Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's Next?

It's so fun to start a New Year. I mean 2010 was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for our family. We got our boys home. We made super strides in getting them blended in. We had closure, they were home, we left no one behind.

But I have to wonder what 2011 will be. A quiet year? A shocking year? There's so much to look forward to:) Things that we "think" might happen, we are hoping to move this year, to a house suiting us more with another bathroom and a larger yard. But we are waiting for the right house, that God shows us is THE ONE.

It's FUN to wonder what He will bring us this year~~

Will we have a "new" house.
Will we be called to add to the family again ( no calls MOM)
Will I go back to working outside the home
Will I get as much as my Bible read that I want to read this year
Will Donovan pass
Will the boys be able to have in-depth conversations with us this year

We started out this New Year at a church family home. Games, all kinds, for all ages, snacks, pork and sauerkraut, fun to be had for all. And we watched the ball drop together, our family. The kids really enjoyed this new treat, and we were thrilled to give our teens and littles a way to have a blast without drinking alcohol being involved. Trust me, it wasn't missed one bit.

As the adults kissed for the New Year the kids all went ---EISHHHHHH! And so began our New Year. Some one at our church mentioned to me today they are SERIOUSLY considering adopting from Ch*na, a BOY!!

Are you excited as we are to see what comes??


Sherri said...

Happy New Year.... can't wait to see what comes next! This is going to be one great year for our family as we will be welcoming our little one home sometime real soon. We have only waited 4.5 yrs it's time.

God has Blessed your family!

Chad and Kristy said...

Yes! Hoping we sale our home. Hoping to find the perfect place close to church and Chad's new job. Praying baby #4 comes in to this world healthy. And wondering if China is in our future:)

Happy New Year my friend!!

EasterApril said...

It's wonderful that your family can be an inspiration to other families to adopt. A couple in our church adopted a 5 year old from China several years ago and because of this, another family chose to add to their family through adoption. When Bulgaria didn't work out for them, they adopted 3 girls from Ethopia. The next year they went back and adopted 3 boys. I truly enjoy reading your blog - you keep it real and I love it! Leesa