Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who needs a lesson?

I've been wanting to share with you all how Chase has been doing with switching him to High School. We actually tweaked both of the boys' schedules to include more instruction as Chase wanted and Chance didn't want but needed. Chance has 1 class in the high school and some of his one on one ESL time there. Chase is full time High school.

This would be the change after I flipped out in the meeting about their needs not being met, per the LAWS and LAWS were being broken. So after scrambling ensued to make the crazy redheaded mother happy, the boys started these new schedules.
So far the one teacher who used to be the Life skills teacher has been fantastic. He went around and spoke to all the teachers and kids that would have the boys in their classes. And the teachers as well as the kids have embraced the boys.

But I learned that sometimes the kids are just fine with helping someone new and different, but sadly ADULTS can be worse than the kids! What happened was Chase, jumped over a table in the lunchroom. (yeah, so not cool.) So later the Assist. Principal saw CHANCE in the hall with his English teacher and he told him not to jump over tables. The teacher pointed out he had the wrong boy. And this is when this adult said "well, it doesn't matter, they need to be kept under control."

Let's just say, the red hair flared when I heard this. My children are not animals. Nor are they interchangeable. GRRRRR.

So I made a phone call to this man and pointed out his error. Told him he owed my son, CHANCE, an apology. And he acted kinda of smart with me. He told me he didn't know how to communicate with them?? Uhh, trying SPEAKING? I told him the boys looked very different, and he told me he had never seen them together. Which I found out later was a LIE.

I wondered if he realized these boys were my sons, ya know they don't really LOOK like me or anything, but he confirmed that he did NOT know, and he is the dude who calls me all the time about Donovan the King of Detention. I was glad he didn't realize so he wasn't influenced by Donovan's behavior, that was good. But he obviously has an issue with our sons, which is NOT good.

I explained to him that these boys have only been home 8 months from living in an orphanage and they may do things (like jump over tables) and they don't do anything to TRY to offend or misbehave. This would not have been corrected in an orphanage, most likely and we were working with them to understand this is not acceptable. But that he can speak directly to them, they understand quite well, but to get the RIGHT boy when doing so.

After I e-mailed the ESL teacher and learning she HAD introduced both boys to this guy weeks before, I was not too pleased to learn he lied to me. The ESL teacher was appalled at the behavior of this guy as well and I decided to call the principal. I explained to him what happened. And I told him this-- Our children were treated terribly in Ch*na by teachers and students. They do not deserve to be lumped together, treated like they are stupid by an adult in a school HERE.

And that I do not want people looking at them as the boys that used to orphans from an orphanage, they are our SONS. But that staff should have some understanding, or seek some if they don't know who the boys are or why they are in the school. I should not have to call and tell different staff their story over and over so they have a better understanding of who these children are and why they may do things they shouldn't. That I will not tolerate the "mistaken identity" issue because they both happen to be Ch*nese. It's narrow minded and hurtful.

I'm NOT asking my sons be coddled. We very sternly told Chase he was NEVER to jump over tables again. He could NOT do that here. But I will insist that they be RESPECTED. I won't back down on that one. Don't care who you are. I got the "we are new to this and doing the best we can" speech AGAIN, kinda tired of that one.

But I'm sure word of the angry (AGAIN) red headed momma will get around and they know me quite well from my other children, so they know I won't back down. I will fight for my son's rights.

I was amused when the Principal asked how many more (kids) we had to come, and I got to say Chloe, Camden and Kat would all be headed there eventually. He said he didn't realize we still had some to come besides Chloe, yeah, not gettin' rid of me anytime soon. Sorry to ruin his day. Okay, not really sorry, they had ruined MINE.

The joys of schooling our new children. I can say Chase is very happy, he seems so much more comfortable with the older kids, and I think it was a great move for him to progress.


Family said...

How sad that the school staff (with the exception of a couple) seem to be rude and ignorant. Isn't it their job to know young people, students, its just sad..glad they have a redheaded momma to show them what is right:)

Sherri said...

I hope you pointed out that the comment about "it doesn't matter. They all need to be under control." is RACIST!!!!!

Ugh. My blood is boiling. But I know you've got it under control. Don't back down, Vickie!!

Heather said...

Vickie, WOW! That is unbelievable! I don't throw the racist thing out, but saying he couldn't tell them apart or even speak to them shows complete and utter disrespect. I can imagine how angry you are because I'm furious for you too! Wish I could give that guy a piece of my mind!!!!! How dare anyone be mean to those boys! Besides, where is the compassion and understanding in people. Jumping over a table is something any high school boy would do. Good grief!

Hunan Mommy said...

Thank goodness the boys have such a great mom to advocate for their needs. People are crazy! Again, thank you for all your posts. Another devoted reader here:-)

Mommy of a spicy Hunan girl.

Suzanne said...

Wow. It's hard to imagine that people who spend their lives in positions dealing with CHILDREN would act surprised when CHILDREN act like CHILDREN. Jumping over tables? What is the world coming to, hee hee.

What is not cool is a professional who acted anything but towards a child that he is responsible in a way for developing. Hello. Your livelihood depends on it!
disgust, disgust, disgust. Schools like yours need moms like you. Can you imagine how many other times they have treated a child this way?

Mom to a spicy Jiangxi girl!