We loaded up 15 boxes of old toys to donate, dad and Chase took them later in the day. 3 huge garbage bags of junk, and about 10 empty bins. YEAH!! What a difference, the kids were really proud of how good it looked when done.

I personally am about sick of cleaning, clearing, painting, fixing, and writing about it.

So in other news, it's Chinese New Year!! YEAH! Year of the Rabbit.

The poor kids didn't even get any Chinese food, the celebrations planned did not occur due to the ice storm we got. Nasty and no fun. We will celebrate at a later date, maybe combine with Chloe's 2 year home anniversary:) It's coming UP!!

That stupid groundhog Phil, said we will get an early spring. Yeah, I'm so not holding my breath on that one. Who trusts a rodent anyway? Not me, the only good rodent to me is a DEAD rodent.

Speaking of dead, the kids were messing with my master list of things to do, you know that stuff I don't want to write about anymore and it went from "clean cat litter", to "get rid of cat" to "COOK cat!"

Funny kids, vary, vary funny.