Sunday, January 23, 2011


Our pastor said today that we need to accept people from all walks of life, that none of us are better than others. He then jokes ( as he does often) to go hang out with "weirdos" this afternoon. So what does Chase do but turn around and look at Donovan! I told Chase, "He didn't mean your brother, stop it!"

We took Donovan, the eternal optimist (NOT), to see the house. Now, child of mine is almost 17 and claiming he is "moving out the second he turns 18" (yeah, yeah they all SAY that till they turn 18 then seem to have a HUGE memory loss about making this statement repeatedly since they were 16 and they end up hanging out much longer than 18) but he was less than thrilled the house needed "fixed up." He doesn't see the dream. Oh well. It's our adventure and he will get used to the idea.

Chloe is MAD at us. Angry, pouting. What did we do? Signed her up for homework help with her brothers, twice a week for now, so the college students can come to the school to work with the boys and they will get extra instruction as well as her getting her homework done. Hannah, her BFF, even said she will stay with Chloe.

I am not sure WHY she is mad about it. But she is. I told her "too bad" she's going to it. It won't hurt her. For someone who wants her homework done the second she comes home, I'm surprised she is not wanting to go. Maybe if she gets her pouting done and gives us a reasonable excuse that she doesn't want to go, we'll consider that, but as long as she pouts that will get her, well, NOTHING.

You'll never guess who I got pictures of. That weirdo, I mean wonderful, Donovan!! How did I do this?? Well, first he was in an accident last week, got new glasses since some how in the accident his glasses went missing. Anyhoo, I wanted pictures of him in his new glasses. He refused. Here's how I got them.

I got a call from school, AGAIN this week. Our wonderful Aspie (Asperger's) boy got himself detention AGAIN. My number, sadly has been memorized by the assistant principal. He calls me and says "Hey Vickie, it's Brian."
And I know exactly why he is calling. Donovan has issues, mostly with social skills, reading people's faces and tones. He argues and doesn't know when to stop and SHUT UP. One teacher in particular, has had Donovan as his student for 2 years in a row. And he's had it. Donovan will argue the smallest thing and he just won't stop.

I understand this teacher's frustration level and I feel sorry for him. I really do. Because I, as well, can hit my level of what I can take from Donovan when he starts that arguing and won't stop. I offered to send my pretty blue duct tape for use as needed to school:) But alas, they said "no thanks, we aren't allowed to use that." Bummer.(No, MOM I have never duct taped his mouth- YET )

So instead he has 2 detentions which I follow up with grounded from everything- TV, radio, computer, going anywhere. Because this is about the 6th time this YEAR he has gotten detention.

So what does this have to do with the picture?? Well, I said if I got the picture I would let him have back computer, just for a short time. And he went for it. He had been grounded for 3 days already from everything so he was getting pretty bored. Camden and Kitty tried real hard to show him how to smile pretty for momma, but he has issues with that-- he says he has to be "having fun" to smile. OIY.

Have I said lately how much I LOVE teenagers?? I mean really, what's not to love about them?
I do have to share how thoughtful my son Chance is, we were at the store and the guy in front of us in the check out line, he bent over to empty his cart, and EISHHH, his uh-um, crack was showing. Chance said to me, "oh, mother," as he tried to cover my eyes:) It was sooo funny. My boys know this grosses me out, I don't want to see it and he was going to be sure to keep me from it:) If we were into "name calling" we *could* label this dude a "weirdo" if you ask me. But then we wouldn't have learned a thing in church today and I don't encourage that, even when grossed out:)
That's pretty much our week. How was yours?

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Heather BT said...

Crack Kills!
Love it that he was trying to shield your eyes!